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mod+shift+q so you wouldn’t close hours of work by accident (e.g. when typing other mod+_ keybinds)


From interview: it started as a research project. The author wanted a distribution that uses the least system resources with maximum performance.
He started with archlinux, moved on to gentoo and to go even deeper - found the infamous “linux from scratch” and started to shape his own distro.


Almost. It doesn’t try to solve all the problems, though. I’d say it’s a passion project like Haiku and TempleOS.


Half of the linux ecosystem is personal projects.
Linux itself started as

just a hobby, won’t be big and professional like gnu

It’s not useless as you can learn from it.


I could switch tomorrow if I could do my current setup:

  • Tiling Window manager (sway?)
  • simple status bar to output text from a script with clickable applet icons (waybar?)
  • the way to show/hide windows on a button press - I have a script that I use to quickly toggle 3 dropdown terminal windows

Last time I tried Wayland in December, I had issues with waybar not supporting clicking tray applet icons. Also I’ve ported my dropdown terminals script to support sway - and it worked half the time, like, literally every second key press was ignored.

On one hand I have X session that currently has no downsides for me, on other - wayland that has no upsides. Tell me, why would I switch?


Ok, because of this post - I decided to bite the bullet and try wayland again. And it was much better experience this time:

I’ve installed sway “pattern” on OpenSuse-Tumbleweed and:

  • Previous time I had some issues with lightdm not supporting sway, now - it just works.
  • I still use xdotool and i3-msg in my custom scratchpad script and yet everything is working.

waybar absolutely supports clicking tray icons. I confused it with swaybar, that’s installed with sway by default and should be an i3bar-compatible. Waybar doesn’t seem to support i3bar protocol, but anyway, after I configured it - it’s like 95% there from what I want.

  • I had to force xcb platform for appimage of nekoray (qt VPN gui), because it’s complaining about missing wayland-egl plugin. But it’s a small problem with straightforward fix, so not that bad.

That’s why mods exist. And some games have a setting to hide helmets.


Who said Pi is infinite? If we take Pi as base unit, it is exactly 1. No fraction, perfectly round.

Now everything else requires an infinite precision.


1 is also a number, a number we chose by convention to be a base unit for all numbers. You can break down every number down to this unit.

20 is 20 1s. 1.5 is 1 and a half 1.

If we have Pi as a unit, circumference of a circle would be radius*2 of Pi units. But everything that doesn’t involve Pi would be a fraction of Pi, e.g. a normal 1 is roughly 1/3 of Pi units, 314 is roughly 100 Pi units, etc. etc.

janAkali, (edited )

You still think in 1-based system, Pi unit * Pi unit is Pi of Pi units or 3.14159… Pi units. Also, Pi unit / Pi unit is 1/Pi Pi units or 0.318309886183790… Pi units…


The account age is public. Yours is 2 weeks old.


If it was near the shore - they might’ve stole the section of wire. Copper is really expensive.


Reminder that paying money is morally wrong and should be avoided when possible. Steal the consoles and pirate if you have to play the games.


He might do like 2-5 deliveries per trip if they align.

janAkali, (edited )

Ew. I usually don’t use curly braced languages. But whenever I need to define collections on multiple lines I always put opening bracket on the end of the line and closing bracket on the same indent level as the start of the statement:

<span style="color:#323232;">let hello = [
</span><span style="color:#323232;">  "Hello, there!",
</span><span style="color:#323232;">]
</span><span style="color:#323232;">var
</span><span style="color:#323232;">  a = true
</span><span style="color:#323232;">  arr = [
</span><span style="color:#323232;">    "line 1",
</span><span style="color:#323232;">    "line 2",
</span><span style="color:#323232;">  ]

I’m usually bad at chess, please point out if I’m wrong:

c6 -> Ba4: bishop is safe, pin stands

queen can’t take because:
c6 -> Ba4 -> Qxa4: Rook and pawn for a Bishop

Nc6: Knight is pinned

Nc6 -> c4 -> a6 -> Ba4 and then push pawns? That’s something I’d have done.

But realistically, I think pin, potential for blunder and applying pressure could be enough for a brilliant move, depending on rating.


it seems to be a variation of “cargospace” meme.

janAkali, (edited )

Github is not a software distribution platform, it was never meant to be one. It’s a developer platform for code distribution and collaboration. And UI is designed around that.

A lot of projects use it as a distribution platform, but they’re wrong - it’s always better to have a web page with simple download button for casual “ordinary” people.

But, this case is special: this mostly harmless tool is designed and almost exclusively used to stalk / doxx / hack people =|. So, it’s not in developers interest to make it widely available and easy to install.


Sorry, I meant to write that Github is not a software distribution, but a code distribution platform.

And ‘mostly harmless’ as in it’s not inherently malicious - you can use it for harmless stuff. It’s merely a tool.


Is that a landmine strapped to his butt?
Reactive armour?


It’s also a good filter for useful videos vs ‘content’.

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