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#little, #submissive, often #bratty, rarely #sadista, always #kinky.
straight ♀️ bi curious
full legal age

i love dancing 💃🏻
i like chatting, i love #dirtytalk 😇
speak 🇬🇧 🇩🇪 🇪🇸? 🇮🇹?

i will not send you my photos
i will not give you my phone number
i will not date you

this account is a safe space for poc, queers, handicapped people and other oppressed minorities

profile pic: girl jumping with joy, unknown
profile foto: martinique, shot by myself

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18+ Neko0001, to random French
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  • kinkita,
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    ton style d'ecrire est si poetique :)

    18+ Olivierlibre, to random French
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    Regardes comme ces petits seins sont adorables


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    would you like to fuck my mouth?

    18+ Neko0001, to fediverse French
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  • kinkita,
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    j aimerais trop voler les cœurs aux autres

    mais je les laisse â tes bien amis

    bonjour neko

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    tu me fais que mes yeux
    font une cascade

    de couleurs
    de joies

    Angy1De, to nature Spanish
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    Life is too short not to love your body and who you are.
    Bye August! Thank you for continuing with me and walking by my side. 🩵


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    tu brazo parece que abrazar el sol
    como el resto del mundo

    kinkita, to France
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    will travel south of in august

    any ideas about places and events?

    kinkita, to random
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    apparently is a big topic for boys. Did you boys know also us girls talk about it? Did you know we have our own ideas about ?

    Maybe i shall leak my own ones here? 🤭

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