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he/him. Luddite. (recovering) theatre technician and designer. Interested in meaningful agency and technology.


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ajroach42, to random
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It's amazing to me how we're watching the tech world fall apart at the feet of monetization and AI and whatever other bullshit of the week, and it's all exactly the consequences that the Free Software folks have been warning about and talking about for decades.

But the free software folks are, often, aggressive ideological purists or incredibly gatekeep-y, and free software as a movement has been seriously hampered by both of those things, and also by the same monetization push that is eating everything else.

We built our entire world on computers. We embedded them in every facet of our lives. I've spent my entire life With The Machine.

And yet...

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@ajroach42 "We build the future in the rotting husk of the present."

I really love this.

dansup, to Pixelfed
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Pixelfed Live is so fun to use, and I'm working on making it even easier to use end-to-end.

It's one thing to support Live Streaming, but it's a whole other thing to have that baked into an ephemeral feature that is accessible and more popular with the general public than a dedicated video platform or live streaming platform.

I look forward to bringing proper live streaming to the fediverse, via @pixelfed, @loops and @supapp 🚀

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This is a serious question, but how do you have the time to do all this work? Are these projects bringing in some revenue to offset the need to take on other work? Are you independently wealthy? Just a sheer amount energy every day?

If you've blogged about this at all, I'd love to read it.

mediaarchaeologylab, to random
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there are very few things we will bend our "must be in working condition" rule for but... iykyk

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@mediaarchaeologylab oh great that you have the LaserDisc player. I have an excuse to go hit a store that has a whole section of laserdiscs.

Next time I'm down there I'll grab a few to send your way.

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@mediaarchaeologylab I love a constraint. Sort of gives me a reason to circle back through multiple times because they told me that they have a TON that haven't been put out.

jeremiah, to random
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Rescuing the video from a VHS that isn’t widely available online feels incredible.

Adding a new category to be on the hunt for in thrift stores.

jeremiah, to random
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Is there a spiritual successor to the Pebble? I am currently in a film photography class and the development process requires a lot of timing.

I currently just use the stopwatch feature of my Pebble but I’m kind of inspired to make a small app where I can set the film type and the recommended times for developer, stop bath, fix and fix remover.

I may end up doing it on the Pebble but I don’t think the film developer/ Pebble enthusiast overlap is high.

jeremiah, to random
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As Spotify announces that small artists will receive no money on their platform, it’s worth noting that you can often affordably by an artist’s entire discography off Bandcamp for your eternal listening pleasure. They even send you nice messages for doing so sometimes!

mediaarchaeologylab, (edited ) to random
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An incomplete MAL wishlist:

  • Any and all accessibility tech (speech synthesizers, braille displays, etc.)
  • BBC Micro
  • Casio Loopy Mouse
  • Casio Loopy Magical Shop
  • Cybiko
  • Famicom Disk System
  • Microbee
  • Selectavision Player
  • Sidekick
  • SNES controllers
  • Unitron Mac 512
  • VideoNow discs
  • VirtualBoy

(we'll keep this pinned & update it as we think of stuff. if you have something on the list you'd like to send our way, please DM for details. Unless specified, we're only able to take things in working condition.)

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@mediaarchaeologylab if you all ever get your hands on a LaserDisc player, there's a place here in town with a pretty substantial collection of LDs. Would be willing to grab some and send them your way.

jeremiah, to random
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Bots that automatically repost when tagged are incredibly easy to abuse to spread malicious content.

I just had to report maybe the first instance I’ve seen of this in the Fediverse.

stfn, to hamradio
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New blog post!

I'm writing about Meshtastic, a decentralised, peer to peer communication network that uses LoRa radios.

My initial experiences with it are not that positive, but I learnt a lot along the way, and thought it would be useful to share with the world what I found out so far.

There's a bit about frequencies, antennas and all that hamradio stuff.


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@stfn I've been wanting to get into Lora communication. I've got some antennas sitting in a cart. Need to clear some projects from the backlog first.

inquiline, to random
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What are people's favorite readings in social studies of computing? (Every word there is important, but beyond that, interpret as you will)

(this is a teaching question, sometimes I get completely bored of my own headspace and want outside input)

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@inquiline Fenwick McKelvey's Internet Daemons. Just taking a real look at some of the fundamental parts of the system that get overlooked and pinning down some language for it was incredibly helpful.

vwbusguy, to android
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Well, I contacted #Asus support about my #Zenfone. I bought the Zenfone 9 in March of last year, when it was the latest model available. Support confirmed that both #Android and #security patches will case for it this year. I've owned this phone for less than a year and absolutely love it, but this is a complete fumble on Asus' part.

They also took down their unlock tool for it, so running an alternative Android is out of the question for now as well. Very disappointed.

Caveat emptor.

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@vwbusguy if they would simply give me a headphone jack I would buy another pixel. I'm on the 5a 5g and have been a loyal a customer because they had this port.

snarfed.org, to random

Fediverse! I’ve been building a bridge to Bluesky, and they’re turning on federation soon, which means my bridge will be available soon too. You’ll be able to follow people on Bluesky from here in the fediverse, and vice versa.

Bluesky is a broad network with lots of worthwhile people and conversations! I hope you’ll give it a chance. Only fully public content is bridged, not followers-only or otherwise private posts or profiles. Still, if you want to opt out, I understand. Feel free to DM me at @snarfed (different account than this one), email me, file a GitHub issue, or put #nobridge in your profile bio.

A number of us have thought about this for a while now, we’re committed to making it work well for everyone, and we’re very open to feedback. Thanks for listening. Feel free to share broadly.

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@sarae @snarfed.org@snarfed.org co-signed.

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@shiri @snarfed.org@snarfed.org @sarae Sure, but this isn't bridging to another Fediverse server.

I have tools within Mastodon to deal with other ActivityPub servers without talking to admins. This isn't that. This is bridging to corporate networks which is what many of us are explicitly trying to avoid.

Green_Footballs, to random
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I guess we should have expected the MAGA cultists to start decapitating their family members. It’s not like we weren’t warned.

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@Green_Footballs what did I miss?

StillIRise1963, (edited ) to random
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Yesterday, my doc told me to take Paxlovid and also said her mother went to get some and they quoted $1K. She got it cheaper using a coupon. Fortunately, my insurance covered it, but wtf is going on around here? 🙄

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@StillIRise1963 Pre 2024 the Federal government was subsidizing the cost of Paxlovid. My doctor told me that the subsidy ended in January 2024 and you need insurance or coupons.

0x00string, to random


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  • jeremiah,
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    @0x00string I do miss my home sometimes.

    @jeremiah@tldr.nettime.org avatar

    @0x00string Colorado.

    @jeremiah@tldr.nettime.org avatar

    @0x00string I went to PA for a variety of reasons. Proximity to friends and family dotted along the East Coast and Appalachia, affordability, and I had spent almost my entire twenties in Denver and I wanted something new.

    Oh and the pandemic saw to many of my friends leaving Denver.

    I will say that Colorado is the best state I've ever lived in from many perspectives but especially legislative and bureaucratic ones. SCFD funding the arts and museums is super cool.

    If it was overall the right move for me, I'd go back.

    ernie, to random
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    Stepping into “GIMP sucks” territory with my next Tedium issue. Kinda scared.

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    @ernie praying the issue reveals a good Photoshop alternative on Linux I haven't discovered yet.

    jeremiah, to random
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    As a recruiter email that I will have to politely decline comes through my inbox, I can't help but think about companies not being able to source STEM talent.

    Perhaps many people just don't want to contribute to evil.

    inquiline, (edited ) to random
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    Well this is an epic bummer: taking Paxlovid didn’t reduce the risk of in vaccinated people

    *edit: 1, as some a-hole in my mentions mentions, this is only one study; 2, if you don't mean to have your remarks read as trivializing Covid or LC, maybe take care in how you word them.


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    @inquiline damn. I was hoping it would help.

    sidereal, to random

    Man. It is weird how difficult it is to get a CD player installed in a modern car.

    I guess my dad and I really are the only two people still listening to music on CD.

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    @sidereal God, I hope to drive my car for another 10 years.

    taylorlorenz, to random
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    BREAKING: Tesla recalls nearly all vehicles sold in the US over the past decade https://www.cnn.com/2023/12/13/tech/tesla-recall-autopilot/index.html

    @jeremiah@tldr.nettime.org avatar

    @Xavier @taylorlorenz If my car needs an over the air update to function safely, I think it's a fair game to call it a recall.

    @jeremiah@tldr.nettime.org avatar

    @spaduf That's a great question! Though, even with more traditional recalls you can't ensure everyone brings their car in.

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