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Species 5618, Geek, techie, grandfather, software (mostly C), and hardware (mostly KiCad, and ESP32 based), IoT, IPv6, 3D printing, occasional [even parliamentary] expert, a bit tactless, Canon over Nikon, TNG over Kirk, Stargate fan. My hallway has a working ASR-33 (as old as me) and a suit of armour (modern). Oh, and I run an ISP, but these are my personal views and worth what you paid me for them. May contain nuts. Ordained atheist. Yes, RevK is a UK registered trade mark. Making 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 my home.

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chris, to random
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With all that has been going on with Apple lately I'm ready to try to move back to Linux full-time. The way I use my tech, however, I'm not sure if this will work or not. I wrote some of my thoughts up on it for my post today. Here goes nothing. https://chriswiegman.com/2024/05/the-road-back-to-open-tech/

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@chris I was linux desktop for a long long time, and am still linux as almost everything command line that I do day to day, but I ssh from my Mac now. I am very much Mac desktop and that will take a lot to prize me away now.

And by desktop I essentially mean all GUI stuff.

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@chris I may change back, not ruling it out. But all the GUI I do "just works", KiCad, GIMP, browser.

Err, very rarely, WoW!

revk, (edited ) to random
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I think most people want to be good, and will be - unless under much pressure.

Atheists are good because it is the right thing to do. They don't want to "sin".

Theists may want to be good, but they also have some system of ultimate power to punish/reward them, so forcing them to be good. They seem insecure in their desire to be good without a carrot/stick.

But some theists also create a "get of out jail" system of "ask for forgiveness", which means they can be "bad" and "sin" and that is OK!

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Atheists have no such "get out of jail free" concept.

Which makes me wonder which group is more moral?

What I do know, I am sure, is that regardless of the belief system, people, under enough pressure, will do what they have to, even if that means being bad.

Atheists will feel bad about it.

Theists will too, but they can "pray for forgiveness", etc, and get redemption and clear their conscience.

Maybe the theists are the clever ones in such cases.

Psychopaths are lucky, they don't feel bad

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@RogerBW Why I said "some theists"...

revk, to random
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Ok this is getting fun now...

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@tripplehelix Sorry that was an example of a business fibre package. We have many cheaper packages.

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@tripplehelix The One Touch Switch will be a whole extra page on our ordering system.

Thanks OFCOM!

vesatimonen, to random
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Dissecting a mitre.

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@vesatimonen the only thing I would not have realised is that you can turn over one of the pieces… clever stuff though.

8tpercent, to random
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I know you use pcbway, etc, for various builds... but could they produce a v1.4 board from this site.


It's used for emulation.

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@8tpercent I use jlcpcb usually and they can may most things no problem.

revk, (edited ) to random
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Week so far - not bad… export exceeds import cost.

Update: with Sunday the week cost us 41p.

Roll on “summer”.

revk, to random
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Only just found "correlationID" is meant to be maintained for the whole message series, which seems crazy, as all but the first message would involve a switching order reference. I expected it was just for Request/response pair.

Pain in the arse as means I have to now store switching order reference and two correlation IDs, not just a simple switching order reference. Why the hell do that?

Oh well, done now.

Starting on ordering UX.

revk, (edited )
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@CenturyAvocado Maybe when I have finished, tested, and live 🙂

And yes, anyone selling any fixed location broadband or telephony has to do it, which is crazy.

revk, (edited ) to random
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OK I’m going to float an idea on here. It looks like we won’t be able to cancel a “broadband switch” from losing side. So won’t be able to do “anti slamming”. Shame.

But to switch using OTS you have to have a match on surname (using some fun, and vague, rules for accented characters).

So we could allow customers to set any surname on a line, and use as a sort of “password”.

After all, you can call yourself what you like, and we have to accept changes to personal information.

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@ben well if that is what he wants to be known as…

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@ahnlak basically surname and correct address. Yeh, I know!
If that does not get one answer you can add a circuit id or an account number, but the basic match for a “switch” is a sanitised surname and correct address.
Yes, this is what was put in every phone book.
(Oh and you have to guess reseller, or try several)

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@proactiveservices I have just added means to set name on the line, in preparation for this.

revk, to random
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This bloody one touch switching stuff has taken me nearly a week now, annoying. But working out how it will impact the ordering process. Essentially it makes it worse! More steps, more info to provide. All to save someone ceasing some other type of service by themselves. But getting there.

What worries me is the ease of “slamming” and I gather we won’t be able to stop slamming from losing side any more, which is worrying.

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@ahnlak see next post.

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@ahnlak yeh, why not have “password” as an actual option in the protocol?

JackPine, to random
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@JackPine I thought he did not like witch hunts?

stephen, to random
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I hadn't realised but "AI"-generated fake images by long-dead artists, out of copyright, are also a problem, out there polluting the commons and slowly destroying our ability to know what is genuine: https://maggieappleton.com/generative-forgery

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@NatureMC @stephen The only grey area I can imagine is whether a new "high res image" of an out of copyright artwork creates a new copyright.

I have no idea on case law on that.

I would expect it not to, as there really is no "creative effort" in making an accurate (high or low) res image of some artwork. It may have technical expertise, but not creativity.

If such a new copy is not creating a new copyright, it can be legally copied and distributed unless some contract says otherwise.

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@NatureMC @stephen OK commercial licences for real images, that are out of copyright is fine. No problem with that.

But when someone not subject to that licence contract gets a copy, they are not subject to its conditions, or copyright law.

That is my point.

So these etsy sellers, do they have a contract/licence? Yes/no

If no, they cannot be in breach of it, can they?

And if the images are out of copyright, they are not in breach of that either.

If yes, they can be sued for breach, good.

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@NatureMC @stephen [Odd, deleted stuff? was I blocked?]

Sorry, it was a simple question.

Sorry you cannot answer it or consider what it means.

Copyright is a pain in some ways, and beneficial in other ways, especially to creators (of which I am one). But it exists. It is time limited though, and the second it goes beyond that it allows copies and derivative works. That is life. Even when AI makes those derivative works, sadly.

Sorry you are not happy about that.

I think I was blocked?

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@NatureMC @stephen A whole thread has vanished

Someone "working for a library".

I thought I asked sensible questions.

"Contract" matters, but only to the parties contracting. They seemed to think it had more reach than that.

I.e. party contracts to use image for "non commercial use" and does so.

Someone else (not party to contract) copies and uses commercially.

But the item is "out of copyright", so they are actually allowed to under law, and not brach of the contract.

Then AI uses it.

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