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#StandWithIsrael #BringThemHome #StopHamas

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Miro_Collas, to Palestine
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Israel’s war on Gaza live: Israel’s Al-Aqsa curbs risk ‘explosion’ – Jordan | Israel War on Gaza News | Al Jazeera

  • At least 21 Palestinian children have starved to death in Gaza
  • Palestinians killed in Israeli strike on southern Gaza
  • Israeli rights groups slam lack of humanitarian access in Gaza: Report
  • Settler attack causes injuries in occupied West Bank


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@Miro_Collas Seems like it would just be better for everyone involved to surrender and return the hostages.


lukevanin, to random
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Hezbollah is in the FA stage.

They’re about to enter the FO stage.

I have a large bucket here waiting for your jihadi tears.

lukevanin, to random
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>> In a statement late Monday, the service confirmed multiple eyewitness reports that people died and others were injured in the Friday crush, but did not specify the number of victims.

Absolute tragedy as the government restricts food imports into the country.

I am of course referring to the humanitarian crisis unfolding in Nigeria.

Where's the moral outrage?

You don't care if Jews can't be blamed?

Carry on then.


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@RD4Anarchy Alright, so you care as much about the human rights issue in Nigeria as you do about Palestine? Or any other speck of the world for that matter?

Or you only care about Palestinians enough to post pro-jihadi propaganda for some reason?

What is your excuse for quoting Al-Jazeera and no other news source providing an alternative opinion?

raph, to Israel
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The Israeli playbook:

  1. Create a man-made humanitarian crisis
  2. Let in tiny amounts of aid
  3. Shoot at starving people as they scramble to get aid
  4. Tell the world "it's their own fault"
  5. Repeat, over and over again

#Israel #Palestine #Gaza

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@raph You're forgetting (or ignoring) the fact that the UN and UNRWA are responsible for distributing aid in Gaza - not the IDF.

UNRWA a front for Hamas, and wholly incapable of distributing aid.

Israel has long been calling to abolish and replace UNRWA.

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@HeavenlyPossum Likewise with a coward.

If you have something to say then by all means feel free to express your views.

If all you have is insults - maybe you never had a point to begin with - just mindless rage.


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@HeavenlyPossum "Grrrr this person has a point, and I'm too lazy or mentally incompetent to form a rational rebuttal, so I'll hurl my poo. That'll teach them. Free the watermelons!"


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@paninid Show me where the bad Israeli man touched your fruit, bro.

@HeavenlyPossum @raph

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@HeavenlyPossum You mean this hasn't been about watermelons this whole time? Wonder where I got that idea.

"I identify as a watermelon, but don't you dare call me a watermelon."

@paninid @raph

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@paninid "...Had to be..."

Had to?

Already with the death threats for [checks notes] homo eroticism relating to the phrase "free the watermelons"?

Gosh that escalated quickly.

Not that I am in any way surprised.

@HeavenlyPossum @raph

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@paninid Frankly I'm offended that a perfectly innocent and quite delicious fruit has been misappropriated by a deranged death cult.

Maybe, you know, surrender. Come out of your sewers. Return the Israeli babies you have been abusing in your dungeons.

Then we will take you seriously.

@HeavenlyPossum @raph

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@paninid If you're referring to the message which you responded to: That was in response to an insult. I don't take insults seriously, or the people who make them.

If they make a rational argument I can debate them. If all they can do is insult me I see it as permission to taunt them in return.

But I'm always curious to know why someone is making a claim - are they reporting what they know, or are they intentionally ignoring relevant details to promote an agenda.

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@paninid In the case of the convoy relevant details are being ignored. Why did IDF shoot in the first place? Why did they open fire without warning? Was the convoy ambushed? Were there militants? Why did the truck drivers drive over people? Did the shooting happen before or after the stampede? Why was the IDF even there?

None of these questions are considered. The propagandists simply claim the IDF intentionally murdered people.

Anyone who questions these broad claims is <insert insult>.

ginaintheburg, to random
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Christiane Amanpour, a highly respected & reliable journalist, just reported on CNN that Palestinians in #Gaza are so desperate & starving b/c aid trucks have not been able to deliver humanitarian aid they carry b/c Israeli/IDF checkpoints refuse to let them through. This is the reason for swarms of ppl descending on the very few humanitarian aid trucks that are able to make it through.

She also says that any "stampede" was no doubt caused by the #IDF shooting.


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@ginaintheburg This is not remotely credible.

IDF does not restrict the quantity of aid entering Gaza.

There is a backlog of aid in Gaza which UN has not distributed.

>> She also says that any "stampede" was no doubt caused by the shooting.

Why, because "she says"? No thanks.

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Adam_Cadmon1, to random
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I really think the way this administration has handled the war in Gaza is an indication of the generational disconnect in American politics. Biden went in with 1980s thinking in terms of ME policy, while a significant percentage of Americans are more or less up to speed on the situation.

It's going to hurt him.

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@Adam_Cadmon1 A loud minority doesn't necessarily reflect the majority opinion.

People who recognise Jihadi propaganda for what it is aren't protesting in the streets.

The gaza protests are islamic jihadis and gullible idiots who have been conned by TikTok and Al Jazeera.

Biden may try to win the populist vote by turning against Israel after the war - but even democrats realise that there is a need to remove terrorists from Gaza.

Besides, who are they going to vote for - republicans?

glynmoody, to Israel
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death toll set to pass 30,000, as Israel prepares assault on Rafah - https://www.theguardian.com/world/2024/feb/25/gaza-death-toll-set-to-pass-30000-as-israel-prepares-assault-on-rafah "Netanyahu plans attack on city sheltering 1.5m Palestinians, as talks on ceasefire and hostage release deals continue" how long before it's 50,000? 100,000?

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@glynmoody @krans IDF has presented a plan to evacuate civilians from Rafah. Details are forthcoming.


Negotiations are underway for a six week pause in fighting:


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@glynmoody @krans There was mention early on of moving people to 15 temp camps North West of Rafah near the coast line. They will stay in Gaza.


serge, to BBC
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If you want to see the subtle antisemitism of the BBC, here it is on display.

For a story about antisemitism, the headline is "UK antisemitic hate incidents hit new high in 2023, says charity"


It's a claim, a claim to be refuted.

But for a story on Islamophobia, the headline is "Anti-Muslim cases surge in UK since Hamas attacks, charity finds"


"finds" is a statement, a discovery of fact.

The BBC's antisemitism continues.

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@serge BBC’s bias is well known - almost on par with Guardian and Al Jazeera.

I’ve lost count of the number of times BBC has issued apologies and retractions for repeating unverified propaganda from Hamas verbatim.

Yet every statement about Israel is shrouded in doubt and wrapped in disclaimers that its not independently verified. Later as verification emerges the issue is quietly forgotten.

BruceMirken, to random
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“Medical teams have added a new acronym to their vocabulary. WCNSF: wounded child, no surviving family,” he said. “Children who survive this war will not only bear the visible wounds of traumatic injuries but the invisible ones, too — those of repeated displacement, constant fear and witnessing family members literally dismembered before their eyes. These psychological injuries have led children as young as five to tell us they would prefer to die.”


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@NoBeerToday @BruceMirken Did eradicating Nazis create a generation of Germans who hate Britain?

Was the the eradication of Nazis genocide?

Do we tolerate Nazis and give consideration to their ideology and demands?

Do we stand by and watch Nazis murder people, then protest when those victims retaliate?

There are many who disagree.

adachika192, to palestine
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Urgent Action:
Israel Must Ensure Aid Provisions Reach Gaza (Amnesty International)


Prime Minister
Benjamin Netanyahu
Prime Minister's Office
3 Kaplan St. Hakirya91950 Jerusalem, Israel


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@adachika192 >> "there are goods of more than 450 trucks" on the Palestinian side of the Kerem Shalom border crossing between Israel and Gaza, and they are "waiting for the international community organizations to take the goods to be distributed inside Gaza."


UNRWA/Hamas is failing to distribute aid that has reached Gaza. There is excess capacity for aid to pass through the border crossings.


lukevanin, to random
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>> “Hamas is not a terrorist group for us, as you know, it is a political movement.”

>> Griffiths affirmed that the United Nations would not participate in the forced evacuation of Palestinian civilians into safe zones.


According to the UN it’s ok to fire rockets and arms at civilians, burn down houses, execute civilians, kidnap civilians including babies, keep hostages.

According to them it’s also not necessary to evacuate civilians from an active war zone.

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@serge I would not be surprised if the UN doubles down on this stance to discredit the evidence that the UN has been supporting terrorism through UNRWA.

They're changing the definition of terrorism to absolve themselves.

lukevanin, to random
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Interesting channel with content on the Israel / Palestine conflict - as well as more general information about Israel, its history, and its culture. 🇮🇱


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