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audio poetess - audio sculptress : sound - position - composition - posting work, process & thoughts on politics & public space

#unlisteningwhitefeminism #soundasgrowing #feministsonictechnologies #sonicwilderness #hopelesshyperforest #extinctionstories #extinctionroom #dissidentova #arachnesound #dchmvrbndngcnnctn #sonicwritingsoundings


since 2018

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poemproducer, to india
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uh cool, india kicked back hindu-fascist auth vibes and democracy- coexistence won, it seems, yippi, it's work but it works


poemproducer, to israel
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Exposing Israel’s secret ‘war’ on the ICC – podcast - Today in Focus | Podcast on Spotify @israel


poemproducer, to random
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me still list-ening

resources on listening, emphasis from non-western writers, practicioners


b9AcE, to random
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USA's pier to land humanitarian aid in the Gaza Strip of Palestine... has collapsed, due to waves.

Who could have guessed there could be waves on the Mediterranean Sea? Toootally unexpected.


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@b9AcE karma

poemproducer, to random
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I want to study more about #consciousness

send me your favs!!!

have read Damasio!

starting here, for leads

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poemproducer, to israel
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The State of the Israeli Psyche and Society w/ Ori Goldberg



poemproducer, to indonesia
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“I want to be more radical, but I can’t”

Indonesian lawyer and activist Tiza Mafira on the frustrating expectation that she’ll silence her feelings in the name of professionalism

#indonesia @indonesia


poemproducer, to architecture
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on architecture, material choice and power



poemproducer, to random
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Don’t stop talking about Palestine
by Radio Fantasia

contains my track


poemproducer, to sudan
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poemproducer, to architecture
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dear architects , please plan isolation into the floors of schools

insanity omg


poemproducer, to random
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"The system of ethnic oppression and hierarchies perfectly outlived the Soviet Union and exists within the Russian Federation nowadays. Exactly as during the Soviet era and before, during Czarist Russia, the oppression forms a hierarchic society with the racially oppressed representatives of the colonized nations. The word nyerussky (literally: “non-Russian”) is essential for understanding this concept."

Russia’s Hidden Colonialism:
By Sergej Sumlenny | 2024


poemproducer, to random
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Sound: 13.7 billion years ago

Sound has its origin far back in time, not long after the disappointingly silent Big Bang. In fact, sound waves formed as soon as there was a medium for them, which was 300,000 years after the beginning of everything, and thirteen billion years before there was anyone to listen.”

Excerpt From: Mike Goldsmith. “Sound: A Very Short Introduction”


poemproducer, to socialism
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for academics, political science, peer reviewed research 🧐 folks: in history, are there examples where strategic alliance with right wing forces have brought liberation or even more left worlds, understanding humans have not realised socialism @politicalscience #socialism

poemproducer, to random
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never the same


poemproducer, to israel
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The Failures of an American Muslim and Jewish Dialogue - New Lines Magazine

@palestine @israel


poemproducer, to iran
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super heavy crack down on women in #Iran again @iran

do something if you can

poemproducer, to random
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Over the first weekend in May, Reveil will make a 24+1 hour loop of the earth, travelling on live feeds from streamers around the world at daybreak. Each stream adds to the detail and diversity of the mix.
We welcome your streams for the 10th edition of Reveil!

#radio #call #steams

poemproducer, to iran
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therightarticle, to random
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“Unleashed: Israeli settlers rampage through West Bank villages, kill two people, injure dozens” https://mondoweiss.net/2024/04/unleashed-israeli-settlers-rampage-through-west-bank-villages-kill-two-people-injure-dozens/

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poemproducer, to anthropology
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Andrej Grubačić: In Praise of Agnotology: The Politics of Knowledge in Democratic Modernity 2023



poemproducer, to random
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in-depth piece about the extensive military ties between Israel and Singapore. these ties go back decades to when the IDF helped Singapore establish their military. and Israeli companies have parked lots of financial assets in Singapore


poemproducer, to politicalscience
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we should strengthen, revise, build more layered, useful, juster institutions, been thinking about the UN and UNSC, there should be more weight in decision power for reginal local people and maybe ethical councils and more enforcement, who builds these?


eric, to IsraelPalestine

#Lavender is traditionally used in France to reduce the moth population.

Only a small proportion of French Jews emigrate to #IsraelPalestine. These Binationals are subject to compulsory military service.

This army prepared and launched the first #AIWar in 2021: https://techhub.social/@estelle/111510965384428730

A development team has designed a more efficient product, which a Frenchman has suggested calling Lavander: https://techhub.social/@estelle/112220409975979758 @palestine

#humour #innovation #techBros #ethics #Gospel #tech #AIEthics #AI

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