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schizanon, to random
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@mariyadelano @misc I have been blocking every "promoted" tweet on Twitter since 2016 and they NEVER end. There are more brands than there are grains of sand on earth!

schizanon, to random

Y'all don't deserve me

Em0nM4stodon, to mastodon

We need to have a talk
on about how people will never be fully free to change instances until they can also import their previous posts/toots to their new instance.

This would likely be a game-changer feature for many :mastodon:​🔁​:mastodon:​


@benjistokman @Em0nM4stodon that's just with more steps

hammoncr, to random

my deepest darkest secret is that i own crypto

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  • schizanon,

    @APBBlue I chewed my aunt out for being dismissive of the movement and similarly deleted mine

    schizanon, to random

    Y'all real assholes if you're lighting off fireworks right now.


    glyph, to random avatar

    NFTs are just bean e-babies


    @glyph are you from 2021?

    Calixthe, to mastodon

    How? You know you can join more than one server and export/import your follow lists?

    There's no reason to be beholden to just one server and when I joined last November almost everyone I followed was on more than one instance.

    There are no silos here. You're truly free.

    You can be you on servers and no one will bat an eye (except the who think they're on 🙄 and in charge.)



    @Calixthe you can't force your followers to follow all of your accounts though.

    punklawyer, to random avatar

    is a giant surveillance machine that extracts enormous amounts of personal data, combines it with more personal data collected by other services in the Google ecosystem, and feeds it to the privacy dumpster fire that is the real-time bidding system.


    @punklawyer all that just to get stopped by my ad-blocker

    MichaelKlamerus, to random avatar

    With half the internet crumbling now, consider starting your own site. It doesn’t have to be anything big. It can just be a page on neocities. It’s just fun and nice having your own platform.

    If you already have a site, consider making a page or part of your site that links to other places you like to help people discover them, since Google is also decaying right now.


    @MichaelKlamerus I don't know that I have "places I like" anymore. Social Media became a place to collect things I hate; things that make me angry; things I want to fight about. Seems a waste of time to make a site for the things I've been farting out the past few years.

    BlackAzizAnansi, to Russia avatar

    @GreenFire which part of the Russian activities related to the Trump campaign specifically. I'd like to call this out on TruthSocial.

    schizanon, to random

    Glad my life savings isn't in petrodollars!


    SwiftOnSecurity, to random

    Fascinating demonstration in difference of ECU response to 70F A/C cooled garage vs 105F outside air


    @SwiftOnSecurity my house doesn't even have AC!

    Free_Press, to Ukraine avatar


    Armed Forces of Ukraine with HIMARS strikes destroyed four Russian self-propelled guns "Msta-S" at once



    @Free_Press look at the invaders run!

    schizanon, to web3

    I'm excited to hear about the

    It sounds a lot like the but with a better name.

    It's , but without the Bezos!

    I've tried 's products in the past; I deployed a site to , but I needed a where I could do things like connecting to and . Then I tried out their deployments, but I found them to be limited, and ICP itself far too complicated for my brain.

    Hopefully improves the process by allowing me to program functions in using the I know and love!

    laprice, to random avatar

    OMFG this is so stupid, random and typical of rural Oregon. Trump won an election to the board of the Hubbard Rural Fire district on a write in ballot.
    Congratulations hicks of outer Marion county you have embarrassed our state once again.


    @laprice we should just let them secede

    linuxgal, to random avatar

    Headquarters of the Big Three:

    Redmond, Washington

    Cupertino, California

    Portland, Oregon.


    @linuxgal wait, for real? Linus lives in PDX?

    pivoinebleue, to random

    My GOD! I hope the racist bastard who did this beating losses every g/d thing! 🤬

    Black Food Truck Worker (Darell Preston) Brutally Beaten by Racist White Man in Portland

    >A Black food truck owner has lawyered up with attorney Ben Crump after being attacked by a racist white man in Southeast Portland.


    @pivoinebleue ugly son of a bitch, they should put him down

    ericflo, to random avatar

    Now people are mad that MDN added some helpful LLM explainers? I feel like increasingly I'm totally at odds with the consensus opinion on things tech related. And I don't have the energy to constantly be in a debate where everyone takes the other side. AI/ML. High-end AR. Cryptocurrencies and even NFTs. Federation with corporations. Fedi search. Permissionless innovation. I'm basically unabashedly for all these things. 🤷‍♂️


    @ericflo hey, I remember you from Twitter! Fancy seeing you here, saying what I been thinking. 😄


    @zzzeek @ericflo @acdha lost me at "christian"


    @zzzeek @acdha @ericflo my rule of thumb is that if anyone is talking about "LLM" and "crypto" in the same breath they are just a luddite, who has jumped on the anti-hype bandwagon in order to virtue signal and get online headpats from the counterculture tribe.

    darwinwoodka, to random avatar

    So, nobody has to serve a right-wing justice in their restaurant anymore since it's probably against their religious beliefs to serve the devil, right?


    @darwinwoodka the satanic church is going to have a field day with this ruling!

    hosford42, to random avatar

    I suspect the fediverse is more than just a substitute for other social media. I see this as the beginning of a phase change in how we use the web. We are shifting from corporate control to community control. Fundamentally, the fediverse is a cooperative endeavor, instead of a competitive one. I look forward to the shift in mindset that this change brings about. Will there be a similar movement towards cooperative organizations in other areas of our lives? Once people have had a taste of this approach, will they not be eager to see it spread?


    @hosford42 we've all used email, this is just email for status updates


    @hosford42 sorry to have wasted your time with discussion when what you were looking for was one-way.

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