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Born and raised in Wisconsin. Currently live in the Milwaukee/Waukesha WI area.

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Community Development Alliance meets with stakeholders about 'forever' affordable housing in Milwaukee (www.tmj4.com)

There are small single family houses for sale in Milwaukee under $100,000. I’ve brought this up on the Milwaukee Reddit and the people on there seem to believe the only worthwhile places to live are in Wauwatosa, Bay View, Shorewood, etc. But not in Milwaukee.

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It’s not that negative - unfortunately, there are neighborhoods where people don’t want to live in because of crime, gangs, homelessness, etc. Housing there is cheaper because the homes are not well maintained. Put up a new house and neighbors will not like it because if the property values go up then their property taxes go up - many are on a fixed income and can’t afford it.

It also means they can’t really fight the nearby gang activity because they have no other place to go.

Not saying you are wrong, but there is a lot more to it. That being said, there are options, and hopefully it leads to positive solutions for everyone.

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There’s a pervasive view by people on Reddit (and I’m guessing Lemmy now too), that if the neighborhood contains mostly black people, it’s somehow bad.

There are some really bad black neighborhoods. They are portrayed that way on TV and movies, even glorified in many respects due to music, and therefore the perception is that black neighborhoods are bad.

However, there are bad neighborhoods from every ethnicity - depends on the city. If you look at Tulsa/Oklahoma City, Tucson/Phoenix, Miami, even LA’s latino suburbs, the same can apply.

Cheap housing is not the primary focus for “good” people to move into a neighborhood. Gangs aren’t necessary going to leave just because a nice, white family moved in next door. In fact, the gang is more likely to taunt them into either fearing them into staying in their house or getting them to leave. Gangs make money from fear and hate. They will hurt, even kill, to maintain their territory and reputation.

“It takes a village” is a cliche, but it works. Your multi-ethnic neighborhood worked because together they allowed the group as a whole to be positive. These neighborhoods are going to have to do the same, collectively. The local government can help, along with dedicated organizations like the CDA, to work with those neighborhoods to do that. But in the end, it’s up to the neighborhoods. If they don’t want to, not much is really going to change.

The alternative is a developer swooping in, strip all the properties outright, and just putting in what he wants with bribes to the city under the guise of “fixing the blight”. It will no longer be a “neighborhood”; just a condo or apartment building, with tenants instead of owners.

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I don’t know if the new majority broke the rules or not. I’m not a lawyer nor a judge. Chief Justice Ziegler may have a point but it doesn’t help when she does her disagreement through the public lens.

For as much as I am happy that Protasiewicz won the election, I am not happy with how the election was run. Instead of it being an election for a judge, it was made to be an election for a politician (on both sides) who gets to wear a judge’s robe for a very long time.

Anyone who can put two brain cells together can understand that a judge will lean certain ways based on their own ideology, but impartial conduct is crucial to a well maintained judiciary.

This is how coups start; this is how coups get justified. Delegitimizing our court system is exactly what some on the extreme political left and right want. Putin and Xi are allowed their power because they put their people in the right political positions AND their people in the right judicial positions. Trump tried to do the same thing, and right now is banking on it for 2024.

What was your first experience using Linux? How old were you? Stick around or did you go back to windows before eventually circling back to Linux?

I’ll go first, I took my mom’s college textbooks which came with discs for a couple distros and failed to install RHEL before managing to get Fedora Core 4 working. The first desktop environment I used was KDE and despite trying out a few others over the years I always come back to plasma. Due to being like 12, I wanted to...

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My first experience with Linux was in the mid 80s when I was in the service working with AT&T 3B20 and Sperry UNIX servers as an admin. I enjoyed just about every aspect of the OS, but most government, contractor, and civilian jobs required desktop software that Linux either couldn’t install or the open source equivalent just wasn’t good enough.

Over the many, MANY, years I have kept experimenting with the various desktop environments, but with my current job a large percentage of our servers are Ubuntu or RedHat Linux (although we’re being forced to migrate to Windows Servers for many of the same reasons yet again).

That being said, with the ability for many Microsoft Office365 products working well enough as web-apps, my home laptop runs 100% KDE Neon, and with the exception of needing a couple Windows-only programs (which no longer runs on Linux) I’d probably be running KDE Neon on my work laptop as well. If I can ever get Cisco ASDM to work with Wine and/or Bottles, I will be switching over soon after.

The DEs in the last few years are light years ahead, and I am personally very impressed with just how smooth everything works. My hope is to get back to a semi-40 hour work week in a few years and help contribute - not as a programmer, but perhaps as a QA tester or the like.

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There are a couple I’d like to try, but after I saw the noodle dish with edible bugs in it I stopped scrolling.

Wife tried one of the alligator dishes a couple years ago - she said it was just okay.

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I am so going to try this - thank you!

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Hello from Waukesha WI! IT geek, amateur (HAM) radio operator, husband, father, and grandfather.

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