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This shape certainly beats a triangle (…)

Nature loves triangles.

lysdexic, (edited )

I think it’s not exactly money, but avoiding a scenario where their business can be held hostage by a company which in practice is trying to force them into a commercial license.

Notice that AWS is far from being alone in this move, as the massive support around Valley shows.


Why do you think test times are proportional to coverage rates?

lysdexic, (edited )

When you have 1000+ Cypress tests, for example, it takes time to run, plain and simple.

It’s one thing to claim that tests need time to run.

It’s an entirely different thing to claim that the time it takes to run tests is proportional to test coverage.

More often than not, you have massively expensive and naive test fixtures in place that act as performance boat anchors and are massive bottlenecks. Thousands of tests run instantly if each test takes around a few milliseconds to run. For perspective, the round trip of network request that crosses the world is around a couple of hundreds of milliseconds. A thousand of sequential requests takes only a couple of minutes. If each of your tests takes that long to run, your tests are fundamentally broken.


git switch and git restore were introduced way back in 2019. I don’t think they count as new.

lysdexic, (edited )

Because you’d have to stash your modifications to be able to switch branch.

OP said nothing about stashing, only committing WIP commits to feature branches. I don’t think none of your remarks apply, because if you really need stuff from the WIP commits you can also cherry-pick them or checkout specific files.


Fair enough.


If anything, I thing Stack Overflow replaced Usenet as the source of informal technical advise.

Never heard of Experts Exchange beyond the jokes.

lysdexic, (edited )

can I write modern C++ code using the newer standards and still compile with libraries from older standards?

Short answer: yes.

Longer version: It depends on what compiler suite you’re using. In the end the main requirements are that a) include headers are valid C++ in any of the standards you’re targeting (i.e., don’t expect to build a C++11 project which includes language features introduced in C++20) b) it generates symbols that can be resolved and linked on all binaries.

This should be done as a last resort, though. The problems you might experience won’t be trivial to troubleshoot or common.

how do I even organize a C++ project?

One of the main advantages of C++ is that it does not enforce any project tree layout. It doesn’t even require a specific file type or file extension. You are free to follow what works best for you.

If you want a guideline, that can also be provided. See for example this link:

how do I install dependencies?

C++ does not enforce any dependency resolution system. To keep things simple but debatable, you can give Conan a try.


I’ve never used cmake and have no idea how,

That’s odd. CMake is the de facto standard in C++. Even Visual Studio supports CMake, and perhaps the best IDE for C++, CLion, is basically built around CMake.

What exactly have you been doing in that decade of experience working with C++?


Wtf? How is rust unfun?

The Rusty community itself stated in no uncertain terms that even they believe Rust is already too complex, and the numbers of those expressing that concern are growing every year.…/rust-developers-concerned-about-c…

Honestly if you think rust is unfun I can’t imagine you’ll get along with c++

Please leave that fanboy attitude at the door. It does no one any good.

lysdexic, (edited )

Additionally to note, when doing CMake stuff, it’s generally best to stick to the modern way of doing things

I’d add that the so called Modern CMake is well over a decade old. There is no excuse for people to choose to be miserable.

Personally I prefer calling “Modern CMake” as simply CMake, and the old way of using CMake as “you’re doing it very wrong, invest 5 minutes going through a tutorial.”

lysdexic, (edited )

I think I’m gonna use Bazel anyways

Last time I checked, Bazel barely supported externa libraries and had zero support for shared libraries. Admittedly that’s been a while, but those are pretty basic features to be missing.

IDE integration is also critical, and Bazel has nothing to show for in this regard.

Lastly, most of the benefits that Bazel advertises can be had with CMake by simply switching it’s generator to something like Ninja, which is trivial and supports compiler cache tools such as ccache right out of the box.

lysdexic, (edited )

special treatment for free

They filed a bug report, with a reproducible bug.

Some guides on how to contribute to FLOSS projects even go as far as listing this as one of the main ways to contribute to projects.

But here you are, describing a run-of-the-mill bug report, filed among hundreds of bug reports, in a ticketing system explicitly opened to the public so that everyone and anyone in the world could file bug reports, as a request for “special treatment for free”.

Do you think every single person filing a bug report is asking to be given special treatment for free? Everyone’s bug is very important to them too. What makes you think this case is special or even any different?


That’s not even the issue. Nobody cares that MS is using ffmpeg.

You surely haven’t been paying attention to this thread.

It’s just rude to have as much money as MS does (…)

Seriously? Is this the argument you’re going with?


lysdexic, (edited )

The report of the bug is not the problem.

People in this thread are arguing otherwise.

The prioritization, (…)

Users filing tickets do not prioritize jack shit. That’s not how it works. At best they mention an issue is important to them. Not even in big corporations dealing with internal tickets things work like that. The responsibility of prioritizing work lies on the project owners, exclusively.

and demand that it be fixed quickly (…

Literally what each and every single user affected by a problem asks in their bug reports.

Again, why do you feel this is something that warrants your outrage?

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