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A dating website! Okcupid, POF, hinge, bumble, etc. All no longer even try to match people. Just pay for nothing.


My friend has a Denali sound bomb. It sounds like a train horn. He likes it.

I was worried about getting matches on dating apps; now I have them yet can't get myself to message back

it’s just you hear so many horror stories about it all. both about the apps themselves and just from people’s bad relationships in general. it’s a huge life change to go from single to actively going on dates [or whatever the term is], i feel like, because you’re being emotionally vulnerable, which is important /...


They matched with you. So they like you already. Just be yourself and write a message.

Hi TheirName. I matched with you because I saw blank in your profile. Ask them a question.


Wind turbines kill a ton of birds. They also iced up and quit working in the winter when we had power outages.


Who cares. It’s not a military or major economic impact.


Meanwhile aircraft fly overhead burning jet fuel with no emissions controls. Chinese factory’s have no or little emissions controls. Gulf war oil well fires.

fathermcgruder, to diy avatar

What's a good torque wrench to get?

I want to replace the spark plugs in my car and I'm apparently going to have to torque them to 30Nm.



CDI torque products is kinda like snapon quality at half the price. Because snapon owns them.

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