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He was connecting with nature during maths


I subscribe to the multi Santa theory


How do you decide which species it is appropriate to slaughter?

The ones that taste the best, taste is an excellent guide to what’s good for us, sugar and cocaine aside

Can humanity come to a consensus on which species it is ok to slaughter?

No chance. Cow is my favourite food, but is sacred in India. Wombat was a favourite food of indigenous Australians, but modern Aussies wouldn’t dream of killing one

If we can’t come to a consensus, who gets to decide? Is it appropriate to let individuals decide the fate of species?

Region by region. I won’t eat dog, but I don’t complain when the Chinese do. When we decide an animal is good food, that animal gets far higher population than it would in the wild

I’m not actually a vegetarian but I like trying to understand other views.

Me too. I thought this place with its large population of presumably vegans would be a good one to talk with them

Maybe on another world, creatures like us are lower on the food chain and get slaughtered like how we slaughter turkeys. Would you ask the creatures on the top of that food chain to stop? How would you convince them?

I have read that book, Sherrie Tepper - family tree (if I recall correctly)

We have that here. Australian indigenous in the north are occasionally preyed upon by crocodiles. I’m not going to tell those people to act differently and I don’t think one can negotiate with crocodiles.

Star trek did it too, in the Discovery series, with one of the crew being a refugee from a planet where a genuinely sentient creature is farmed by more powerful creatures

I presume humans would try to change the aliens though, I’ll leave it to the philosophers to work out whether we should, but my feeling is we shouldn’t disturb them


We (humans in general) have not had to hunt animals unarmed for more than a hundred thousand years. We had bows, spears, spear throwers

Before that, before we were homo sapiens, we probably scavenged other animals’ kills, smashing the animal’s skull in with a rock to get at the brain

We know humans were predators by examining the bones of old skeletons. You can tell by the isotopes the bones are made of what the person ate - plants, animals, seaweed, fish, shellfish

But the main thing that makes me certain we are made to eat meat is that you can die from eating too much sugar, you can’t eat too much meat or fat your body tells you to stop. The current epidemic of diabetes shows that there is no stop signal for sugar


Apparently perfect nutrition, for example by eating enough meat, gives your children +5"

That doesn’t explain enough


When I had a kid at home who liked one piece I learnt that the show has no end. You can watch it while you want to and you’ll get a little story progression. You don’t need to start at the start, you don’t need to watch to the non existent end

It was fun to watch the first twenty or so episodes then jump to the current state (current state circa 2007)


You’re using the wrong soap in your shower

Polish Hackers Repaired Trains the Manufacturer Artificially Bricked. Now The Train Company Is Threatening Them (

In one of the coolest and more outrageous repair stories in quite some time, three white-hat hackers helped a regional rail company in southwest Poland unbrick a train that had been artificially rendered inoperable by the train’s manufacturer after an independent maintenance company worked on it. The train’s manufacturer is...


I think this one might go well. Company preventing a country’s trains from being serviced by a third party. I expect that train builder has already tanked their business, but it would be an interesting one to be litigated, the sort of case that can get the law changed


This is the sort of case that can fix it


I feel like train operators will have heard of this, and will not be accepting that company’s tenders


You can can in a pot, you’re just unable to pressure can


Surely 1 when landing a plane indicates a go around


And IBM asked for Microsoft to do the operating system because they had just survived an anti trust trial, and didn’t dare release a system with their own OS for fear of reigniting the anti trust case

Otherwise PCs would have shipped with Unix


Unix ran on weaker hardware than the 80286. Unix is old


The biggest advantage of ranked choice is that it allows third (… tenth) party votes

It’s also more fun television, watching as candidates come last and their votes flow


ACT is unicameral, and I don’t think we’re the only ones


It would be vanishingly rare to have a tie. If three are left, one will have gotten the fewest votes and their votes would be divided between the two remaining according to the preference of the voter, leading to one of them winning


That’s effecting change

Effecting in this case means making

If you affect something you change it, you can affect the trajectory of a ball

It’s the odd one in the affect/effect series


When I was young I missed so many signals (though I dare anyone to understand the signals sent by a teen tomboy) I married the woman whose first move was a hug

After being married, then after being divorced and too broken to date then I saw every signal, but they all quietened down (or I was missing them) when I was ready to date again

Some non-signals are pretty bold though - at a recent music festival a woman wanted to kiss every man present. I’m not up for cheating so I dodged her

She wasn’t out on the hunt, she was on ecstasy


Am I to believe that a sled froze these peas?


The steak fried by bacon is so much better

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