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So I recently ran across this post and thread by @vwbusguy, and I would like to try to address some of the questions/misconceptions/etc that come up in the thread.

If you have questions, please, ask. What we do with isn't identical to what does with their , but many of the concepts for the end user are going to be similar/the same.



@vwbusguy We see the upsides to the image based approach that can offer to some folks, what the folks have going on, for instance, isn't really viable with our setup. It's all just a different way to approach a common problem.


@vwbusguy I've been working on some ideas, with the guys already, and you'll probably see some of that making it's way into in the coming months. I can't speak to , as I don't make the decisions there.

As far as the ability to do the image based rebasing, I'm not even certain how that would look, based on top of our stack, since we don't use ostree. Not to say it can't happen, but it's also not in our roadmap.

kalpa, to openSUSE

If you've any interest in or or immutable desktops in general, I highly recommend giving Richards talk at a watch/listen.


Kalpa is following (or at least attempting to) follow the same design principles as Aeon, And this is a touch more challenging with a Plasma Desktop, than it is with Gnome, for many reasons, and it's the reason we move a bit slower.

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