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raymondpert, to Futurology

's competitor won't support ActivityPub at launch

> head Adam Mosseri confirmed would come in the future

raymondpert, to mastodon


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    Yes. I'll make sure to mention that to the authors at qz who perhaps, just maybe got paid for the article.

    and, I agree that is a software tool that uses the protocol and isn't competing with anything.

    raymondpert, to Futurology


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    And can no longer offer targeted ads based on news reading patterns of a user in

    Currently if a user reads a news article about "cat slippers" they'll likely get an advertisement about same.

    raymondpert, to Georgia

    Protesters in charged under anti terrorism laws.

    The makings of an American inquisition | Salon.com

    >And across the country, such police work continues under the guise of . Since the George Floyd movement, it's been possible to see the makings of a future American inquisition in which the machinery of state is increasingly weaponized against the body politic itself — especially against its most leftwing, most marginalized parts.


    raymondpert, to random

    Lawsuit targets Harvard legacy admissions after SCOTUS affirmative action ruling - UPI.com

    >July 3 (UPI) -- Three groups filed a complaint with the Department of Education Monday against University's undergraduate college for giving preferential treatment in admissions to wealthy donors and alumni.

    raymondpert, to Facebook

    Facebook content moderators call the work they do 'torture.' Their lawsuit may ripple worldwide | Euronews

    >Eight hours a day, his job as a content moderator for a Facebook contractor required him to look at horrors so the world wouldn’t have to. Some overwhelmed colleagues would scream or cry, he said.

    raymondpert, to Canada

    Canada urged to buy new submarines capable of operating in the Arctic - The Globe and Mail

    >The standing Senate committee [..] called on Ottawa to outline a plan for “expeditiously replacing” Canada’s diesel-electric subs with versions that can patrol under the ice. The [..] new report argues “increasingly aggressive behaviours by Russia and China have signalled a return to geopolitical competition” around the world.

    raymondpert, to random

    Justin Trudeau resists calls to help bail out Toronto, calls on provinces to ‘step up’ - The Globe and Mail

    >Mr. Trudeau on Wednesday said he spoke with Toronto’s mayor-elect, Olivia Chow, whom he called a “strong, progressive” leader, about support for the city. He said his government has “stepped up significantly” across the country on a number of initiatives, including a $30-billion child-care deal and billions in pandemic aid


    raymondpert, to China

    The makings of a yen vs yuan currency war - Asia Times

    >Japan’s weakening of the yen is pressuring China to do the same in what could start an avalanche of competitive devaluations

    raymondpert, to twitter

    Elon Musk treats depression with microdoses of ketamine, reports claim

    >Entrepreneur and CEO of Tesla and Twitter Elon Musk takes ketamine in small doses daily to treat his depression occasionally taking full doses of the popular club drug Special K when attending parties and events, according to a recent report.

    raymondpert, to random

    Exonerated member of “Central Park Five” takes lead in New York City Council primary

    >NEW YORK (AP) — Yusef Salaam, who as a child was part of a group of teenagers wrongly accused, convicted and imprisoned for the rape of a woman jogging in Central Park, took a commanding lead Tuesday in a Democratic primary for a City Council seat in New York

    raymondpert, to Germany

    German Jews express shock as far-right AfD party wins breakthrough vote

    >A far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) candidate won a vote on Sunday to become a district leader in Europe's biggest economy for the first time, a breakthrough for the party which has hit record highs in national polls.

    The party opposes economic sanctions against Moscow over the Ukraine war and dispute that human activity is a cause of climate change.

    raymondpert, to random

    Far-right personality implicates Rothschilds in Titan sub disaster

    >According to the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), Peters is a white nationalist and serial conspiracy theorist. [..] media watchdog Media Matters America reported that Peters even claimed Black people are genetically predisposed to commit crime and Jews control the media and have a religion that is a “death cult built on the blood of murdered babies.”

    raymondpert, to random

    In Europe's empty churches, prayer and confessions make way for drinking and dancing - ABC News

    raymondpert, to Canada

    As the Bank of Canada prepares for a digital Canadian dollar, democratic concerns loom large

    >The digital Canadian dollar is important for mitigating two potential future threats: the mass adoption of external currencies and the next financial crisis.

    JoParkerBear, to random

    Dallas Morning News: Texas attorney general’s office sought pay for Ken Paxton despite impeachment

    Non-Texans have no idea: there is no bottom with this guy. This is such a little thing, too, but the comptroller knew to check because Paxton.




    Ken Paxton ()

    >Comptroller Glenn Hegar’s office confirmed Wednesday that they received the payroll request from the attorney general’s office Tuesday. That led to a “hold” being placed on the payroll for the entire agency. However, paychecks for the office’s more than 4,000 employees should arrive on time, comptroller spokesman Chris Bryan said.


    raymondpert, to workersrights

    Starbucks Agrees to Settlement for Violating Worker Rights in Seattle | Portside

    >This marks the first time Starbucks has settled with the National Labor Relations Board over allegations of violating labor law in connection with the union campaign. https://portside.org/2023-06-20/starbucks-agrees-settlement-violating-worker-rights-seattle

    Skepticat, to random
    @Skepticat@mstdn.social avatar

    Imagine answering the phone with absolutely no concept of who is calling.
    There was a time...



    My parents first phone line was a party-line.

    They weren't to "party" on, they were single lines with many parties using the same line. Each home had a distinctive ring sequence.

    >Today, we hardly think twice about the privacy and ease of placing a call using a cell phone, but there was a time in which cell phones did not exist (gasp!) and phone lines, also known as party wires, were shared by local communities.

    raymondpert, to Texas

    Power outages continue across the southern U.S. as a heat wave grips Texas : NPR

    >AUSTIN, Texas — More than 300,000 customers in the southern U.S. remained without power Monday following damaging weekend storms, leaving residents searching for relief as sweltering temperatures continued to scorch the region. https://www.npr.org/2023/06/20/1183149235/power-outages-continue-across-the-southern-u-s-as-a-heat-wave-grips-texas

    NewsDesk, (edited ) to news
    @NewsDesk@flipboard.social avatar

    Titanic tourist submersible missing in the Atlantic, search and rescue operation underway, says Boston Coast Guard.



    Titanic tourist submersible goes missing sparking search - BBC News

    >The company, which has not commented on the reports, charges guests $250,000 (£195,270) for a place on its 8-day expedition to see the wreck.

    skykiss, (edited ) to random
    @skykiss@sfba.social avatar


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    @skykiss No, ‘blue states’ do not bail out ‘red states’ | The Hill https://thehill.com/opinion/finance/502321-no-blue-states-do-not-bailout-red-states/

    itnewsbot, to random
    @itnewsbot@schleuss.online avatar

    Kim Dotcom is ‘not giving an inch’ after sentencing of two Megaupload execs - Megaupload officers Mathias Ortmann and Bram van der Kolk ... - https://www.theverge.com/2023/6/17/23764438/kim-dotcom-megaupload-executives-sentenced-to-over-two-years-new-zealand-doj


    @itnewsbot Dotcom tweeted about the convictions on Thursday, saying the light sentences two men got off easy because they are pinning the blame on him, adding that they “will make terrible witnesses for the US Govt.” https://www.theverge.com/2023/6/17/23764438/kim-dotcom-megaupload-executives-sentenced-to-over-two-years-new-zealand-doj

    maddad, to random
    @maddad@mastodon.world avatar

    I noticed that NBC news now has a Guns in America section :blobcatpat:

    Six dead after gunfire, blaze erupt where gunman's estranged wife lived, sheriff says.
    The dead include the suspect; his wife, who lived separately and had an order of protection against him; and her adult daughter, the sheriff of Marion County, Tennessee said.



    @maddad Shooting at Tennessee home leaves 6 dead, including suspect - CBS News

    >Three children and three adults were found dead after Tennessee authorities responded to a reported shooting at a home that was set on fire Thursday. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation said the person believed to be responsible for the rampage in Sequatchie, west of Chattanooga, was among the dead. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/tennessee-shooting-sequatchie-home/

    ap236, to barrie
    @ap236@mastodon.social avatar

    Ontario government grants ‘strong mayor’ powers to Barrie https://bit.ly/42F6UOw @ontariogreens @barrie @onpoli


    @ap236 @ontariogreens @barrie @onpoli

    >“The current council made one of its strategic pillars ‘responsible governance.’ These powers are in direct opposition to the accountability and transparency stated within that pillar. [..] A housing crisis, which is very real, is being used to subvert democracy. Is this strong a sledgehammer needed when we’re already starting to make progress?”
    https://www.simcoe.com/news/council/one-person-should-not-have-this-much-power-over-a-city-ontario-government-grants-strong/article_217f4089-f338-5340-bb3b-61dfcc9b0f7a. @ontariogreens @barrie @onpoli

    edbott, to random
    @edbott@mastodon.social avatar

    There's shameless, and then there's this:

    "The [Georgia Republican] party’s new first vice-chair, conservative talk show host Brian Pritchard, has claimed the 2020 election was 'stolen' even as he faces charges of voting illegally nine times while serving a felony sentence. He’s said he's done nothing wrong."



    >Georgia Candidate Who Thinks 2020 Was Stolen Apparently Voted Illegally 9 Times https://www.vice.com/en/article/5d3ebd/georgia-candidate-brian-pritchard-voted-illegally-election-fraud

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