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Bands, all genres of music from around the world, gig photos, festivals (#WOMAD, #EOTR, #GreenManFestival), infosec, FOSS, science and nature. Loves wildlife and fascinated by critters with 6 or more legs. #vegan, pro-science and progress green left winger.

Listens to #BBC6Music, #BBCRadio 3 #LateJunction, new releases, cool discoveries on #Bandcamp, and everything else!

Used #Linux on the desktop since when you had to know what a XFree86 modeline is.

No alt-text == no boost.

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substandardnerd, to macrophotography
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Macro shot of damselfly (female white-legged maybe?) feeding on what appears to be some kind of fly I saw yesterday.

Corrections or more accurate species identification welcome! 🙂

substandardnerd, to movies
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Rainy Bank Holiday viewing.

substandardnerd, to random
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It's a Bank Holiday in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

Have you checked the API to see whether or not bunting is appropriate?


substandardnerd, to random
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John Carpenter on horror classic The Thing: ‘It was an enormous failure and I got fired’


One of my all time favourites! An absolute classic!

Donald Moffat's delivery of the "I know you gentlemen have been through a lot…" line is iconic.

substandardnerd, to random
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Owners who demolished Crooked House pub after fire ordered to rebuild it


Well done to the campaigners fighting for this and to the council for making this decision.

Now get to it. lads!

substandardnerd, to random
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This Bandcamp Friday I recommend 'Live at Montreux Jazz Festival' by Anna von Hausswolff.


As a live recording it does a fantastic job of capturing the power and intensity of the sensational Anna von Hausswolff live.
And it's on sale!

substandardnerd, to random
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@nic Morning. Do you know this artist.


She has a few songs in Welsh. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 I'm seeing her in March. I've seen her before playing a support slot but this will be headline show.

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@nic Cool. A pub in London. Think she's based here these days.

fkamiah17, to random
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@fkamiah17 Sleep tight!

substandardnerd, to random
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Good lad is that Paul Heaton.

fkamiah17, to random
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Jesus fucking christ would you cop a look at these weirdos?

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@fkamiah17 @Twoclownseating I grew up in a very rural area. Used to get 16 year olds in full tweed knocking on the door around election time to remind us to vote for the conservatives in an accent as put on as Jacob Re-Smog's. Not that that did them any good at our house. My parents both hated the twats. ✊ 🤣

fkamiah17, to random
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I love this cover version, more even than the original.

The Bangles

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@fkamiah17 I love The Bangles!

substandardnerd, to Futurology
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Why the hovercraft's time might have finally arrived
Hovercraft were a quick way to zip across the world's waterways but were noisy and expensive to operate. Could they be about to enjoy a second wind?

But are they still full of eels?

I would love to go on a hovercraft. They look cool as fuck!

substandardnerd, to music
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Looking through my New Music Friday calendar for this year. Already lots I'm highly anticipating with new releases, or debuts, confirmed from:

Adrianne Lenker
Alev [Lenz] & Jas
Basia Bartz
Bob Vylan
Chelsea Wolfe
Gruff Rhys
Hurray For The Riff Raff
Jenny Hval`
Katherine Priddy
Laetitia Sadier
Lauran Hibberd
Marika Hackman
Nadine Shah
Sarah Jarosz
Sheryl Crow
The Last Dinner Party
The Staves
Yard Act

What are you looking forward to?

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And now a new Dana Gavanki announced!


That is definitely one to look forward to!

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…they're coming in fast today.
Now we have an announcement from BODEGA!


Their set at the End of the Road festival was one of the best things I saw all last year.

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…and straight to the top of my "most eagerly anticipated" list we have an album announcement from Julia Holter!


My artist of the 2010's although I never could settle on whether Loud City Song, Have You In My Wilderness, or Aviary as my Album of the Decade.

I have no doubt that her genius will continue into this decade.

Can't wait to see her at EartH in April. Seen her several times and every show has been astonishing!

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…and another for the eagerly anticipated list as the marvellous Jane Weaver announces a new album!


The 2 songs we have now sound great. Can't wait to hear the rest!

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An EP from Alison Eales:


Her album Mox Nox from last year was an underrated gem!

An EP from Welsh triple harp player Cerys Hafana:


Out now!

An album from Dublin based indie punks Pillow Queens:


And a collection of unreleased tracks, b-sides, and other odd ends from Nervous Twitch. Link coming soon!

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…and now a new one announced from Arushi 'Modular Princess' Jain!


Eagerly anticipating this now as 2021's 'Under the Lilac Sky' was a gem and her Green Man Festival set last year was stunning. Hoping for some live dates over here to go with the new one!

@modularsynth @synths

kim_harding, to random
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Letter from Doggerland
Mapping a Vanished Landscape

Evidence of a lost Mesolithic world lies deep beneath the dark waters of the North Sea

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@fkamiah17 @kim_harding
…and here's an album inspired by it.


It's very good if you like weird experimental electronic music. 😃

Some video works linked off the page as well.

Olivia is a fascinating artist!

substandardnerd, to festivals
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Back at work and catching up with email (select all delete) and chat (mark all as read).
Leave booked for WOMAD, Green Man, and End of the Road - the important stuff.

substandardnerd, to london
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Tickets to see the mighty SUNN O))) at London's Barbican Centre next year secured!

I shall prepare my earplugs! Seriously, folks, plug those ears at loud concerts!

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@arratoon Nice! I love Cafe Oto. Always a lovely respectful audience and great sound. Such interesting and eclectic programming too. I'm seeing her in Roundhouse next year as part of the In The Round series.

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@arratoon Cool. Good to hear that she is lovely in person!
Do you ever go to the Green Note?

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@arratoon It's my most attended venue by a wide margin. In tonight for the second time this week! Understand about Camden. Way too many people just milling around especially at the weekend. ha ha. It's quite convenient for me though.

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