UIC PhD candidate / NETSCOUT / https://Dataplane.org / NANOG PC / ICANN research fellow. Internet infrastructure (#BGP, #DNS) and #infosec. Bit mechanic. Also: #Blues / tfr

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Monday jam: Peter Parcek | Rollin' with Zah | https://songwhip.com/peterparcek/rollin-with-zah |

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I normally find Costco on a weekend pretty entertaining people watching. But going on the day before we all watch Taylor's boyfriend prove his team has the most Superb Owl may be ill-advised. It's a little... feral out there today.


@paul_ipv6 @wesgeorge Anecdotal support of your warning... A Costco receipt for a 65-inch TV $1600 (US) dated February 7 was windblown to my doorstop this weekend. No sign of accompanying chicken wings yet. :-)

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@PaulStoffregen @ishotjr How much would it take to bribe^Wsupport someone to produce a decent TrackPoint, IBM-ish keyboard for a @frameworkcomputer laptop or the upcoming @system76 Virgo? Please, puleazzeee? kisses, hugs, prays

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Internet Yellow Pages (not NIS or the Sun Systems thing). People, myself included, are learning about this today. Very cool. https://iyp.iijlab.net/

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"To be good with technology requires actually doing technology" - it is so sad that we have to point this out today. You can't outsource all the things you do and assume you'll continue to be in control of what you do. (from https://www.techpolicy.press/the-dangers-of-moving-key-internet-governance-functions-to-amazons-cloud-the-case-of-the-netherlands/)

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@adulau @bert_hubert Years ago the head of the NCSA security team gave a guest security lecture to a grad class I had. He said he liked to hire people with backgrounds in this order of preference:

  1. networking
  2. system administration
  3. security (e.g., firewall admins)
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Deutsche Telekom, will be dropping prefixes that do not validate with ROV.

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Wow, that's a big jump in the number of addresses that were assigned in the US at the end of 2023.



@litchralee_v6 @doachs I didn't see any definitive justification publicly disclosed, and we may never get it. There was some discussion and speculation about it here: https://mailarchive.ietf.org/arch/browse/v6ops/?gbt=1&index=ThaSy_hNlx1GP59EFAJ9NkBXP5A

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Monday jam: Luther "Snake Boy" Johnson | Take It Off Him and Put It On Me | https://songwhip.com/luther-snakeboy-johnson/take-it-off-him-and-put-it-on-me

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Summit Hosting acquires Deft,

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Deft, aka ServerCentral, annual rate increases:

"Starting on April 1, 2024, with the exception of network services, all monthly recurring domestic colocation and managed services will see a 3% price increase and foreign colocation services a 5% increase."

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What are your favorite unresolved cyber mysteries?

Think some outstanding espionage operation we know almost nothing about, the identity of a hacker who's had a series of spectacular hacks and never faced the consequences, or things of that sort.


@lorenzofb author(s) of the bitcoin paper

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In a recent PK provider advertisement:

"Pakistan has the cheapest Spotify and Netflix in the world, Pssst."

What VPcoughN? Of course 123 main cough Islamabad is my real address!

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Monday jam: Guitar Slim | Certainly All | https://songwhip.com/guitar-slim/certainly-all

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Jan 28 16:13:36 postfix/smtpd[978261]: warning: non-SMTP command from unknown[]: \026\003\001\001\027\001\000\001\023\003\003j\275\025\266M\272\322>\3421^\313N\021a\215\204\bKL\354\

Rhooos, le vilain qui tente du SMTP smuggling.


@bortzmeyer ucloud ( ) emits a lot of junk, seen by @dataplane and others. That address included is whacking at a variety of hosts/ports.

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CableLabs Cybersecurity Framework Profile for Internet Routing V01 https://www.cablelabs.com/specifications/CL-GL-RS-Profile

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Anybody know of a non-tech, non-news company active on ? Aside from repost bots like bird.makeup, I'm not seeing any.

What are your feelings about if/when companies start to join us: would they be greeted with open arms for abandoning corporate-controlled platforms, or would they be shunned for bringing commercialism into our little non-profit eutopia?

Little of column A, little of column B?

I'd been thinking about the Mandiant account takeover recently & realized I was less disappointed in the account being compromised than I was in them still having a presence on that platform.


@clueax You mean like a restaurant chain, a clothing company, or auto dealer? Probably like Usenet you're more likely to see, at least at first user-driven interest groups (lists/hashtags) instead.

Other than to @ them for a complaint or compliment I'm not sure what the incentive is for them or the community. Many users are surely going to reject any outright marketing. Even most of the news and tech orgs here are largely driven by their individuals rather than the brand.

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JDR was a nice debugging and analysis tool. Sorry to see it go, but on a positive note source code will be available Thanks for making it in the first place @nlnetlabs!

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Monday jam: Otis Grand | Slo-Mo-Shun | https://songwhip.com/otisgrand/slomoshun

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A VM service not renewed expired around the new year. Email subjects received from provider so far this month (their typos):

  • Jan 2: Service suspendation due to non-payment
  • Jan 4: 0 days left before your payment’s due date
  • Jan 7: 0 days left before your payment’s due date
  • Jan 11: Invoice payment due
  • Jan 12: Service suspendation due to non-payment
  • Jan 15: New proforma invoice issued
  • Jan 21: 9 days left before your payment’s due date

VM still running.


@j_angliss Heh, that perhaps AI was involved or translation from some other language?

I could probably compile a year's worth of HPFH (hosting provider from hell) daily calendar entries with all the things I've seen. And this isn't the only system I have or had running well after the service expiry time (different providers).

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