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Love #dogs, #sushi, #xbox, #StarWars, #Hawaii, #sake, #Azure, #Microsoft, #squirrels, #UCLA, #LasVegas, #GalaxysEdge, #Disney, #StarTrek #StrangeNewWorlds, #Andor, #Peacemaker, #Sabacc & family. #Browncoat, #Amity, #Resistance & #Hufflepuff. Not very tolerant of trolls, pedants, 'ReplyGuys' & the unkind. I'm a US Government Technology Strategist for Microsoft. My opinion does not necessarily reflect that of MSFT.

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kurtsh, to GenX
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I truly loved this movie. "Glory" is easily in my top 5 all-time favorites.

Watching it in the theater back in '90 & for you kids out there... remember that look on everyone's faces walking out of "Infinity War"? Ashen looks, welling up of tears, & mile-long stare?

Well, this is kinda like the GenX version of that.

I still get choked up at, "Give 'em hell 54".

kurtsh, to random
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This is a next level scam. Share this w/ all your non-technical & technical relatives.
❌ Seemingly coincidental encounters originating from random text messages
❌ Pre-created dossiers of you to make the scammer seem familiar
❌ Long game trust development
❌ Fake investment sites w/ App Store-registered mobile apps


"Pig Butchering Scams" - Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Catlynn, to random
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@Catlynn Hey, so this is what I'm currently buying: Smart Stop Walnuts - 10lb for $35, which is the cheapest I've found so far. ($0.23/oz)

The quality is varied & may not be as fresh as some other brands like "Anna & Sarah" ($0.35/oz) but they're way, way cheaper as squirrel treats.


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@Catlynn Yeah, the "Anna & Sarah" brand appears to be more oriented to human consumption (they're bagged & shipped in smaller quantities) where as this "Smart Stop" brand is treated with less care - lotta broken shells -but 2x the quantity for almost a 40% lower price.

RickiTarr, to random
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    JenMsft, to random
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    The hero we needed

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    @JenMsft LOL. Every. Time. We. Post. This. Shortcut: "OMG HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS THIS IS AMAZING"

    Now do WIN-H. 😂

    Catlynn, to random
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    It’s my birthday! I am requesting dancing squirrels in party hats and an electrical storm, please and thank you ☺️🎈

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    @Catlynn happy birthday!

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    @Catlynn This one's a little better. I'd forgotten the party hats. Courtesy of our AI Image Creator: https://www.bing.com/images/create

    kurtsh, to Russia
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    Speaker of the House Mike Johnson (R-LA) is a Russian plant, elected & funded by Russian money, through a Russian-owned company led by a top ally of Russian dictator, Vladimir Putin.

    But hey. Don't let that disrupt your day.

    "Who Is Konstantin Nikolaev? Putin Ally Behind Mike Johnson Campaign Donation"

    kurtsh, to workersrights
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    Fascinating seeing what companies are trying to go against "the future".

    I'm talking to you, Elon, you psychopathic Machiavellian freakshow.

    kurtsh, to random
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    This still pisses me off. All the Asian roles - except the "nerd engineer" - got whitewashed out of The Martian.

    And with all my experience with it, I don't usually get mad or hold a grudge about the motion picture industry given my general low expectations.

    But this is right up there with "21".

    "Ridley Scott accused of 'whitewashing' Asian roles in The Martian" | The Martian | The Guardian

    arstechnica, to random
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    Prime Video cuts Dolby Vision, Atmos support from ad tier—and didn’t tell subs

    To get them back, you must pay an extra $2.99/month for the ad-free tier.


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    @arstechnica Just another reason not to watch anything on Prime Video.

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    @arstechnica Kinda like how Google has gotten increasingly lousy over the last 10yrs, has anyone noticed how impossibly hard it is to buy 4K UHD or Blu-ray discs from Amazon?

    They make it near impossible to find what you want instead desperately sending you to results pointing to "Amazon Video" which is hilarious because who in the FUCK is stupid enough to use Amazon Video?

    Oh, you don't know? Look at their terms of service compared to VUDU or any other streaming platform.

    kurtsh, to random
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    Today, I found our neighborhood opossum on the street. Someone must have hit him late at night & I feel awful.

    We only had one opossum in the area (I live in a suburb) & with great delight, I used to see him/her wander through our backyard looking for food.

    We also used to have 2 skunks in the area as well but 1 seems to have 'disappeared'. I heard through the grapevine that someone was setting skunk traps.

    So that's my Monday so far. Sometimes I really hate people.

    kurtsh, to superbowl
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    Attention Mastodon.
    I have no fingernails left.
    That is all.

    kurtsh, to superbowl
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    I don't drink Budweiser but I always appreciate their ads. Their marketing dept knows what they're doing.

    Budweiser | Super Bowl LVIII Old School Delivery

    kurtsh, to superbowl
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    Reminder that all those "Jesus/He Gets Us" ads are hypocritically funded by the 'Signatry''.

    The Signatry also funds tens of millions of dollars of hateful anti-LGBT & anti-abortion lobbying & legislation.

    The truth behind the ‘He Gets Us’ ads for Jesus airing during the Super Bowl - CNN

    kurtsh, to Patriots
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    TIL Putin put on Kraft's Super Bowl ring at the White House, didn't give it back, then put the ring in his pocket & left with 3 KGB agents around him, leaving Kraft standing there flat-footed.

    "Robert Kraft reveals Vladimir Putin took his $25,000 Super Bowl ring during visit to the White House in 2005" | The Sun

    kurtsh, to science
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    Oh, okay... wait, WHAT?

    "Lab-grown black hole analog behaves just like Stephen Hawking said it would" - Live Science

    kurtsh, to physics
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    If you're a nerd, enjoy physics or you just like 'thinking', check out Dianna's channel & consider joining her Patreon. She's very ill & has been for close to a year now.

    (p.s. If you can't join her Patreon, please repost this to reach others)

    "99 Years Later... We Solved It" - Physics Girl

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    Have you heard of the "Carrington" event?

    Imagine the impact of a solar flare on the earth so great, that telegraph operators could send messages without any power. The flare's ambient energy alone actually powered telecommunications.

    It could happen again in 2025 when the Sun hits peak flare-inducing polarity in its 11yr cycle. Dianna explained this phenomenon last year & we're almost at 2025.

    "It missed us by 9 days" - PhysicsGirl

    MrLovenstein, to random
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    Secret Panel HERE 😳 https://tapas.io/episode/2421577

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    @MrLovenstein I feel seen.

    kurtsh, to Facebook
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    Because you signed over the right for Meta to use your photos the moment you signed up for Instagram.

    Once again, you're the product.

    "Zuckerberg's Going to Use Your Instagram Photos to Train His AI Machines" | PetaPixel

    kurtsh, to television
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    Dammit... don't give me hope. Season 1 was so unholy, there would need to be a MONSTROUS upheaval of change for Season 2 to be even slightly tolerable.

    "Halo has hit the reset button for its second season, though you might be forgiven for thinking it’s the panic button instead."

    Halo season 2 review: "Unceremoniously dumps some of its more controversial aspects" | GamesRadar+

    #KwonTheSeries #MasterCheeks #Boring117 #PlayTheDamnGame #ParamountPlus #Halo #343industries

    kurtsh, to Babylon5
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    I'm trying to watch Babylon 5 on Tubi. I'd never watched it but with Harlan Ellison on staff & so many nerds I know having watched it, I thought it'd be good.

    Sigh. This has been a tough row so far. Overacted, cheesy sets & costume design, terrible computer models... the writing is up for judgment.

    I'll give it 10 episodes before I switch back to Deep Space Nine.

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    @Sar @compass Tell me that 2 seasons is a good sample of whether I'll like it or not. If this is enough 'patience', I'll stick with it. If not, I'm out.

    I knew I would like Star Trek TNG, DS9, VOY & SNW after a single season... and that I wouldn't like 'Enterprise". So far B5 has been a 'no' but I'll give it another season if everyone agrees it improves during the Sheridan era. 😁

    (I'm assuming that the O'Hare/Boxleitner change in S2 isn't a full reset of the show, yes?)

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