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I am interested in two things:

  1. How the world works
  2. How we can make it better

My mission is to develop a deep understanding of how our world works — economically, politically, historically — and write to make it common knowledge.

I write wanting to address the problems in the world that keep us trapped in cycles of suffering.

I want to write a better world.

#writer #science #philosophy #economics #politics #vegan #atheism #communism #rust #linux #learningjapanese #onepiece #fedi22

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Alice, to random
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Confession time: When I was younger and much more feral, my coworker invited me to a party at his fancy loft. I met a lot of people and I drank a lot of wine.

As I was leaving, I noticed the lobby counter had a sign that said "Security on Duty" but NOBODY was at the counter so I STOLE THE SIGN to "prove a point."

The following morning, I woke up and saw the sign sitting on my coffee table and was like "ohhhhh nooooo, what did I dooooo?"

I immediately messaged my friend who hosted the party to be like "I am so sorry, but I took a sign from your building and I’m going to return it ASAP!"

He said "I know. Building security came to my door and said they had video footage of an 'Asian woman' leaving my apartment and stealing the sign."

I felt bad until that moment because they should keep security staffed and/or get better cameras and/or stop racially profiling because that sign is now MINE.

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@Alice Do you still have it?

msquebanh, (edited ) to random
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I'm not friendly to anyone who tries to tell me to be 'nicer' to politicians. I don't need to be nicer to any politician - if I think they are dishonest and/or evil and/or selfish asshats.

They never earned my respect or any kindness. They only lie, lie & lie to me & other citizens. Politicians who don't work hard at earning their votes - don't get a vote from me & many others, who think like me. We aren't a tiny fringe population either.

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@msquebanh On the contrary you should be harsher on them!

RickiTarr, to random
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You are Entangled with someone, you'll see them throughout your life. You are connected in some way that always brings you back to this person. There's a good chance you don't like each other at all.

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@RickiTarr where did this come from?

sashin, to random
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TIL that many games that I've wanted to play but thought I couldn't because I've on linux work very well on Steam's proton compatiblity layer.

This realisation is completely thanks to @majorlinux

majorlinux, to random
@majorlinux@toot.majorshouse.com avatar

I like survivors.

I like very bright things.

I like geometry.

Need I say more?

Check it out on Steam!

Thanks to Terminals.io, Evolve PR, and Brain Seal Entertainment for the key.

MajorOffline: Geometry Survivor – MajorLinux


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@majorlinux It's not on Linux😭

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@majorlinux Strange, when I click the link on my phone I only see the windows icon

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@majorlinux I didn't know this, I should try it out more!

sashin, to random
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This piece on the epistemological crises by @pluralistic is great!


It addresses the question of how we can know things or trust institutions and how parts of the left (well liberals really) have fallen for the trap of becoming pro-institutions in response to Trump and the conservatives.

The mainstream media really is bad!

It's a process called schismogenesis, which is a trap.

We shouldn't feel tempted to oppose or support something just because our enemies don't.

LeftistLawyer, to climate
@LeftistLawyer@kolektiva.social avatar

I’m beginning to get the distinct impression that leftists who care about the environment enough to do actually get off their ass and do something about it are a miniscule minority.

Most seem more interested in virtue signaling their love for humanity while we fill our nest so full of shit our children drown in a boiling vat of it.

And honestly, I think the IDPOL cancel culture just has a lot of people too scared to speak out for fear of being labeled an eco-fascist.

It’s crazy.

There won’t be any people to love in a decade or two if we don’t get our environmental shit together. And it is going to hit the marginalized groups the hardest, first.

We don’t have the luxury of choosing our battles anymore people. We ALL have to be warriors. We ALL have to be Warriors. And, we ALL have to be

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@LeftistLawyer @MobiusBlack I don't know how, but somehow we need to work together, to co-ordinate better, so that we can realise all our collective goals from ending poverty and racism to preserving a habitable environment.

Daojoan, to random
@Daojoan@mastodon.social avatar

The state of tablets in 2024:

  • iPad: Great apps, terrible productivity experience
  • Tab S9 Ultra: Terrible apps, bad keyboard, great productivity experience
  • Surface Pro: Bad tablet apps, complicated productivity experience via Windows

As someone who prefers tablets, it’s a frustrating experience.

Nobody is more than 70% of the way there.

@sashin@mastodon.online avatar

@Daojoan What makes a productivity experience great? Is it just having the right apps?

sashin, to random
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TIL I leaned that there is a word in Japanese for "shit eating grin" and it's a lot less syllables

BeAware, to twitter
@BeAware@social.beaware.live avatar

Apparently Elon Musk just tweeted "Share links of X posts to your friends". Well.....if I COULD, maybe there's still some reasons I would, but I literally can't🤦‍♂️

Does he have amnesia or does he legit not remember putting a login-wall up?🙄


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@BeAware Maybe he wants people to pressure their friends into signing up to view the content

yogthos, to random
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@yogthos My current understanding is that the anarchist criticism of state socialism isn't the necessary defending against a counter revolution but the hierarchical structure of the state apparatus itself which was built to meet the needs of the bourgeoisie under capitalism.

In these institutions people get a lot of reps operating in the roles of "bosses" and "subordinates" and it creates a type of person, a kind of psychology.

Hence the anarchist idea of unity of means and ends.

@sashin@mastodon.online avatar

@yogthos This essay by Zoe Baker is really short but good. https://theanarchistlibrary.org/library/anarchopac-means-and-ends

I guess an implicit claim is that it's possible to fight back regressive, bourgeois counter-revolutionary tendencies without adopting any kind of hierarchies amount ourselves.

I am still in the phase of reading a lot of theory, so I am still thinking all of this through.

@sashin@mastodon.online avatar

@yogthos That was a really great read on the nature of power, thanks!

I don't have much of a cohesive argument but I suspect that it's at least possible to develop mechanisms to prevent the formation of these implicit hierarchies, and that I think structure and hierarchy are two different things.

I wonder, if anarchists think very much about implicit, soft hierarchies.

I suspect having an explicit anti-hierarchical culture can go a long way.

cassidy, (edited ) to Steamdeck
@cassidy@blaede.family avatar

A top-10 ISV has asked if Flathub can provide how many installs of their app are coming from Steam Deck users.

Today, we can’t—we’d need a change in Flatpak itself to add the OS name/version to the user-agent sent along with install/update transactions. The best we may be able to do today is see the exact versions of OSTree and Flatpak that are included in SteamOS, check if those are relatively unique, and provide a rough estimate based on that.

@sashin@mastodon.online avatar

@cassidy What's an ISV? International Software Vendor?

@sashin@mastodon.online avatar

@cassidy How does flathub run on the steam deck anyway? Is it only if the user installs over the default steamOS? Or do flathub and flatpak apps work on steam os?

mcc, to random
@mcc@mastodon.social avatar

A problem I have is, I am at a place with soldering where I can solder but I do not feel confident soldering, and I don't know how to get from A to B because the only way to get confident would be to do a lot of it. But I don't do any of it. Because I don't feel confident. I'm afraid I'll break something.

@sashin@mastodon.online avatar

@mcc Out of curiosity, how long did it take you to reach this point? Asking because I'm interesting in learning how to solder

liztai, to languagelearning
@liztai@hachyderm.io avatar

If there's no stronger argument for the need to learn how to read Chinese, it is this! Two characters can have the same pronunciation and tone but mean slightly different things. I learned the character for person (rén) 人 and its radical version 亻as a kid, and now I know 仁 which means "humane", and the way the components fit together is rather poetic.

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@liztai Two kids?

@sashin@mastodon.online avatar

@liztai Oh wait, two people!

sashin, to random
@sashin@mastodon.online avatar

What do butterflies have to do with butter anyway?

sashin, to random Japanese
@sashin@mastodon.online avatar

What cloud provider would a serious open source enthusiast use?

GottaLaff, to random
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Nancy Mace had no prob shaming E Jean

Via Rupar:

STEPHANOPOULOS: Why are u supporting someone found liable for rape?

MACE: He was not fd guilty in crim court of law.

(Guess that's the standard now)

M: If u want to defend a woman who made mockery out of rape, then you go ahd..

S: Well actually what u're doing is defending man found liable for rape. I don't undersd how u can do that.

Mace incred bad at this..shameless, contrad self rptdly bc ur willing to say anythg for Trump has conseq

@sashin@mastodon.online avatar

@GottaLaff What's stopping him from being found guilty in a criminal court of law?

sashin, to random Japanese
@sashin@mastodon.online avatar

It's really bad that people have to spend their lives doing work that is not needed for anyone to survive so that they can survive.

Mary625, to random
@Mary625@mstdn.social avatar

CNN speaks to settlers in Israel who are blocking food from getting to Palestinians in Gaza. Even confronted with the fact that children are starving to death in Gaza, they say "not one loaf of bread should get in until we have our hostages"

Little children, babies are starving to death and they do not give a fuck



@sashin@mastodon.online avatar

@violetmadder @JohnLoader6 @Mary625 It's such a facist move, threatening death unless they comply and then blaming them for not complying even going so as far to say "you killed them"

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