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pours you some plum blossom tea

20 y/o, ace, adhd dokkaebi (goblin)
wait does being a dokkaebi have implications of me being a streamer? elaborates no further

unfaithfully chronic reader/writer
has varied but mostly weeb interests
help korean media has consumed me

rambles a lot, a lot
seesaws between infp-t and intp-t
miscellaneous fandom references galore~
will post otome reviews

btw I never had a twitter so I don't know how any of this works

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maehwacha, to random
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Oh to be a cat that plops down and starts scratching cardboard boxes and whatnot

maehwacha, to random
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Saw someone refer to orv as their crushes cult book which they inevitably had to read,,, that's fitting I suppose stifled laughter mixed in with choked sobs this is how I'm going to introduce orv from now: the book that indoctrinated me :ElainaWink:

maehwacha, to Genshin_Impact
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Secured the staff of hp,, now all I need to do is to pull a zhongli and then we'll have all the magical girl adventures I can imagine

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(I need genshin impact stickers here so bad which instance got em I'll make a side account,, my genshin thoughts are few and far between, so I might just start talking abt lovebrush again lmao)

maehwacha, to webcomics
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om nom nom... I've been reading Spirit Queen (okay I can feel the instinctual recoil from anyone that reads , yes, it's a but it's not terrible I promise twt) must say the hashtag system feels weird to use wonder if I can get away with putting in the bottom part of the post in tumblr style..

Anyway its so good what the heck? It's got classic abuse, lineage drama/mystery? royalty bcs obviously. the psychological aspect of it is so delicious I am still foaming over it. It's sorta anti romantic which ugh melts my romance hating heart. Love to see female leads relying on nothing but logick.

The mind games they play. By they I mean both leads! The art is delicious, you can probably eat it. The women!!! Why can't I date one of them qwq this isn't fair, man.

The plot, okay honestly it won't melt the brain of the most seasoned hunter, but I'm just a migratory duck in terms of reading so not only did it melt my brain, it also welded it together. I'm so in love and awe of this piece of work. This webcomic is a rare gem in the landscape.

Dear otome enthusiast, Spirit Queen will not disappoint you in any way

I'm still in the midst of reading it so I'll update when I'm done or if I notice any significant changes :ferntalk:

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@anianimalsmoe uhm actually I've never really used twitter so could you elaborate? Do you mean it's okay to put tags at the bottom?

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@anianimalsmoe thank you sm for giving examples <33 I've got it now

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