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Co-parent of teenagers

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jacobyaudio, to LEGO
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@NJDavidD - Can you name all the pop culture references on my shelf? 😁

jacobyaudio, to LEGO
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Finished the Ghost on my lunch break. Overall, I'm glad I got it as I've always loved the series and the ship. Also happy that I got it on sale.

In terms of a build, I would probably only rate it at 3.5 out of 5 stars. Fairly easy build, not too many technical steps. That said, there were a few steps where angles flipped and I had to redo where a piece was placed. Also, I still never found the missing two plates even with an abundance of extra pieces. Finally, the Phantom and the top cover don't actually attach to the set. They both just sit in place.

If you're collecting Lego Star Wars ships, go for it. In terms of playability for a young kid, probably wouldn't be my first choice.

Size comparison between the current Lego Ghost set and the current Lego, non-UCS, X-wing.
A pile of extra pieces and a brick separator. Ramp, which goes nowhere, shown leading into the Ghost model.

Jeremiah, to random
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I’m going to write every day in the month of May. I will publish as often as I can, aiming for twice a week or 10 posts. I have an enormous drafts pile and getting those out into the world would feel satisfying.


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@Jeremiah I have an appointment for an adult ADHD diagnosis this month but have task paralysis about filling out the paperwork. True story.

Thanks for sharing your experience.

Monsterlady, to random
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Why is it that every time my anxiety worsens at work it is always the social part and not the job itself?

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@Monsterlady Work can be predictable. People are almost never predictable.

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@Monsterlady Yeah, I'm "on the spectrum" and feel all of that. Especially the frustration part.

WFH is nice with meetings where I can keep the camera off and stay on mute.

jacobyaudio, to art
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Hope everyone is having a lovely - I spent the day driving and visiting an old friend.

We went for a walk at the Art OMI sculpture garden in Ghent, NY. Lovely, open space if you're ever in the area.

"Untitled" by Bianca Beck

jacobyaudio, to trans
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It's really fun going to different doctors and hearing the different pronunciations of "estradiol".

Not my Endo or PCP, but every other specialist or assistant stumbles over it when it's listed as one of my medications.

matt, to random
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My hot take: movies on the Vision Pro are an unbelievable way to watch movies on your own at home, but they’re not at all a replacement for a good theater experience.

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@matt Just curious. Do you own a large TV and surround sound set-up for your home movie viewing?

Not for nothing but your comment sounds like what most people say about a decent home theater system. It's good but it's not the theater.

Teri_Kanefield, (edited ) to random
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If you will all please forgive me, I am about to do a "Brag About The Kids" moment.

My stepdaughter (who is now finishing her third year at Harvard Law School) made this video while bored during the pandemic:

Me, my husband, and her shirtless younger brother make a brief appearance at the end.

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@Teri_Kanefield Brilliant! 👏

jacobyaudio, to photography
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Time to figure out how to get the most out of this one.

Impossible_PhD, to trans
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Patient self-advocacy changes depending on where you are, as a trans patient--and the therapist's office is one of the most crucial places there is for you to get great care.

Learning How To Get What You Need From Your Therapist can be a daunting task, because we generally face this when we're at our least confident, but it's also the most important step you can take in meeting your transition goals--this week on !


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@Impossible_PhD Whoa...made it to the Victoria's Secret part and then started balling....

Well, there's something I never really processed until you put it into perspective.


GottaLaff, to random
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Aww, damn. Award-winning journalist Charles Osgood, who anchored "CBS Sunday Morning" for 22 years and was host of the long-running radio program "The Osgood File," died Tuesday at home in New Jersey. He was 91.

The cause of death was dementia, his family said.

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@GottaLaff had the pleasure of meeting him in the early 2000's at a recording studio I was assisting at. Down to earth, lovely person.

Always enjoyed his reports on Sunday Morning.

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@GottaLaff I'm sure he did just a few recordings in his time. Just a few...

textfiles, (edited ) to random
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Am I driving 2 hours round trip to buy this $1.20 part at B&H? Fuck yeah I am

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@textfiles Got crimpers?

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@textfiles @jason0x21 Old VHS player? 😁

jacobyaudio, to max
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Two new episodes of "Sort Of" are out in the US on

OMG do I love this show.

jacobyaudio, to queer
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Tried to watch "The Crow" with my kids last night. They didn't enjoy it so we stopped about halfway through. They felt it was too violent and didn't love the 90's graphics.

I saw it 30 years ago on opening weekend. I thought I initially liked it because of the action. It was also very much the alternative culture my parents wanted me to stay away from.

If I'm being honest about what I really liked, Brandon Lee had one heck of an amazing body. 😜

jacobyaudio, to random
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I'm really tired of listening to people, who normally act very reasonable and intelligently, downplay the risks of getting COVID. These same people also tend to deny the importance of the vaccine and boosters.

It doesn't take much time to find the research showing that it's not "just a cold" even if you have just a mild case. There's also so much we still don't know because it is still a fairly recent virus.

To go further, the shutdowns in 2020 did help. Again, doesn't take much effort to understand why. The same people as before are the ones preaching how we "need to be open for the economy" but ignoring the timing and precautionary measures.

It makes me fear for our future.

jynersolives, (edited ) to Starwars
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Hey folks, when did you fall in love with laser swords, scoundrels, bounty hunters and the Force? Are you an Original Trilogy kid (incl. the Ewok movies), did you find your way to the GFFA in the Dark Times with the Expanded Universe, was Jar Jar your hero, or did Rey and Mando capture your heart?

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@jynersolives I saw ROTJ in the theater with my Mom when I was 7 years old. Fell in love with the creatures, especially the Ewoks and the Rancor monster. Absolutely loved just how weird and strange the whole world was. And those wonderful ships....

So, I'll always be an OG fan. That said, Rogue One, Andor, Rebels, the Tartakovsky Clone Wars series, and the later seasons of the animated CW have shown just how far some creative minds can expand the universe.

jacobyaudio, to random
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At the pharmacy this morning. Listening to the pharmacist talk about how many tests they're selling and how many Paxlovid prescriptions are being filled. Both are at higher levels then they expected.

Meanwhile, the pharmacists are not wearing masks.

Please be careful out there.

jacobyaudio, to LEGO
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As mentioned earlier this week, I recently added two sets to my collection. I decided to gather all the sets on the same bookshelf.

Honestly, I would have no idea where to store the UCS sets!!

jacobyaudio, to Starwars
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rewatch cont...

Episode 6

This. Everything else is good but this is magnificent. I want a 4K version of this to make into a poster.

jacobyaudio, to random
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As we barrel into the holiday season, I'm reminded yet again about families. Remember that not everyone has a requirement, or even a need, to be with their biological family. For some, even thinking of their biological family can bring on thoughts of depression, anxiety, and grief.

I hope that everyone is able to enjoy the holidays with their chosen families. That you can find a space where you feel welcomed and loved.

If you do need to be around relatives you may not want to talk to, I hope you're able to find a safe space to escape to. No matter what they say or do, your health comes first.

Note: I still spend some time with my family even as it causes me some grief because of missing relatives and friends. "Comfort Food" exists for a reason!!

glassbottommeg, to random
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Please do vote if you're in the US. Literally every school board/director up for us had a book burning type running, some more subtle than others.

I know it's boring off year stuff but holy shit those types can do damage en masse.

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@glassbottommeg This is really dangerous in my area. There are no candidate bios or statements for the board of Ed positions.

That said, one of the candidates is running an unsuccessful GoFundMe campaign under the banner, "Education before indoctrination".

Guess I know who I'm not voting for.

danirabbit, to random
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Since starting transition I’ve been way more dedicated to building a body that I am proud of and I’m super excited that as of today I beat my longest move ring streak ever with 61 days of continuous exercise. This morning I weighed in at 182lbs, which is 27lbs down from my all time high in May of 2021. I have my dysphoria days but goddammit I am proud of how I look now 💪

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@danirabbit this same thing happened to me this week where I weighed in at the exact same weight, to the tenth, as last week.

Just gotta keep pushing on and knowing that I feel better when I eat well and exercise daily even if the scale doesn't reflect that.

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