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loves: sandwiches, trees, stones, wizard novels, ambiguity, history, the Pacific Northwest
hates: fascism
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field scientist

absolutely not speaking for my employer in this venue...this is my social life <3

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emilymbender, to random
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"a potential gold mine for criminal hackers or domestic abusers who may physically access their victim’s device. Images include captures of messages sent on encrypted messaging apps Signal and WhatsApp, and remain in the captures regardless of whether disappearing messages are turned on in the apps."

In 2024 it still somehow isn't standard practice to ask in the design process: Are we building the killer app for domestic abusers?


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@emilymbender we've reached a point where, as a DV survivor, I have to interpret the abuse facilitation as a feature, not a bug

sarae, to random
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IDK I'm going to be pretty happy if what brings down Big AI is the years we spent shitposting and writing pornographic fanfiction

annaleen, to random
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The United States has been using science and pseudo-science to wage psychological wars for centuries. Psywar as we know it in America grew up during the Indian Wars of the 19th century, where U.S. troops fought hundreds of Indigenous nations and confederated tribes, using battlefield anthropologists to gather information about the enemy. Read more in my latest @newscientist column, or check out my forthcoming book "Stories Are Weapons." https://www.newscientist.com/article/mg26234910-900-how-the-us-used-science-to-wage-psychological-war/

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@annaleen @newscientist my complex relationship with George Gibbs, let me show you it

but I think it's dressing him up a bit to call him a "battlefield anthropologist"

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@annaleen we're talking here about a guy who was never on an actual battlefield

I think when you frame it as you have, you make it sound more romantic than it was

he's a complex character and part of an entire class of 19thC PNW go betweens and translators of varying educational and ethnic backgrounds, which rolls into what becomes West Coast academic anthropology

and I think you're flattening out that context to make a rhetorical point

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@annaleen cough uh, this is one of those awkward internet situations where you're arguing with someone who's spent more time with SWORP than you have

but I'm on my shitposting account

there are entire dimensions to the intersections of anthropology, colonial violence, capitalism, and resistance in the PNW that...defy simple explanations

but yeah anthropology has always been the intellectual wing of colonialism

and also a primary site of resistance to colonialism

seachanger, to random
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preparing another playlist to beam out live into the multiverse via KFSK’s transmitters across a bunch of remote ass islands in alaska (and kfsk.org), starts a little after 7 pm AK/ 8 PST

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@seachanger play some sad girl country songs

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@seachanger you have how many hours to fill up and only one sad girl country song?

there is a new Secret Sisters record out

and you could play some more Sierra Ferrell

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@seachanger this is also my fave off the new Secret Sisters record ❤️

Toastie, (edited ) to random
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Funniest thing I've read all day:

"the United States is committed to serving as a model in the international community in promoting and protecting the collective rights of #indigenous peoples as well as the human rights of all individuals."


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@Toastie ☝️ this must be be new

word just hasn't made its way through the bureaucracy yet

I'm sure once everyone has read the memo we'll move forward into this bright future together


sarae, to random
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remember how they told us we were paranoid when we said there was a serial killer?

law enforcement had multiple touches on this asshole and multiple witnesses and he was still able to hurt all these women

Oregon man given early prison release indicted in death of 3 women | The Seattle Times

sarae, to oregon
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hey , turn in your ballots!

in my county we have a moderate running against a J6 dingbat county councilman -- you might have a similar opportunity to improve your community, and given current voter turnout, you could have a disproportionate impact

this weekend is a great time to get that vote in the mail

liamvhogan, to random
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I shitpost, but the toppling and installation of statues is a really very very old practice and it’s a form of politics a good deal older than modern democracy. And in my lifetime I can think of a few moments of huge liberation related to iconoclastic acts. Think of crowds toppling Lenin and Dzerzhinsky post-1991 (or more silent crowds noticing and approving of Stalin quietly disappearing post-1956). The 2003 invasion of Iraq was a historic crime but Iraqis were genuinely gleeful knocking over statues of Saddam.

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@liamvhogan this is the one I dream of taking out

he's a distant uncle of mine


Toastie, to random
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Lofi hip hop beats to survive capitalism / heal ancestral trauma to

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@Toastie links plz

sarae, to random
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reflecting on the bear-or-man discourse

and thinking about how my good dog protected me, over the years, from both bears and men

she faced down my violent ex-husband when he tried to kick in the door of my house

and a bear that tried to walk through our camp one night, up the Skok

and this makes me think that really what women need isn't an array of bad choices

it's to be supported so that we have the freedom and resources to be out in the world safely

also, dogs are pretty great

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@seachanger she was the best

and it's pretty wild this went viral today: this afternoon I had my appointment to get a memorial tattoo

she was always so great at making friends and it makes me happy she's still winning people over

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@squizzleflip it's really easy to get thinking that all our choices are shitty

I get stuck in that myself sometimes!

but lateral moves and unexpected directions and alliance building are super powerful

GrimmReality, to random
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She wins the bear v man thing. Put respect upon her name.

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@apgarcia @seachanger @GrimmReality I honestly don't think it's very reliable on bears

I've had it fail on angry raccoons

men may be more responsive, we could experiment

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@seachanger @apgarcia @GrimmReality entirely possible

Oregon raccoons are significantly better adapted to urban areas and conditions than I am

thomasfuchs, (edited ) to random
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Making barricades is taught to 7-year olds in our schools, because our society loves guns more than children, you absolute chucklefuck fartwaffle

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@ADisorderlyFashion @thomasfuchs children born the year Columbine happened are older than I was when I became a mother

sarae, to random
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does anyone have recs for good mail order photo printing in the US?

my only option here in smalltown coastal Oregon is Walgreens, which seems to be color-correcting my prints in ways I don't like (they have most recently exposed for the mountains behind my boyfriend, while turning my boyfriend into a silhouette...this is not how the original looked at all and not the effect I want)

sarae, to random
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seachanger, to random
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thinking about rebuilding our public squares in a hybrid digital age

  1. encourage public entities to share public info on public channels, not private platforms

  2. embrace sharing in real life, use email, snail mail, private messenger, radio, newspaper, public forum, neighborhood scale gathering

  3. create and use nonprofit and publicly owned social sharing platforms, but prioritize real life sharing when possible

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@seachanger I get a lot of mileage out of group texts

once in a while someone suggests moving them to a proprietary app and I'm like, no thanks

I have a couple other cousins who don't really do mainstream social and that makes it more feasible

but the bf and I were talking about exactly this last night -- my family group texts seem to engender a lot more actual closeness than his Facebook stuff does

sarae, to random
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got a little break in the weather at the end of the day, just enough to take a very windy beach walk

seachanger, to random
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    @seachanger I guess I'm confused because, despite my substantive disagreements with mainstream liberalism, I do see improvements in my own life and work that have resulted from policies enacted during this administration

    the big ones are Inflation Reduction Act spending, which is making a huge difference on infrastructure and watershed restoration opportunities in the rural community where I live

    and regulatory updates like the recent NAGPRA revisions

    it IS legit improvement

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    @seachanger yes, I think the people who work at fast food restaurants here have noticed all the new sidewalks

    they're kind of hard to miss

    and my friend whose main gig is as a flagger on highway crews has noticed that he now has year-round work

    so yeah, I think these things are actually making concrete differences for working people in my community

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