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signerinkbeast, to disability
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I almost don't believe it, but someone from actually contacted me to set up an appointment this Friday. It's been at least a 3-year wait for me. Something, something, update information, something, something.

But most importantly, they were actually nice to me. Those of us who filed for likely know that that is exceedingly rare in this process for the most part.

But wow. Something is happening. Yay.

signerinkbeast, to pokemon
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I have recently finished playing "Beneath a Steel Sky". Played it in on my this time around. It's my 2nd time ever beating the game. It was a great time, minus the pixel hunting puzzles here and there. Great music, fun dialog, Joey, LINC space, interesting atmosphere & characters. Did I mention Joey? Robert & Joey are hilarious.

kkarhan, to linux
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Seriously, I should make a that does that with ...


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@kkarhan There is a particularly ancient one, here, made somewhere around the mid-to-late 2000's, or very early 2010's. https://youtu.be/mFuekXaEKXo

Times sure were different back then. Edited to add this one was my favorite out of the various ads, and this is a parody of them.

RickiTarr, to random
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What do you sleep in:

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@RickiTarr 20. 19 when I'm menstruating.

lowqualityfacts, to random
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We should give Elon Musk full control over the world's entire nuclear arsenal so he doesn't have to deal with the stress of whether or not his actions will lead to nuclear war. The man is under a lot of pressure. It's only fair.

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@lowqualityfacts This is just asking for the fever dream in Harvester to become a reality. I'm thinking of that dude in charge of the nuclear missiles who lost his legs, & has the big red button directly on his underside. Musk would be worse.

lowqualityfacts, to random
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Those were simpler times.

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@lowqualityfacts You had to bounce between that, Yahoo search, and Ask.com for a time. I remember using Dogpile to search through all 3. Pretty useful in a time where they all had some strengths and weaknesses that complimented each other. Plus you could find things on page 82.

Even when Google became THE search engine, you used to be able to scroll through a whole lot of pages and still find interesting stuff many pages in. Maybe I had too much time on my hands, but it's something I miss.

SirTapTap, to random
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Fucked thing about my parents is their brains/empathy are so gone I don't think they could even possibly understand anything they've done or said.

They're lying pieces of shit for sure and conspiracy theorists and more, but I don't think they'll ever have the mental capacity to genuinely understand "oh I supported a fascist and lied to my son for a decade or more". They just don't think lies...are a thing

They contradict themselves &act like their former position never existed

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@SirTapTap I agree with Maple. Abusive narcs are just like that. They can't bear the fact that they can be wrong about anything, or hurt anyone without any justification. They don't apologize, & never acknowledge any wrongdoing. And if they do, they'll say it's not their fault, cue the rest of the narcissist prayer.

SirTapTap, to random
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What Post™ will @SirTapTap bring you today?

Retro gaming?

Body horror?


Alt Games?

Dead Babies?

Boosts of massive anime titties?

You'll just have to follow to find out

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@SirTapTap When I hear "interactive fiction", I think of the text adventure games ala Zork & friends, of which there are very many. See here: https://ifdb.org/

No idea if there's an official term for the weird, surreal games that are also often walking sims. I just call them weird, but a whole lot of stuff falls into that category for me, even just thinking of stuff Vinny's played over the years.

SirTapTap, to random
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It turns out putting my TV in game mode removes overscanning

Overscan has not been a thing in 15 years

why in the blue fuck is it still default on a brand new OLED TV

Also thank goodness for game mode, it was also off by default and the frame drops were noticeable

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@SirTapTap YouTube still overscans on all the flatscreen TVs I've used over the years. I can always tell because anything from logos to info bars always gets cut or chopped off at the edges of the display.

tiamat271, to novid
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Today’s observation:

People react with more empathy & cooperation when I ask them to wear a mask (for ex., during appointments) if I tell them I am trying to protect someone at home who is immunocompromised (trying to avoid getting sick so I don’t get them sick), compared to when I ask them to wear a mask just for me (crazy old me, trying not to catch a brain eating virus). I don’t know what to make of this. Anyone else have this experience?

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@tiamat271 @novid

Yeah, I've noticed that throughout the pandemic. These days I've largely given up on asking others to do so. My household appears to be some of the few still bothering to mask up. Even medical facilities have given up on it, which is annoying. One would think they would know better.

nixCraft, to linux
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How long have you been using as a daily driver?

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@nixCraft 13 years

thomasfuchs, to random
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Anyhow the Google quasi-monopoly on web browser technology is bad.

Firefox is in low single digits.

Only competitor is Apple, but Safari isn't available on all platforms.

Google needs to be force-split up in multiple companies like 10 years ago.

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@thomasfuchs IMO I wouldn't call Safari a competitor. The vast majority of web browsers today are webkit or blink based. Every single one of these browsers is the exact same engine at their core. The only exceptions now are Firefox and its forks that use Servo, or those using Basilisk, which is a maintained fork of Firefox's previous web engine called Gecko.

Literally every browser out there is just Chrome with another coat of paint otherwise, unless you enter the niche of text-only browsers.

gregmillerwrites, to random

Do you know cursive? If so, the
National Archives needs YOU to help transcribe pension records from the ! These are transcripts of oral histories given by the themselves (or their surviving family members) and offer absolutely fascinating insights into the realities of the time. https://www.archives.gov/citizen-archivist/missions/revolutionary-war-pension-files

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I can definitely read and write cursive. I don't know if I can truly read 18th century style cursive. But taking a cursory glance at some samples in a quick web search, I think I might have a shot at deciphering some stuff. I've done that with different versions of almost illegible modern cursive chicken scratch. It's been years since I've done that.

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I did sign up in the end. They seem to have a lot of stuff that still needs transcribing. So far I've been able to help with a couple of pages that had more modern-style cursive writing on them. So it seems if you have any proficiency with cursive at all, you might have a shot at helping in some way. So it's worth making an account, or at least taking a look at what's there.

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