#cybersecurity & #infosec advocate.

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milan, (edited ) to random avatar

Right now the Threads thing by "Meta" is blocked from this server due to a set of multiple reasons. However i am interested in hearing how you feel about it now, after some time has passed. This poll/discussion might not change the current block. I am also not informed as to whether Threads is using a whitelist anyway. :tchncs:


@milan Correct me if wrong. Only content that users of tchncs request by following a person from would be added to the tchncs feed. That means „bad“ content would have been requested by an user of tchncs (not pushed by threads). I do not see why „lack of moderation“ on meta‘s part would cause issues. I also do not understand the „switch mastodon instances if you want access/block of threads“ argument.
Would a threads allowance really change tchncs? Just a few Questions. Open to answers

talon, to random avatar

This is just a simple and friendly reminder to check your data backups. Do they work? Is everything there? Can you restore from them?


@talon What is a bAcKuP?!
I give all my data to the advers.
And lastly I can always ask the Five Eyes for a copy. 🙃

milan, to random avatar

do people really want to read newsletters? like lets say if tchncs had a newsletter for changes or maintenances (on top of the existing options), would people be interested and subscribe? okey this might be some sort of practical, but actual "news"letters i subbed to in the past, lost me fairly quickly because i receive enough emails as is and this just adds more noise.


@milan I would subscribe to it, but never read it as I do with many newsletters. 😅
Newsletters are fine to remind someone of a service.
I would only be interested in a „State of the Union“ style newsletter because I do not visit the homepage. With Answers to: what is tchncs doing, how are the finances, … that said you could also just link a blogpost in the mastodon timeline with the same information. Idea: Announce a newsletter but only create it after 100 subs.

jerry, to random avatar

The new infosec server made it through the night. That’s a good sign.


@jerry Do not jinx it!

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