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Technologist, VP at ffdyn.com

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BasicAppleGuy, to random
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Apple Pencil with 30-pin connector.

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@BasicAppleGuy I can't believe you've done this

hemmes, to fediverse
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Anyone know what’s going on with VLemmy.net?
@fediverse @fediverse

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@fediverse @fediverse Been chatting on Lemmy.ml using my .one instance account and it’s sounding like the admin may be cleaning up some content on his server. Still waiting for an official announcement.

Xylight, (edited ) to fediverse

@fediverse posting this from mastodon. It's amazing if this works!

Edit: it worked! Showed up in my Lemmy feed.

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@Xylight @fediverse I saw your post on VLemmy but replying using my mas.to account to see what happens.

hemmes, to debian
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Does anyone else get spontaneous urges to fire up a new VM for a random / distro you just remembered you want to try?

hemmes, to random
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Fediverse for Reddit refugees from @pyarra

stux, to random
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Dutch police arrest more than 1,500 climate activists in The Hague


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@stux it’s funny to watch the protesters at the end smoking cigarettes while making their point lol

augieray, to random
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We live in the dumbest timeline.

The people who won't get a vaccine because they think it contains digital trackers are cheering Elon Musk's brain implant.

The people who think we need government out of people's lives want government telling us what to read.

The folks who think every life is sacred before birth refuse to do anything about an epidemic of school shootings.

People who hate anything anti-American want pardons for the Jan6 insurrectionists who attacked the US Capitol.


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@augieray This is the most real I’ve heard all week.

jeffjarvis, to random
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I'll follow with great interest Mozilla's moderation policy for its Mastodon instance. This won't be easy; there will be disagreements; there isn't a textbook for determining disinformation. But as @alex said on TWiT, what you buy into in a social network is its moderation.
cc: @leo

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macrumors, to random
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Gurman: Widgets to Be 'Central Part' of watchOS 10's Interface, Apple Testing Button Changes https://www.macrumors.com/2023/04/30/gurman-widgets-to-be-central-part-watchos-10/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=mastodon

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@macrumors Wonder how this will differentiate from our enhance complications.

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