SRE working in email. Gay. Married. Doggy daddy. I like Star Trek, genealogy, O scale model trains, history, Pokemon, LEGO, coin collecting, books, music, board gaming, video gaming, camping, 420, and more.

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leopardboy, to Indiana

Looking down Meridian Street at the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument

leopardboy, to Indiana

Crown Hill National Cemetery

leopardboy, to Indiana

University Park, When the Leaves Fell

leopardboy, to Indiana

The Indiana War Memorial and Museum

leopardboy, to Indiana

Mural of Etheridge Knight

leopardboy, to random

Soldiers' & Sailors' Monument

arkadiusz, to random

A next cityscape of Amsterdam taken with my analog Zorki 4 camera. This photo came out like a postcard! ✉️ 🥰

• Zorki 4 (KMZ, 1966)
• Jupiter-8 50 mm f/2 (KMZ, 1967)
• Kodak Professional Portra 400/36


I miss Amsterdam. ❤️

leopardboy, to photography

I felt spoiled this morning walking through University Park on the way into the office.

leopardboy, to random

Our tulips bloomed just in time for us to move out. I’m going to miss these, but plan to do all new stuff at our new house. Cannot wait!

Looking down over tulip with white petals and red stripes.
Looking down over tulip bloom of white petals with pink/purple tips.

leopardboy, to random

This is what Bernie wore to his grandparents house on Christmas Eve. He's now 11 months old.

leopardboy, to random


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