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MarvinTheMartian, to Russia
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Why are maritime drones so hard to beat?
by @anderspuck 08:28

Russia has fired the navy chief because the Black Sea Fleet continues to lose warships

Cmdr. Nielsen explains why maritime drones are such a difficult challenge not only for Russia but also for other navies

🇩🇰 🇪🇺 🇺🇦
is a military analyst and Navy Commander at the Royal Danish Defence College. He studies 's military since long before the 2022 invasion


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@MarvinTheMartian @anderspuck Why is the clutter problem local to a circle -- is it to do with the angle of attack of the radar beam?

morgfair, to random
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Key figure in fake electors plot concealed damning posts on secret Twitter account from investigators | CNN Politics https://www.cnn.com/2024/02/26/politics/kenneth-chesebro-secret-twitter-account-kfile/index.html

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@morgfair Just a LITTLE hard to spot the fact that Talking Points Memo, a small but important independent news and analysis outlet, was responsible for identifying that Twitter account.

jonty, to random
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Too many things are interesting. Could less things be interesting please.

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@jonty Fewer!

Well, there are Shakespeare's 7 uses of "less" to mean "fewer". The impositions of self-appointed grammar police ramped up in the 19th century and . . . what were we talking about?

venitamathias, to blackmastodon
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Grammy winning composer, singer, and visual artist, Cecile McLorin Savant, singing national anthem at opening of Womens tennis final between Gauff and Sabalenka #usopen
#Blackmastodon @blackmastodon #Blackfediverse

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@venitamathias @blackmastodon She was amazing.

georgetakei, to random

Gov. Ron DeSantis used to boast that Florida was where woke goes to die. Now he’s begging Disney to drop its lawsuit against him, and his poll numbers are in the toilet. Florida: Where presidential ambitions go to die.

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@georgetakei He is Jeb! without all the charisma

juddlegum, to random
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In my opinion, people who commit crimes should be charged with crimes, regardless of their political party or political connections

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@juddlegum But that removes a lot of the incentive structure behind criming

grumpygamer, to random
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The problem with voting for fascists is that you may agree with them now, but when you no longer agree with them there is no way to vote them out. They have made sure of that.

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@grumpygamer I knew there must be some downside

ryanhoulihan, to random
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100% serious: Are Bill Maher’s fans pretending he’s funny or what is going on there

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@ryanhoulihan Bill Maher is sustained by Democrats with MAGA envy

owncast, to fediverse
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I’m hearing murmurs of YouTube blocking browsers that support ad blockers.

You know where you don’t have to worry about such things? Host your videos on a instance and use for your live video streaming needs.

But of course you already knew that.

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@owncast Without YouTube how will I be shown the same two ads three thousand times?

Pwnallthethings, to random
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Given how vast the cash-cows of Azure and AWS are ... it is astonishing to me how bad the user-interfaces for both actually are

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@Pwnallthethings This opened up the market to "multicloud" services that are essentially just nice interfaces to cloud providers.

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