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Order of interest:

1️⃣ My wife and my daugthers
2️⃣ My dog
3️⃣ Music (listening and composing)
4️⃣ To Read

I have no opinions but they are my own.

And if I follow you, it is because I find your posts valuable or want to try but you do not have to follow back, I might not have something interesting for you.

French and English

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michaelmathy, to random
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@ploum Hello. Je viens de finir Printeurs, c'était impeccable, très chouette lecture.
Mais il n'y aura pas Scanneurs ou c'est prévu pour plus tard ?

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@ploum oui, le livre se suffit à lui même.
Je vais continuer avec Omega 3000.

NotPatrick, to random French
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Combien de temps d’écran par jour pour vos enfants pendant ces vacances ? Soyez honnêtes, le père Noël saura si vous mentez.

Donnez l’âge aussi, tant qu’à faire.

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@loic @NotPatrick par jours ?

nyandzette, to random French
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Bon, bien sûre je suis un peu déçue, j'aurais tellement aimé faire ça aujourd'hui... 😇

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@nyandzette Est ce qu'il avait été prévenu que c'était journée aspirateur ? Non ? Alors légalement, il est tout à fait dans son droit !

mastodonmigration, to random
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If both @dangillmor and @dangoodin are telling you to follow new Mastodon arrival Chris Bing, then you had better follow @Bing_Chris!

Oh, and if you somehow don't follow the two Dan's, get on that too!

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Gargron, to random
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My life is so dominated by discussions of how Mastodon can be improved that it's really refreshing to hear about what people like. Thanks @dangillmor!

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@Gargron @dangillmor

  • you make me see social network not as a waste of time anymore.
  • it is really people talking to people.
  • you make me pay 8 € per month with a smile while paying 8 € for the blue is a theft
  • everything is working wonderfully well for me
  • I had some bugs that I have reported in GitHub and I know you manage everything with the correct priority.

It is really a good job and I just wished I discovered it earlier.

taylorlorenz, to random
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Huge thanks to everyone who came out to my reading at Book Soup tonight in LA and helped make my book a national bestseller!!!!

Get your copy today: https://www.extremelyonlinebook.com/


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Done ! Just bought.

renchap, to random
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If you wanted to sponsor Mastodon but could not use Patreon, you can now do it through Github Sponsors!


Tiers & Goals are not yet well defined, but we will improve this soon and add it to the website.

Thanks for all of you that are helping the project, YOU are the one making this network possible ❤️

This money goes to paying the various people working on the core software, as well as the official iOS and Android clients.

More donation options: https://joinmastodon.org/sponsors

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@renchap Hello ! Je suis sur Patreon mais d'après ce que tu dis dans d'autres commentaires, c'est plus intéressant pour vous que j'utilise GitHub ? ou cela revient au même ?

@michaelmathy@mastodon.online avatar

@renchap Oh, moi, du moment que je peux payer et que vous ne soyez pas trop "ponctionné", cela me va :-)

chris, to random
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@chris @hosford42 @asbestos

And in french, "fediverse" is almost pronounced as "faits divers" which means "miscellaneous facts".

JamesGleick, to random
@JamesGleick@zirk.us avatar

Do you have friends who STILL haven’t left the twitter? This might be what they need.

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@JamesGleick thanks !

And thanks @chrlschn for the article

ptl, to random French
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  • michaelmathy,
    @michaelmathy@mastodon.online avatar

    @ptl on est super gentil !!!

    @michaelmathy@mastodon.online avatar


    Je pense que c'était celui là pour moi.

    Dans mon souvenir, ils étaient dans un cube mais le résumé indiqué que c'est un cylindre.


    kurtseifried, to random

    Does anyone have a list of trusted User-Agents for various monitoring services that are likely to be enabled to bypass WAF rules, like "Better Uptime Bot Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/74.0.3729.169 Safari/537.36" https://betterstack.com/community/questions/whitelisting-better-stack-ip-cloudflare/

    There's a few like https://github.com/matomo-org/device-detector/blob/master/Tests/fixtures/bots.yml but I assume there is much much more?

    @michaelmathy@mastodon.online avatar

    @kurtseifried it is strange in Betterstack documentation that they do not ask to add the IP address in the same rule than for the user agent.
    Also, if I were a monitoring tool developer, I would allow the tool to edit the user agent to put a secret key in it, no ?

    kurtseifried, to random

    All the sponsored links on Amazon appear to be scams now. Eg shopping for headphone adapters ajd the verified purchase reviews and for hard drives in Spain.

    Review for a hard drive

    @michaelmathy@mastodon.online avatar

    @kurtseifried to avoid all the sponsored one, I usually sort either by price or by average customer review.
    Otherwise as you said, it starts to become really useless.

    CorentinLamy, to random French
    @CorentinLamy@mastodon.social avatar

    Concernant mon dernier thread, rappelons le travail fou, digne d'un Internet Archive français, d'Abandonware-Magazines, sur lequel on peut trouver les couvs et souvent les contenus d'un nombre démentiel de magazines de jeux vidéo francais

    @michaelmathy@mastodon.online avatar

    @CorentinLamy woaw ! Ils ont aussi l'ordinateur individuel. De quoi revoir des souvenirs de jeunesse et essayer de retrouver l'article sur le micro ordinateur "New Brain" et le journaliste avait dit que c'était une idiote toute la mémoire qu'il y avait dedans et qu'on ne parviendrait jamais à la remplir.
    La mémoire à l'époque était de 2 mb .....

    Gend4r, to random French
    @Gend4r@piaille.fr avatar

    Je suis en train d’écouter Une Colonie de Hugh Howey et le prémice est plutôt cool.

    500 embryons sont envoyés pour coloniser une nouvelle planète. Ils doivent se développer et apprendre durant le trajet. Mais patatra! Une explosion et ils se retrouvent à seulement 60, adolescents et avec un apprentissage incomplet. Et l’IA qui devait les aider semble avoir des projets bien à elle.

    @michaelmathy@mastodon.online avatar

    @Gend4r @Niko_Silk je donnerai mon avis 😀

    C'était tellement bien résumé que j'ai eu envie de le lire 😀

    ptl, to random French
    @ptl@diaspodon.fr avatar


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  • michaelmathy,
    @michaelmathy@mastodon.online avatar

    @ptl Joli ! Impérial même !

    seachanger, to random
    @seachanger@alaskan.social avatar

    I know mastodon has issues, I know the fediverse is basically a prototype of what it could be. I know it’s annoying when people are snobby about masto despite its faults.

    But for real, if we want this shit to succeed, we’ve got to also love what is good here and be growing it. That doesn’t mean yelling about how all other social media sites suck. It means focusing on what we’re getting right here, listening carefully to complaints, and putting a little energy into solving problems

    @michaelmathy@mastodon.online avatar

    @Zeb_Larson @seachanger I really love that Mastodon is mainly real people doing or sayings real things without the need to have to sell something.
    For as long as I am here, it is really refreshing and relaxing.
    So unless, if suddenly, everybody that I follow is leaving, it is already a success for me.

    VinceAggrippino, to javascript
    @VinceAggrippino@techhub.social avatar

    console.table() works fine in
    I'm not sure why I thought it might not 😅

    @michaelmathy@mastodon.online avatar

    @VinceAggrippino oh cool ! Did not know that existed.

    amadeus, (edited ) to techno
    @amadeus@mstdn.social avatar

    I love my . @quodlibet is perfect for maintaining a large collection imho. I constantly tweak , normalize filenames, adjust replay gain, etc. and listen to exactly the music I want. For example, sometimes I feel like with , no problem. Sometimes I want , done. 😜 I might make a video about my setup in the near future simply because I enjoy it so much. ☺️ In the meantime, what do you prefer, local or for ?

    @michaelmathy@mastodon.online avatar

    @amadeus @macberg I mainly use Spotify for the convenience, the "has everything" experience but pay on Bandcamp when interested in an album.

    CorentinLamy, to retrocomputing French
    @CorentinLamy@mastodon.social avatar

    Oh mais j'y pense, je vous ai pas encore abreuvés, sous Mastodon, de ma collection de vieux jeux PC 🤓

    De passage chez mes parents où elle est stockée je vais pouvoir vous montrer ça, je commence par ce Caesar II que je viens juste de recevoir.

    Un jeu que j'ai jamais possédé mais que j'ai poncé chez un copain, son "Plebes are needed" me hante encore.

    #Retrocomputing #retrogaming #90s #caesar #bigbox #PCgaming

    Le verso et l'intérieur de la boîte. On y voit la notice et le boîtier du CD.

    @michaelmathy@mastodon.online avatar

    @CorentinLamy @mar_lard pirater un jeu qu'on a acheté, c'est de la copie privée, c'est bon 😀

    rudiev, to random

    Ok, has some work to do on their iOS app. My downloaded music doesn’t stay downloaded. Tried to play a playlist at work (no Wi-Fi) and it said I needed to download it again. Huh??? Why would I need to repeatedly download my music? That’s called streaming lol.

    @michaelmathy@mastodon.online avatar

    @jcrabapple @rudiev should be a bug. Best is to contact the Bandcamp support.
    On android, download are permanent.

    gulovsen, to mastodon
    @gulovsen@mastodon.social avatar

    Maybe it’s just me or who I follow but I’m starting to get the sense that a lot of the newer (i.e., Class of Nov 2022 and later) users here are finally getting comfortable enough and really making #Mastodon their home. It’s a total vibe thing based on what I’m seeing over the past few days/weeks. Anyone else feeling that?

    @michaelmathy@mastodon.online avatar

    @mastodonmigration @gulovsen

    I am from Class 2022 ! 😀

    And it was as if I changed school. I knew nobody, I tried to have some friends changed also. They did but then left and I found other people that post content that I want to read and from which I learn something.

    I really like mastodon and the fact that it is people talking to people.

    markwyner, to KindActions
    @markwyner@mas.to avatar

    This is my favorite way to work. My career is a privilege. I try to be mindful of just how fortunate I am.

    @michaelmathy@mastodon.online avatar

    @markwyner for almost one year, I had to find the perfect place for my chair before I started to work because she would monopolize the foot of my chair and I could not move anymore.

    Now, she does not do that anymore but she understands "thanks good by " at the end of a remote meeting and jumps to play.

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