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mekkaokereke, to random
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H/T to Kelsey Trainor, for pointing out that
the women's college basketball finals today will get north of 14 million viewers... but will still not be aired in a primetime viewing slot.

One of the most watched sports events of the past decade! More than NBA finals. More than MLB world series. More than NHL Stanley cup finals. And they can't get a primetime slot?

This didn't just suddenly happen. The audience has been building for years. Last year was a huge indicator.

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@mekkaokereke selfishly, as someone who grew up in Iowa and is a huge Hawkeyes fan, but I now live in Barcelona, I am grateful for this! I got a VPN and set my alarm to wake up and watch the semifinal at 3:30am Friday/Saturday, but it was rough.
On a Sunday a daytime slot isn’t a bad time.

obrien_kat, to random
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Finished this book last night: “The Great Escape - A True Story of Forced Labor and Immigrant Dreams in America.”
I really recommend it; it’s well-written and the author, Saket Soni, is an Indian-born, at one time undocumented (like his subjects) immigrant who was the organizer that got their case through and ultimately a significant level of justice (though many perpetrators didn’t face consequences).

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My dad spent 40+ years working for the U.S. Department of Labor, Wage & Hour, investigating violations of wages and working conditions, so things like this are close to my heart.
It’s vile to prey on people seeking a better life by lying to them, entrapping them and endangering their lives while keeping them in horrible conditions so you get cheap labor. Happy that most of these men ultimately got trafficking visas & were able to bring their families, but that’s not the norm.
#books #bookstodon

obrien_kat, to Barcelona
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Things you glimpse when paying attention to surroundings.
#barcelona #architecture #arquitectura

obrien_kat, to random
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Thinking about just how huge an impact it is for a cargo ship to hit a bridge. The ship that struck the Key Bridge weighed 135K tons loaded on recent stops DALI Shipments and Manifests - IMO 9697428.
For reference, the Empire State Bldg is 365K tons.


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@mlawton exactly. Having just visited the Panama Canal last month, I found it fascinating and awe-inducing the size of ships up close and the process.

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@mlawton oh wow, that sounds like a really interesting read. You’d recommend it?
I also loved flying overhead the next day en route to Costa Rica. I had a window seat with a view for ships as they crossed the canal and the lake at the middle. Here are some pics. I thought the one where you see the giant ship with 3 small pleasure boats ahead of it was wild, can’t imagine being on one of those boats.

A cruise ship going thru Panama Canal
Ships going thru Panama Canal from overhead
Ships in the lake between Panama Canal passages

mlawton, to random
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50th birthday today. I wish I had some hard-earned wisdom to share, discovered in so many laps around the sun. The truth is I’m still figuring things out myself.

An animation of the earth orbiting the sun. The earth makes a full circuit in a counterclockwise orbit. Upon closer inspection, the earth itself is roasting on its axis.

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@mlawton happy belated!!!

obrien_kat, to Smoking
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The NCAA really doesn’t want fans in Europe. Not only can I not find any way to watch March Madness from Spain, I couldn’t do brackets on most sites (did on ESPN and my family will have to cross-compare).
It’s probably my 4th-least favorite thing about living here (No. 1, 2 and 3 are all the same, cigarette smoking is much more common and smoke really bothers me).
#MarchMadness #smoking #europe

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@mlawton @obrien_kat this was just to do a bracket, not even to stream! I’m not really surprised streaming isn’t available as college basketball isn’t popular at all in Europe, but that their site can’t handle basic GDPR of an email address?

obrien_kat, to ads
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This ad is really smart and well-done, challenging our assumptions about what people with Down Syndrome can do, and maybe that our assumptions are limiting them (surely true in many other cases too).


#downsyndrome #ads #assumptions

obrien_kat, to Law
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This is a starkly disturbing analysis by Carlos Lozada on the Heritage Foundation’s “Project 2025,” which if Trump wins would seek to unconstitutionally concentrate power, sharply cutting checks & balances across 3 branches of government, & entrench ideology.
It seeks to politicize all areas of government, spouting empty words about a need to “dismantle the administrative state” while actually seeking to make it dictatorial.

#democracy #law #government #GiftLink


obrien_kat, to random
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Hot take: grosser than taking your shoes off on a flight is following it by putting your feet against window and poking person in front of you with your feet.
Asqueroso 🤮
#etiquette #manners

mlawton, to running
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Cold wind tonight, but it tired before I did and then all was quite pleasant.

Happy to say the extra day of rest allowed the leg pain I’d been experiencing the last couple of days to subside. No idea what caused it, but good riddance!


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@mlawton glad it went better last night!

protecttruth, to random
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This is about Sonia Sotomayor and it is scary as hell.

We are all talking about Biden’s age now. But if Sotomayor dies or is incapacitated at the wrong time, there is no good succession plan! Ezra Klein should be on this.
She should step down now.

Reporting on sotomayor’s health

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@protecttruth not now, because they wouldn’t vote on new candidates until after election. We’ve seen this before.

obrien_kat, to Palestine
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It’s devastating to read of families trying to survive on weeds and animal feed in Gaza. 💔

And yes, of course bring all the hostages home and Hamas is evil, but I don’t remember when we were trying to kill or capture Osama Bin Laden, people en masse acting like it was fine if everyone in Afghanistan was collateral damage.

#gaza #palestine

obrien_kat, to Battlemaps
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Getting away from it all in the San Blas Islands - specifically Sena Tunika (Franklin Island) - in Panamá.
I know the saying is that time heals all things/wounds, but I think the sea heals everything.
#sea #mar #sanblas #panama

A swing over the sea in San Blas Islands
Water splashing on the choppy boat ride to the islands
Turquoise sea.

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@mlawton @obrien_kat i adore the sea! This was extra special as it was almost completely off-grid (a signal would come in weakly every now and again), and the island was like 150 meters long so you’re just surrounded by water, beautiful turquoise water! The San Blas Islands are really peaceful, in many ways separate from Panama and run by the Kuna communities.

mlawton, to running
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When it’s below freezing, the “chill” in “windchill” undersells it. Windfreeze? We need better terminology so that I can express just how much the wind made me suffer!

Still though! (Honestly, it was just my face that bore the brunt of the cold!) 🥶💨

I did enjoy a very pretty “winter halo” around the moon. I’m not wholly sure, but I think that’s perhaps the Pleiades hanging around next to it.

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@mlawton still in shorts?! 😱

obrien_kat, to Life
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Celebrating the life of my Aunt Eileen, my dad’s oldest sister and also my godmother.


A public school English teacher for 40+ years, almost all in Milwaukee; she was an active volunteer, supporter of community & school programs, worked in security & as Director of Drivers at Summerfest; and an avid traveler, visiting countries from China to Switzerland to Egypt & often visiting NYC for Broadway shows.
#life #death

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When we would have big family gatherings at holidays on my grandma’s farm, she would be up hours before anybody else, corral the kids to get ready for trips to the library or fitness center or swimming pool in town (sometimes in her convertible). If I said I was bored, she told me that “boring people get bored, so I must be boring” (I learned from that and am almost never bored).
(In pics, I’m the older kid looking mischievous)
#family #life #death


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One story told last night by the director of Project Concern, a food pantry she volunteered at: a few years ago, she told him she had to stop volunteering for health reasons (cancer treatment plus Parkinson’s). 14 months later, one morning he arrived and she was there. She had never turned in her key. He knew she was not one for fuss or sentimentality, so simply asked what she was doing. She said, peeling potatoes. And that was that, she volunteered a few days a week until the week she died.

obrien_kat, to Dogs
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Sometimes you just have to take a break, even if on a corner along Fifth Ave
🐶 😅
#dogs #dogsofmastodon

obrien_kat, to nyc
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Back in NYC for a few days. Went to get coffee at my old spot in the neighborhood I had lived in. Bradley Cooper lives on that block but I never saw him in the years I lived there. Passed him today, and yes, looks as good as in the movies. Should’ve invited him to join the running group I was going to meet 💁🏼‍♀️

Running group in nyc

obrien_kat, to random
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Something we should pay close attention to: Bukele, El Salvador & the rise/return of strongmen (Ruth Ben-Ghiat) around the world. High rates of crime & economic distress open way for people to accept or even clamor for anti-democratic measures that ignore the rule of law.


#authoritarianism #democracy #violence #elsalvador

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This book is excellent: well-written, full of historic comparison and analysis, extremely concise and packs a punch.
My highest recommendation.
#autocracy #democracy #government

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