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Webcomic/webtoon creator, webnovel writer, blogger. Long-time fan of drawing gijinka characters. Computing history enthusiast. This is where I'll be sharing #Gijinka characters based on computers and OSes, and worldbuilding for Operating Superstars.

Many of my character drawings are made in #Inkscape. I also use #Krita for illustrations, and #Blender3D for 3D modeling. #MacPaint is one of my favorite retro art programs.

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Operating Superstars intro — Petunia Rockie Tramell

Petunia represents the Commodore PET and Commodore’s later business-oriented computers such as the CBM 3000 and 4000 lines. The first of Ready Fleet’s microcomputers and served as the team’s mentor until disbandment. She is friendly, polite and has a knack for teaching and a talent for hardware repair. She was highly successful in the education and business venues, but struggled as an entertainer in the home venues.

As much as she may always try to keep up a professional demeanor, she has also has a silly side and can be easily amused.

#MastoArt #CharacterDesign #Gijinka #Gijinkas #Personification #OC

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Operating Superstars -- Trivia

Trish’s character concept is partly inspired by Dean from The Iron Giant, and the TRS-80’s nickname of “Trash-80”. Like with Dean had happen to him, Trish probably had others mistake her art for junk 😭

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Writing about this drawing led me to draw this too; a scene from the late 1970’s of Diana and Petunia attending one of Trish’s demonstrations when Diana mistook Trish’s art for junk.

Diana didn’t know that “junk” was meant to be art, and meant well but also had kind of a haughty attitude at the time that led to clashes in personality owing to how the Apple II had a much more glamorous image and was much more expensive than the TRS-80 and the PET.
Petunia was uncomfortable with Diana’s remark since the PET was often considered the most user-friendly of the 1977 Trinity (aside from the original PET’s infamous keyboard 🙃) and she always believed in being polite and professional.

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Hi! I’ve had a general account on Mastodon for 2 years now; the link is in my profile. I boost a lot about 3D modeling and webcomics there.

On my Sakurajima account is where I’ll be sharing my designs for #gijinkas or personifications based on computers and OSes, akin to the #OStan characters which I’ve been a fan of for a long time that they’re nostalgic. The header and icon I’m using now are of some of my characters.

I like many anime and manga but of them, shounen and magical girl series are the largest influences on my works.

I’m looking to meet others who share my interests and to meet more creators!

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