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apparently "pro-life" is fine with killing women

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US politicians who support Israel's war on Gaza "identify with the Jewish supremacist state because they are white supremacists".

In addition, "the Israel Lobby is very well organized & very wealthy.”

"Then there is the issue of 'dirt'."

~Norman Finkelstein

Dr Finkelstein discusses the Jewish supremacist billionaire class, perceptions of “goyim” envy, & much more.


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..."#Christian #Zionism: Primarily an #evangelical doctrine, originating in 19th-century British premillennialism, that regards supporting the State of #Israel as crucial to fulfilling prophecies in the Book of Revelation. This culminates in the battle of Armageddon, with the mass slaughter of Jews ."...

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Alright, lots of heavy discussions today, so let's talk about something silly!

What is a movie that always makes you laugh?

Personal pick:

Anything Mel Brooks, but Robin Hood: Men in Tights, it's just funny every time I watch it.

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MAGA Speaker Johnson calls Trump's conviction "a purely political exercise."

For real if blatantly violating FEC laws while running for President by paying off an adult film star while you're married as your wife nurses your newborn child, is a crime—then who among us is safe???

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I was just thinking that about the nonconvictions of the Trump impeachments -- "a purely political exercise"

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Joe Biden was in Philadelphia today speaking to a crowd of Black voters and every channel I turned on was covering the Trump trial and there’s lots of social media coverage just repeating his words overall and then people wonder why Joe Biden’s messages aren’t getting out.

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apparently big media enjoys the Trump show

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another Constitution denier

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Yet another Israeli strike today kills 21 more civilians, this after strikes yesterday killed 32 children and 44 civilians.

What will it take for the US to stop funding Israeli war crimes?

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you know, it's really not about the US funding -- it's about the Israeli war crimes, and more specifically, it's about murdering innocent civilians as a feature of warfare, and that is what must be ended for all nations

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Biden threatened Israel with pulling military aid if it invades Rafah, but Israel is attacking anyway. It won't face consequences so long as Biden remains vague on what amounts to sufficient grounds for suspending military aid.

@palestine @israel

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@mondoweiss @palestine @israel

Biden has nothing to do with Netanyahu's resolve to destroy Gaza, take the land, stay in power
He keeps saying he will do this despite any allies' opposition -- believe him

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The Who - Live at the Monterey Pop Festival - 1967

Pete Townshend/Date of birth
May 19, 1945

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probably -- wasn't everyone?

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Monday I published this article asking if Israel recognizes Palestine’s right to exist?

Hateful emails called me “antisemitic” for doubting Israel’s support of a 2 state solution

Netanyahu today: “A two state solution would be a reward for terrorists.”😐

I don’t need any apologies. I just need my tax dollars to stop funding this atrocity.

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your tax dollars have been so distributed due to our illustrious GOP MAGA House -- vote them out (entire House up for reelection in November)

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People who complain about wild singing so hard in the morning - are not my friends. I'm DELIGHTED about early morning bird songs!

Their bird calls YellTell me - We are happy in our habitat here! It's another day we are alive!

Their early morning bird songs, remind me of the importance of feeling of being able to enjoy another morning, another day, to relish in the fact I'm still alive & able to receive many opportunities that the dead no longer have.

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I’ve been through this before,
pre-dawn birds infiltrate my airspace,
awake when I should be long oblivious.
Good girls dream of princes,
subliminal desire to be slain
Gold birds in crystal cages
incant witchery for food —
hair of newt, spleen of worm
Lore is explicit
Vexed, inconvenienced by the
comings and goings of
the natural world.
Birds of a feather exchange
social pleasantries.
I who should be sleeping,
conjuring brave new worlds;
ambient noise translated into

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True Stories David Byrne, 1986

libramoon, to random avatar

Tears, endless tears tiny droplets grief and fear all those wearing days all those dreams despaired running down a lane racing who knows where Electrical crashing and thunder caught lightning aware held in camera’s gaze held in nature’s snare Natural child Let her go wild Follow her there

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US is 'helping Israel target Hamas leaders' in hopes of limiting invasion of Rafah

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Israelis ought to have been doing targeted eliminations, not these massive civilian murders

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I'm going to ramble a bit, but it will hopefully come around to something. When I was growing up, I read a lot of older historical book series, a big one would be the Little House On The Prairie series. While I really enjoyed it, there are some very obviously negative portrayals of Native Americans and African Americans. I remember being angry about it as a kid, and my Dad telling me, that part of learning about history is that we have to acknowledge the people we were, and still are. But because Little House on the Prairie is only semi-autobiographical, I still have mixed feelings about this. I do think they are well written books by a female author, an interesting perspective on early American life, and as an adult I can see and acknowledge the issues with the text. If we try to get rid of every author with racist ideas there wouldn't be much left to read from the 20th Century, and it also feels like being dishonest about who we are. So, I'm very mixed, how do you all feel about it? Do you think children can handle books with racial issues like this if it's explained to them? What is our responsibility here?

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we are better for learning about bad behaviors and ideas of others, how they were responded to, hopefully overcome
we are better to avoid censorship, but to yes, explain, have conversations, learn about different values, different people, different times, and how they inform who we have become

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from #WorldOutlook
Why Opposition to #Zionism is Not Antisemitism

article contains links to a statement by over 1,000 [#Jewish professors opposing equating #antiZionism with #antisemitism. Also contains link to a statement by Jewish students of #Columbia with the opposite position]

#DefendStudentProtesters #SolidarityWithPalestine #NotAntisemitism #CeasefireNow
#Gaza #Israel #Palestine #USPolitics
#news #press @palestine @israel

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@plink @palestine @israel

if opposition to Zionism were the same as antisemitism, I would have to be a proud antisemite, which I can't be because too many of my heroes are Jewish

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How are you with animals?

I tend to throw off the wrong vibe for people, but get along with even the iffy animals. Dogs that don't like most people warm to me.

Just wondering how much of that is autism and how much me. My dad hates animals.

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@Uair @actuallyautistic

I feel about nonhuman and human people based on how they treat me -- each individually

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    House GOP drafting Biden impeachment articles over Israel aid cutoff threat

    'The House has no choice but to impeach President ‘Quid pro Joe’ Biden,' says Rep Cory Mills

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    The Russian government warned Ukraine that Ukraine’s new fleet of F-16 fighter jets will be treated as a "nuclear-capable threat" by Russia, and “nuclear-capable threat” is also the nickname Putin has given his tallywacker.

    #russia #ukraine #f16 #NuclearCapableThreat #satire #meme #funny

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    since the Russian attack seems to be whatever wherever they can get away with, talking about any Ukraine used weapon as a specific threat is meaningless

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    ▶ Tom Cotton calls pro-Palestinian protesters at colleges "freaks" comparable to Iranian ayatollahs

    libramoon, avatar


    well, Tom Cotton has always been a freak, so projection

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    U.S. Federal Reserve holds interest rate, saying it will take 'longer than expected' to start cutting

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    because why take that extra interest income from the big lenders?

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    More evidence, as if any were needed, that people have lost their goddamned minds.

    “Oh sure they brutally murdered those women. But did they abuse them? We demand to know!“

    Never mind this was one of the most thoroughly documented atrocities of all time.

    I’m old enough to remember when these Hamas cockroaches sent a 22-y-o kid to blow himself up at a party primarily attended by teenaged Russian Jewish émigrés. (2001) Is there no degradation, no foul act, to which one could not imagine them stooping?

    But credulous American academics want to wash the blood off of their hands. has made these people insane. Or the other way around; can’t say for sure.

    libramoon, avatar


    it's no longer about Hamas atrocities now that Israeli atrocities have more than overwhelmed them -- it's about the innocent people slaughtered and starved as if they were mere pieces on a game board; it's about actual humanity, not them or us

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    Columbia University starts suspending Israel-Hamas war protesters who won't leave encampment

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    do they get their tuition and fees back?

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