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I live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA and I occasionally make things and post stuff online. Blogging since 1997 and can't seem to stop. Please enjoy these wonderful links to other places:

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Mine too! And I still have it almost 40 years later.

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I'd also love some insight! What kind of markers, any notes on the technique?

If you're selected for jury duty (US), should you give up your anonymous social media accounts?

I have old Facebook and Twitter accounts, maybe some others. I’m old so there’s a MySpace account out there. But I’ve mostly been using reddit the last decade or so, and have migrated to Lemmy. Now, Lemmy is the only social media i use. Recent news got me thinking about this question.

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What if you are a heavy social media user, and the person on trial is a heavy social media user? Should they not get a jury of their peers?

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Attention to detail is everything! ;)

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I do have an old metal container on a kitchen shelf as decor, and I sort of wish I had drawn that one instead.

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If you're running Time Machine and can grab a backup of the places.sqlite file you may be able to find them in there.

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I've probably used thousands of X-ACTO blades in my lifetime...

rasterweb, (edited )
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I'll be there to protest...

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