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#MobProgramming, #GoLang, #NextJS

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#ttrpg #boardgames #videogames

😼 Everything interrupted by 7 #cats!
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Sarahp, to random
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Omg I have to buy a new desk. What’s your favorite home office desk and why? Pics welcome!!

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@Sarahp my wife recently got one of these for her office. It's much more solid than the IKEA desk it replaced.

Tribesigns 70.8-Inch Executive Desk, https://a.co/d/4vPR5o0

healsdata, to hardware
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What's the alternative to Tom's Hardware for trustworthy reviews and benchmarks these days? I heard they got bought by a crappy overlord and are less than trustworthy now-a-days.

rayckeith, (edited ) to random
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  • healsdata,
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    @rayckeith Ovia was in the news in 2019 for selling data to employers.

    "But a key element of Ovia’s sales pitch is how companies can cut back on medical costs and help usher women back to work."


    alyx, to golang
    @alyx@3615.computer avatar

    People working on applications: I want to pick a way to make SQL queries (most likely SQLite and/or Postgres) but I'm totally lost with the many options available. Do you have any recommendations please? 🙇
    It's for a web app, a smallish Activity Pub social network.

    So far I have:

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    @alyx I like sqlx. It doesn't have the overhead of an ORM, but does provide a simple way to map results to a struct with db annotations. It also uses a standard sql connection, so you have access to both.

    healsdata, to random
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    This is the second time in three months that I've had a package get stuck in the USPS system, going from Facility A to Facility B, then back to Facility A, then back to Facility B, over and over.

    How does this happen? They barcode every piece of mail -- there's no system in place to alert them they're wasting money, time, and greenhouse gases?

    healsdata, to random
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    Goodhart's Law is expressed simply as: “When a measure becomes a target, it ceases to be a good measure.


    realn2s, (edited ) to Cybersecurity

    Dear crowd,

    I would like to hear if you know the conference format.

    Please for reach

    Edit: Thank you all for boosting and answering.
    I would love to make the Open Space format better known in the cybersecurity context. I think it is a valuable addition to existing formats such as traditional conferences or

    If you would like to learn more about Open Space see my follow up posts

    If you participated in Open Space events (in any domain) please share your experience.

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    @realn2s Just learned of them and attended a few thanks to the "Software Crafters Unconference" and the folks who run it (a few of whom are coworkers).

    We ran a product, engineering, and CX one at our last off-site and it was a blast.

    healsdata, to DiabloIV
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    Trying to decide what class / build to start with in Season 3 of I really enjoyed Ice Shards Sorcerer and didn't click with Landslide Druid.

    Definitely want to checkout one of the three other classes this time.

    Haste, to tech
    @Haste@mastodon.social avatar

    I sat off-screen and listened to a peer's at a major company last week. I didn't even work there, and even with that distance, I am astounded and disgusted at the state of this industry, and the spinelessness of the proceedings.

    If you haven't experienced one yet, let me tell you the playbook.

    @healsdata@fosstodon.org avatar

    @Haste Survived a layoff like this in an earlier role. Literally the next day, my boss asked us to come up with plans on how we could still meet or exceed our existing roadmap ... with less people.

    When called out on his callousness, he said something to the effect of "well, since I've known about the layoffs for longer than you, I'm already over it."

    His job was never on the line. He was largely responsible for the failures that led to layoffs, but actually got promoted shortly thereafter.

    healsdata, to random
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    “There is affordable housing ... the problem is that it might not be where some people want to live.”

    Most people want to live near their job and family, in a good school district, and a low rate of crime. Places that don't offer those things tend to have lower costs of living ... because people don't want to live there.

    The idea that the solution to the affordable housing crisis is to tell people to move away from safety, education, family, and work is just laughable.


    healsdata, to animals
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    My amazing wife found a variety of different toys for the cats this Christmas, including catnip kickers, fuzzy kickers, catnip pouches, etc.

    So, of course, they're all fighting over the same single toy.

    grmpyprogrammer, to random
    @grmpyprogrammer@phpc.social avatar

    This is your weekly reminder that unless you are building something for developers to use, end users do not care what language / framework you used to build it. They care if it solves their problems. Too many folks confuse personal desires for user desires.

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    @grmpyprogrammer I once interviewed an engineering manager who insisted that we'd have to switch from PHP to Java to attract financial planners as customers because "banks use Java"

    We didn't hire him.

    syntaxseed, to Plumbing
    @syntaxseed@phpc.social avatar

    The drain pipe under the kitchen sink rotted and snapped off, resulting in water leaking into the cupboards for 2 days then down into the crawl space and all over my husband's Lego Xmas village stuff.

    The plumber just wrapped up replacing all the piping under there AND the leaky faucet out back for the hose.

    Man am I excited for new drains & faucet that doesn't spray you in the face! 🤣

    (And thankfully Lego is waterproof!)

    Waiting on the invoice though...
    he was here for 3 hours! 😬

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    So glad your Lego village survived!

    After the first leak we had in our house, we bought a bunch of leak detectors and put them under each sink and toilet. They're pretty cheap and have alerted us to two issues since. I highly recommend them.

    @healsdata@fosstodon.org avatar

    @syntaxseed Yup, although that seems expensive for just one.

    We have this one: https://www.homedepot.com/p/Basement-Watchdog-Battery-Operated-Water-Alarm-Sump-Accessory-BWD-HWA/100038838 which is a few bucks less.

    mariyadelano, to random
    @mariyadelano@hachyderm.io avatar

    Does anyone have good examples of company mission statements or manifestos that they actually like?

    Not the BS that's clearly just there to make the company sound better. I'm talking about genuine, sincere mission statements that are clearly coming from a desire to do good and operate with values at heart.

    (Asking because I'm drafting one for my business)

    @healsdata@fosstodon.org avatar

    @mariyadelano I feel like the "About" page for Grokability is a great example of plain language. I can read the values and have a good idea of what they all mean in practice.


    healsdata, to animals
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    Batman and Robin are usually an inseparable duo, but this week Batman chose to hang out with Waffles instead. Rumor has it, they were both trying to steal a human lunch like little vultures.

    robb, to random
    @robb@social.lol avatar

    Men will do literally anything instead of just learning css

    @healsdata@fosstodon.org avatar

    @robb someone explain to me how "my-6" is somehow easier to remember or understand than "margin-top: 24px;"

    ElleGray, to random
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  • healsdata,
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    @ElleGray You and the Roll for Sandwich guy should do a collab.

    jeffjarvis, to random
    @jeffjarvis@mastodon.social avatar

    If Google did not pay, it would be an exercise of monopoly power. ...
    ‘Google pays more than $10 billion per year for these privileged positions’: The government throws the book at big tech in court https://fortune.com/2023/09/12/how-much-google-pays-apple-iphone-search-bar-10-billion/

    @healsdata@fosstodon.org avatar

    @jeffjarvis I'm not sure I follow your thought?

    If Apple and Firefox picked the best search engine for their users rather than the highest bidder, and settled on Google, how is that Google exercising its monopoly power?

    Alternatively, if Apple and Firefox didn't pick a default and let users pick on first use, again without a bidding war for placement, how is that exerting monopoly power?

    malwaretech, (edited ) to random

    For anyone unaware, Google Chrome is currently rolling out an update that track your interests based on browsing history, then share them with 3rd party websites. The notification page makes it sound like they added a new privacy feature, but in actuality they automatically enrolled you into their tracking system and you have to go and manually opt out.

    @healsdata@fosstodon.org avatar

    @malwaretech Ah snap. I just went to make sure I changed my settings for this and then remembered I switched to Firefox a few weeks ago. Woot.

    ramsey, to StarTrek
    @ramsey@phpc.social avatar

    Each episode of just keeps getting better this season.

    @healsdata@fosstodon.org avatar

    @ramsey Every other recent Trek property has been a full-season story filled with grit. That's not bad, but I'm so happy that just feels like classic TNG.

    shoq, to random
    @shoq@mastodon.social avatar

    Did Jeff Bezos ask her to write this? Asking for a friend.

    Internet jokes about Titan submersible disaster reflect our society - The Washington Post


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    @shoq I haven't seen the washington post take on Darwin Award memes made about lower or middle class folks.

    healsdata, to accessibility
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    We mob nearly all the time at work and https://mob.sh/ makes that really easy when working remote. Unlike sharing a single computer, everyone gets to use their own IDE, keybindings, etc.

    Only stumbling block I've personally had so far is that JetBrains' line number color choices are not accessible by default. I keep reading 8's as 0's and vice versa. Wish the defaults were a bit more friendly.

    healsdata, to random
    @healsdata@fosstodon.org avatar

    Finished up all the introductory lessons for on exercism.org

    Pretty neat tool for learning, even if some of the concepts were out of order.

    The unique approach on Time formatting is going to take some getting used to and I'm not sure why some functions return "ok" or "exists" instead of "err" but, hey, that's what IDEs are for.

    ramsey, to random
    @ramsey@phpc.social avatar

    What’s a good, standard vodka to get for something like a White Russian? I know nothing about vodka.

    @healsdata@fosstodon.org avatar

    @ramsey Tito's. It's honestly your best bang for your buck, especially in cocktails and mixers.

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