Football (#NUFC and #nonleague), music including #ACDC and #Smiths (not Morrissey solo) and #HMHB, astronomy, films including Star Wars (original trilogy mostly), old arcade games, all views my own obvs. Proud to live in Batley & Spen.

Happy to boost nice photos I see on here.

Mostly not here to talk about politics: Corbynistas & people who call Keir Starmer “Keith” will get muted.

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connel, to NUFC avatar

Some interesting tactical tweaks so far, Tripps inverting a lot and when he does Burn comes across to make a 3. Bruno playing further forward with Miley much deeper. Good start where we're actually controlling the game for the first time in a while.


@connel he must get destroyed by Gordon in training.


@connel Dubravka would run past Dan Burn.


@connel red card for me. Commentator saying it should be a yellow is on drugs.

TheMetalDog, to HeavyMetal avatar

@alexanderhay @TheMetalDog until after it’d screwed it.

pixiepippi, to random
zeratul2099, to retrogaming avatar

This is the latest addition to my VCS collection. The nice thing of collecting these is, that most of them are pretty cheap. I was surprised that some of the games came in a box. Especially the huge Star Raiders box, which contained another surprise. No need to complain for 16€. But I will cover that in a separate post.

A Realsports Soccer box
A Star Raiders box
A Othello box


@zeratul2099 The surprise being the controller that you need to play the game?


@zeratul2099 good going. I got one new back in the 80s when they were cheap. Starmaster is pretty much the same game but has better graphics and uses the Color/BW switch to access the map instead of needing an extra controller.
If you want a huge challenge Solaris, the follow up to Star Raiders takes a long while to complete.
Longer than I have the patience for anyway!

Beclfc, to random

As usual, the Prime Minister is in touch with the common people.


@Beclfc about 12x his salary as PM, hmmm.

Schnuckster, to random avatar

Oh God. Whiny twats. 'Everybody changes, and I want my mum'. 🙄


@Schnuckster Take That?


@Schnuckster they’re quite poor, what I’ve heard. Like a diluted Coldplay. Which is really saying something.

Schnuckster, to random avatar

Used my Speedy's full English to try and understand American politics.


@Schnuckster you’re forgetting the Supreme Court, lifelong appointees who are completely political and their make up is largely determined by which party was in govt the last time one popped their clogs.
Given the way they are “rule of law” doesn’t quite cover them, they’re more “skewed interpretation of ancient law to further their personal agenda”.


@Schnuckster American bacon is vile, that should represent Trump.

philheppenstall, to random

Today’s listening while I work:

“Walls have ears” an official release of an old bootleg live album by Sonic Youth.

Doony, to Travel

It’s our 5th wedding anniversary next month, and we’ve booked a weekend away to Prague.
Neither of us has been there before, so now we’re going to do some research to find the places to see


@Doony Czeching it out?

philheppenstall, to random
Beclfc, to random

Why does the word 'sorry' trip easily of some people's tongues and yet others can't even mumble the word?


@Beclfc people who say it a lot don’t mean it, people who never say it wouldn’t mean it if they did say it.


@Beclfc I use it sparingly. I try to minimise the things that I might have to say sorry for.

BlackAzizAnansi, to random avatar

What's the most unhinged children's television show that you grew up watching?


@BlackAzizAnansi Mr Noseybonk. Didn’t actually watch him though.

philheppenstall, to Funny
Schnuckster, to random avatar

Give it to Big Sam till the end of the season? ⚽️

BBC News - Zelensky sacks Ukraine's commander-in-chief Valerii Zaluzhnyi


@Schnuckster looks like a fat Darren Gough.

philheppenstall, to random

A couple of weeks in jail would have been better imho.

Fine and banning order isn’t much of a deterrent.


auditorymusings, to music avatar

Crowded House with the Star Wars vibes on their Apple Music landing page 😂


@auditorymusings more like Dr Who.

MargaretSefton, to random avatar

As an old lady, I have to remind myself that not everyone wants to talk to me. Some seem to welcome it and seem to relax, like the beleaguered parents in the Target line yesterday whose four-year-old girl wanted all the candy because it was her birthday as well as the tired cashier with the fantastic earrings. Some not so much? Or it just depends? A man and dog lover walking his dog before my porch: We greet each other frequently but maybe it's disconcerting when someone is behind a screen? lols


@MargaretSefton “old lady” is an exaggeration I think btw haha.


@MargaretSefton as I often say “only thing worse than getting old is not getting old!”

Long_live_rock_n_roll, to music avatar

Remember any genre just join in


@Long_live_rock_n_roll "In The Kingdom " by Sonic Youth.

Or “Highway to hell” which is much more obvious!

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