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cloud-native employee working on the Datadog continuous profiler; collects rare UUIDs

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anderseknert, to random
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When was the last time you unstared a GitHub repo? πŸ™ƒ

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@anderseknert probably terraform, consul

pmbauer, to NixOS
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and doesn't need saving.

Di4na, to random
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Well, I finally have data to back my model of the software world out there. And the data is relatively solid and shows what I keep saying.

You are all on our turf now. Please accept that you have no idea what you are talking about. Sit down. Listen. Ask questions.

But respect our work. We are trying to keep the world running, 1h per month.


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@Di4na smashing 77% open source with 60% unpaid maintainers to get 46% of code is hobbyist maintained is not revelatory, it's just bad math. The output distribution for OSS contributors is highly skewed toward those that can work on it full time.

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@Di4na I have read them. The Synopsys and Tidelift reports don't share your conclusion. You pulled numbers from each, smashed them together in a dodgy way and made a poor conclusion.

"So, nearly 60% of all code being actively shipped in an app or product in the wild is hobbyist-maintained open-source."

That's simply not supported by the reports you cited.
Look, I'm all for paying OSS maintainers. But in a piece where you tell people to sit down and shut up, maybe have more sound conclusions.

pmbauer, to random
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The /liblzma attack commentary is a giant Rorschach test: people that hate systemd, infosec people worried about supply chain attacks*, people worried about mental health, people worried about OSS sustainability - this story really has everything.

*where is your SBOM g-d now? hmm?

pmbauer, to random
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Would you like to use Touch ID on Mac OS to unlock sudo? With ?


pmbauer, to random
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aarch64 and x86_64 please. Really. Use amd64 and arm64 and we can't be friends.

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@mxk only if you use it to establish dominance. Then okay.

pmbauer, to random
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GOTO isn't that harmful.

pmbauer, to random
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Oh good gosh. Now I have to cancel ? And it's not even something Kagi did. They just aren't sufficiently compliant with the group think boycott. Kagi search is actually good and the internet needs a paid, ad free search service to succeed. A self congratulatory virtue-signaling cancel isn't helping anyone.

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