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czottmann, to Halo avatar

Dear fellow -heads: I think it's kind of weird how people talk about John-117 on the TV show. I'm not a native speaker by any means, but I think "Master Chief" is a rank, right? As in: Master Chief Petty Officer (MCPO), etc.



In the US military, people who have reached that rank are commonly just referred to as Chief or Master Chief (depending on the branch). Its contextual since there aren't many chiefs. If there are multiple chiefs around, you would refer to them as Chief and their surname.
Chief is an E-9, so there are no more promotions available to him. As @McLustig said, the chief isnt interested in commissioning, and it wouldnt make sense for him to given his role in the USNC.

czottmann, to random avatar

The Chief w/o armor not hesitating to tackle a Sangheili was positively badass


I'll be interested to see how halo 1 plays out in the silver timeline. This is a mess.

languager, to books

@languager @bookstodon this may be my favorite in the franchise!

matth3w, to linux

Does anyone have a good resource to do some research on which I should try next? I've been using / for over 10 years now (daily driving for the most recent year) and i've finally had it with . I'm intrested in other based distros, as well as and , but I'd like a good overview of the major differences.


This is awesome, thank you so much! Fedora was my top result, which is not surprising. I was surprised to see that garuda was not even listed, as it is the other distro I am mainly debating switching to. Does this survey include garuda as an option, or does it just fall under arch?

nixCraft, to gaming avatar

What's one video game you wish you never bought? 🎮


@nixCraft recently, . That game is almost unplayable on due to heavy artifacting.


@darth @nixCraft I'm using an RX 7900 XTX. I'd bet the linux drivers are a big part of the issue.

notjustbikes, to random avatar

After my last 2 videos, I've seen an increase in comments (especially on reddit 🙄) that my "tone" is driving people away, and that I'd be much more successful if I was nicer.

Coincidentally, I've also seen a huge bump in Patreon supporters this month.

I've had an increase in the absolute number of Patreon supporters, but I've also had many people increase their contribution amount, even though I provide no benefits to anyone who does that. 🤔


@notjustbikes new viewer here, your tone is just fine. My only advice for you is to delete reddit 😄

fell, to gaming avatar

Halo: Master Chief Collection is an absolute broken mess

Last weekend, I picked up the Master Chief Collection from the Steam sale with a friend. We wanted to play through Halo 1 again, but it was completely unplayable.

You can't always join another player's session.
Occasionally, nothing happens when starting a mission.
On certain missions the game just completely freezes.
At certain points the game locks up leaving you unable to move.

It's just awful.

@gaming @gaming @gaming


@fell @gaming @gaming @gaming
That sucks. I know other people that have tons of issues with it too, but halo MCC has worked great for me the past few years.

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