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gamingonlinux, to linux
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@gamingonlinux Aw, bummer. Guess I'm not playing it

appleinsider, to random
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After originally claims that his split with Apple TV+ was amicable, Jon Stewart has now revealed that the company blocked topics and even guests he wanted to cover on "The Problem with Jon Stewart."

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@appleinsider Why even hire a guy like Jon Stewart if you're going to try to rein him in? It'd be like doing a talk show with Howard Stern and saying "you can't talk about tits"

ivory, to random
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We are closer to shipping Ivory v1.9! The big feature for this release is the ability to quote posts. If you'd like to test it out, jump back on the TestFlight version of Ivory. We've opened up some more TestFlight beta slots here as well:


Important Note!
The TestFlight version of Ivory doesn't use your active App Store subscription. You have to subscribe again in TestFlight. You do not get charged real money in TestFlight. It's for testing purposes only.

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@ivory What does it look like to a non-Ivory user if you quote a post?

re_chief, (edited )
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@preslavrachev @ivory If it’s a screenshot of the quoted post or something, that’s fine, but if it’s something like “This post has been quoted using Ivory, learn more at apps.apple.com/ivory” I’m just never ever going to use that feature lol

Edit: Confirmed by Tapbots that a non-Ivory user will just see a link to the post!

thomasfuchs, to random
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Any popular post I have on here has replies that show that absolutely no one reads the other replies (or worse, they never see them).

Mastodon's ability to function as a social network with people being able to interact is fundamentally broken because of this.

I hope the project leadership recognizes this and will fix it some day.

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@thomasfuchs Most of the time for me, the replies don't even load (or take so long to load that I give up trying to read them)

w7voa, to random
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Elon Musk claimed his community notes system on X/Twitter "gamed by state actors" after one of his own posts was fact-checked. https://news.sky.com/story/elon-musk-fact-checked-on-x-by-his-own-system-but-claims-it-has-been-gamed-by-state-actors-13028020

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@w7voa I'm honestly surprised Community Notes has lasted as long under Musk as it has. If I were an egomaniacal man-baby I'd remove that first

WarnerCrocker, to apple
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Who’d a thunk it?

Here’s what Apple really means when it says “shot on iPhone”


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@WarnerCrocker I mean look, I'm no Apple apologist, but like...

"a great deal of fancy equipment — from drones, gimbals, dollies, industrial set lighting, and other recording accessories — is still required to make iPhone footage look this good"

This is also true of regular cameras, right?

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@BigMcLargeHuge @WarnerCrocker Sure, but it was done on an iPhone. What I meant is that you need high-quality studio equipment to get similar results on professional cameras as well. If you can swap a traditional camera out for an iPhone in a media production setting, and no one notices because the iPhone's camera is that good, that's pretty noteworthy in and of itself!

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@BigMcLargeHuge @WarnerCrocker I do know what you mean, but I would say that those are still very different scenarios. This isn't a food stylist disguising the true condition of a fast food product -- this is, as far as I can tell, a studio filming setup where the only appreciable difference is that they used an iPhone instead of a Canon XF705 (or whatever). This would be more like if you could make a wagyu beef burger with garlic aioli on a toasted sourdough bun... in a BK kitchen

matt, to random
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Me: I saved a picture on my iPad like 30 minutes ago. Why don’t I see it on my phone?

My iPad that is at 100% battery and is plugged in: just optimizing battery, bro

My kingdom to be able to have my Apple devices sync all photos immediately no matter what 🙏

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@matt This just started happening to me today. It's bizarre

film_girl, to random
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Literally made a calendar block to install on all my machines. Because I'm THAT kind of nerd.

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Gargron, to random
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The fragmentation among friends that follows Twitter’s collapse is exactly the kind of problem that Mastodon and the social web solves for. Imagine that you don’t have to pick and choose which new platform to adopt, or make and maintain a million accounts—because you can follow anyone regardless of which platform they’re on. That’s our reality.

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@Gargron I’m grateful for what you’ve built, but with all due respect, it is famously difficult to discover and follow people on Mastodon servers that are different from your own. Articles have been written about this in the news. It is a deterrent to new adopters. I recognize that this is intentional in some ways but the Fediverse is far more fragmented than most other social networks

andrew, to random

Rewatching The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (2012) and despite its flaws, I'm 100% a Hobbit trilogy apologist still

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@andrew I really enjoyed the first film in particular

Sheril, to twitter
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Could the failure of have been the point all along?

I'm still quite skeptical, but with each new seemingly poor decision & "mistake," I can't help but wonder...

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@Sheril Of course, it's often said that one shouldn't attribute to malice what can instead be attributed to stupidity -- but I've been thinking the same thing. Maybe Elon's backers wanted to tank Twitter and figured he'd be just the guy to do it

re_chief, to chicago
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Just about every street festival I've been to is like this -- narrow points of entry with gate staff demanding "donations" that are supposed to be voluntary

RollingStone, to random

Mike Pence replied, “You better believe it,” when asked if he’s a “MAGA Republican." https://www.rollingstone.com/politics/politics-news/mike-pence-just-cant-quit-maga-1234806125/

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@RollingStone I do not believe it

film_girl, to random
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I’m not mad at the new Apple Music Discovery station -- I'm glad it is here. But legit, isn't this a little late? Like isn't Spotify Discover like 8 years old?

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@film_girl The Apple special: introducing "new" features 10 years after a competitor debuted them and acting like they invented them (e.g. widgets)

molly0xfff, to random
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the wikipedia article about HAL 9000 has a whole top-level section on sexuality 🤨

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@molly0xfff I feel like Cultural Critic Mark Dery may have added this section to the article

collin, to transit
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You have to make public more convenient than driving. That means both making your public transportation better and also not adapting your environment to cars by having four lane roads and giant parking lots as the default.

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@collin I would love this. I live in an American city that has great public transit (well, by American standards, anyway) and it's hard to imagine moving back to where I grew up, a place where public transit is virtually nonexistent and you have to drive everywhere

grumpygamer, to random
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I'm very conditioned from years of playing WoW to like "!" and "?" for quest icons above NPCs. Is there a better way? I haven't seen one, but that might be my WoW bias. I could go "old school" and not show anything and expect players to figure it out, but that seems cruel (I know I'd hate it).

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@grumpygamer If it ain't broke, don't fix it IMO

MattBinder, to random
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a recent system upgrade at Reddit removed all users' live chats and messages from before 2023

and the result wasn't a mistake or a bug either https://mashable.com/article/reddit-removes-live-chat-archives-messages

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@MattBinder The 1,987,456th reason to get the hell off that website

eniko, to random
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bluesky remains boring every time i open it. not sure what people see in that place

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@gamingonlinux @eniko They missed their moment for sure. If they had opened invites after the Twitter rate limit fiasco started but before Threads launched they might have gotten some traction

design_law, to random
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  • re_chief,
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    @design_law This is how mute should work by default IMO

    tzimmer_history, to random
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    No one surpasses Mitch McConnell in shamelessness. It’s a damning indictment of the U.S. political and media cultures that this constitutes his greatest competitive advantage - a near-unbeatable superpower in the context of a deeply unhealthy polity.

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    @tzimmer_history He really is despicable in the truest sense of the word

    jamesthomson, to random
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    I found the first review for PCalc on the App Store. Thanks h4g6cc!

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    @jamesthomson I love a good science tific calculator

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