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This summer.

One man… will rewrite history as we know it.

That man’s name………

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Right? Give me a Saturday that feels like a 15 year vacation. That might help with burnout.

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The devs said they’re adding in this in an upcoming release. I think I even saw a Pull Request for it on GitHub today.

Alpha Release [v0.3.0]: Modlogs, mod reports, and more customizations! (github.com)

Hey everyone, its been a while but it’s finally time for another Thunder release. As always, there have been many improvements, additions, changes and fixes in this release which should make for a even better Thunder experience. If you have any suggestions or feedback, feel free to discuss it in the Thunder community or on...

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Awesome! Thanks for your continued work!

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Clearly your son saw the mug, and took it personally.

Sorry for your loss though. My favorite mug broke one time as well. It hurts.

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Not bad. Usual work stuff. But I’ve also entered a conceptualization phase of possibly starting my own business. I just had a logo made, and I’m digging it.

I'm curious: what makes people downvote a post here?

I noticed before that some of the entries got downvoted, and I thought it must be people thinking the image doesn’t fit the song (and even that doesn’t seem fair given the rules), but I’m seeing that some of these are downvoted even before we know what song it is. So I’m curious, what makes people see an entry and...

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Some people just want to watch the world burn.

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There’s virtually no sex or violence in Ms. Rachel, which is about the only show that hits my TV by request of my toddler.

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