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Nicolas Cage film 'The Surfer' induces knee-buckling six minute standing ovation at Cannes (

Now, let us all be honest. There has only been one surf film, ever, worth the time of an auteur and that is Bruce Brown’s seminal masterpiece The Endless Summer. Others, including Point Break, North Shore, Blue Crush are cute. Others still, including Chasing Mavericks and In God’s Hands, are so offensive as to count as...


Don’t sleep on Pig! That was as surprisingly good as I had heard.


We could probably make a lot of progress by educating people concerning their rights. Every instance of wage theft I read about is people being ignorant. Learned a lot working for a payroll company, think most would be surprised how the law actually works.


2003 Spyder and 2004 F150. I’ll repair them until I can’t.


And that’s the entire story. All of it.


Drop the high road shit.

“Whatever flipper foot. At least mom and dad weren’t siblings.”


Liberals, and I count myself as one, always bring this “need” argument. Meanwhile, there is no other right where they would question need.

I have shitloads of guns I don’t “need”. The vast majority are for fun. Even the more practical guns are mostly for fun.

Know why? Because I can do that if I want to. The 2A exists and the courts have historically upheld it. That’s one sentence, two facts.

While we’re at it, let’s question why the largest gun purchasing demographic “needs” guns. Ya know, women, minorities and LGBT folks. Go ask them.

Also, “The fascists are coming! Disarm yourselves! And if it’s not too much trouble, we’d like the government to know exactly who owns what.” (In case Trump wins again!?)


Had a storm Monday that got my heart pumping. And I’m from Tulsa and live on the Hurricane Coast. No stranger to wild weather is what I’m saying.

I feel pretty secure where I’m at. Almost the highest point in the local area, everything is downhill from here with plenty of swamp and creek to take the overflow. Far enough inland that only a direct hit by a major hurricane would reach. House built to hurricane specs. (Habitat for Humanity home, well above code for structure and energy efficiency. Not so much on doorknobs and faucets. 😄)

Monday’s boomer had me frightened for my home. Point being, even those of us who are “secure”, are not.


My first thought. While I agree with the sentiment, and I’d have prepared nooses for the insurrectionists, this is not that.

Almost none were charged with sedition, guess the prosecutors didn’t feel they could make it stick, and that’s 20-years max.

attempted kidnapping of a federal official

Kidnapping is taken very damned seriously in the US, automatically an FBI concern, and they will come down like devils. Probably an extra hit for attacking a fed.

he broke into the home of a public official, an unprecedented act in the history of the country

That seems hard to believe, but I don’t know of a precedent.

Cherry on top, his lawyers allowed him on the stand?! Am I reading that right? All he did was further incriminate himself. Hell, he might have slid on the kidnapping part if he shut the fuck up.

shalafi, (edited )

This is not some random rich person. This is the officer 2nd in line for the Presidency of the United States. It’s a wee more serious.


The decline of insects is the scariest thing I’ve seen in life, and I mean that. We kicked the bottom out of the food chain. It’s hard to state what I experienced as a child 40-50 years ago vs. now.

In just 3 years I’ve seen the insect population tank at my camp. My camp in the swamp. Banana spiders were legion, there’s still a few. The ground spiders are half what they were. Used to get a hummingbird now and again. Nothing has touched my feeders in 2 years. Further up the food chain, I see very little “higher” organisms. Nothing but squirrels, no other mammals. And that’s only 3 years.

Hell, my front porch is turning into a wasteland, and that’s on the bleeding edge of town, surrounded by country. Used to get as many a 5 tree frogs at a time, 0 now. 4-5 hummingbirds every year, now I rarely see 1. My porch lights used to be covered in dead bugs, pretty clean now and I haven’t touched them since last summer.

Young people have been robbed of a world they don’t know existed. Robbed in ways that don’t make headlines.


Fireflies are especially susceptible to pesticides (which includes herbicides). When I moved here 18 years ago, I’d see one or two occasionally, zero now. Read an article about them disappearing worldwide, over 10 years ago.

We didn’t have them when I was a kid in OK, but when I’d visit my great grandparents in Indianapolis, you could snatch as many as you liked out of the air, and that was smack in the middle of the city.

Fire ants and houseflies are thriving though!


The Crow turned me off as well. The original had basically normal people in it, not fucking models. I already can’t relate to the protagonist or his gf.

Do companies store facial and voice recognition data from the thousands of hours of zoom/teams calls that their employees use?

I heard a person call into a show the other day, voice only, and talk about some poor working conditions at a factory. Made me think about how it would probably be so easy for nefarious bosses to be able to identify that person through voice recognition SW with all of the data that comes from us looking directly into cameras and...


Pull that in my state without both parties consenting, that’s a felony. Even if I call a 1-party “it’s ok to record 'em” state, they still have to let me know because my state is 2-party. No sane company is fooling with this.

SOURCE: Zoom admin and sysadmin for 10 years.


So what are you gonna do? Send the cops to kill them? Because that’s how it plays out.

And then there’s the apocryphal boating accident. Prove I still have the guns.


“I lost my guns in a tragic boating accident.”

Now what?


Interesting note: Some think the red sky was what Much actually saw. Krakatoa had exploded 10-years earlier and the skies were still red.


My wife’s legal, but not a citizen. She doesn’t fuck around with the law, not the tiniest bit.


No, the base will not accept the flip. And that’s why the GOP is so concerned.

Once a person gets a bad taste in their mouth, it’s all but impossible to wash out. It’s now a gut feeling, and it’s not going away.


I’m an outspoken liberal. I have lots of guns. Lots. I do not want a Trump administration putting those two things together.

And for you unarmed libs, you really want to be tagged “harmless” in a federal database? You’ll be the first on the trains.


TIL that quote didn’t originate from The Crow. Gods I feel dumb.


The US bought it because it was cheap. We were only spending $1B a year, maybe it won’t hurt too much. In any case, I’m down with cutting everything off from Russia, down to the penny.

The United States’ dependence on Russian uranium dates back to a 1993 nuclear disarmament program soon after the Cold War ended. Under the program, dubbed Megatons to Megawatts, the United States bought 500 metric tons of uranium from dismantled Russian nuclear warheads and converted it to nuclear reactor fuel.

At the time, many policymakers in Washington hailed the deal as a win-win: Moscow got desperately needed cash in exchange for giving U.S. utilities cheap fuel and placating arms-control advocates. But today, some experts say the program had the unintended consequence of delivering such inexpensive Russian fuel that U.S. and European companies struggled to compete.


I don’t see how middle-aged+ conservatives can be in denial. I’ve seen some shit in my time. In just 18-years of living in Florida, the weather has changed dramatically.

It almost never freezes in the winter and the summers are hotter, and especially drier. Wife and I have done a lot of landscaping and gardening this year. All I can think is what a bitch it’s going to be when it doesn’t rain for 2 MONTHS.


Had a storm here Monday that got me thinking on this. Never seen the solar lights come on at 10AM. The rain across the street was going a different direction than it was in my yard.

Coming from Oklahoma, I’m no stranger to thunderboomers, but that one got my heart rate up, no lie. Went down to the creek last night and it was opaque from the silt still coming from upstream. Never seen that.

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