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#software engineer
#gamedesign -er

#programming, perf & #scalability, #latency, #Golang, #climate, #democracy, #wargaming, #scifi, #utopian, #comedy


education & political game on topics of democracy & climate. style: sci-fi, #postapoc, funny, real-time Terminal-based #Roguelike

To encourage work on my projects PLEASE send a tip or donation. Best upboat!

Alt text: profile icon & banner are screenshots from Slartboz prototype

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jake4480, to art
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@jake4480 I wonder which came first. his painting with that name. or the game and then they hired him to make a painting to promote it?

octavinavarro, to random
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@grumpygamer My favorite voice actress in Final Fantasy 14, Siobhán Hewlett, just said in a livestream that if she could choose a game to work on, it would be Monkey Island. And she would voice the whole cast of characters xD

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@octavinavarro @grumpygamer Final Fintasy Monkey Island now needs to happen


jake4480, to random
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Upset again just now about a cool LEGO based account I had for years on Instagram that they recently nuked for NO REASON.

Never trust Meta, folks!

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@jake4480 what did they give as excuse? did it have the letters LEGO in name?

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@jake4480 jesus. thats nuts

Cmastication, to random
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Today I installed Ubuntu on an old end of life Mac mini. My main use was to use it as a Tailscale endpoint. But it was pretty usable.

I wish Tailscale was around 13 years ago when I was living abroad. I would have used it to stream YouTube tv from the states 🤣

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@Cmastication I've not benchmarked it but I would not be surprised if a RasPi would suffice as a Tailscale node

TechBean, to HashtagGames
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Joy Division wrote "Love Will Keep Us Together". Captain and Tennile wrote "Love Will Tear Us Apart" in response.

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then Tina Turner followed it up with What's Love Got To Do With It?


jake4480, to random
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I just hope whoever made Star Wars gets a little recognition someday. It's a decent flick

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@jake4480 I saw it on opening day

first showing

line wrapped around the theater's building like 3 times

bummer they never made any sequels to it!

grumpygamer, to random
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I'm in the process of packing up for my big move to NZ so you're likely to see lots of nostalgia posts over the next few weeks.

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@grumpygamer if you've said it in public before, I apologize, but I am curious why you decided to move to NZ?

I have had a pet theory that there would be a spike in Americans moving to other nations this year or next, in large part due to desire to "get the hell out of Dodge" with respect to Trump becoming president again

I do see the attractions of NZ though

hynek, to random
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There’s something funny how you can immediately tell if a keyboard designer has ever used a terminal on macOS or not.

Hint: it’s the second option key.

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@hynek reminds me of when Apple took away ESC. as a longtime vi user I was pissed

markmccaughrean, to Netherlands
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Not bad; not bad at all 🙂

Especially for 52°N 🤷‍♂️


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@markmccaughrean thats real? in the sky?

synlogic, to random
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right now someone somewhere is in process of building a new LLM service that is like ChatGPT but... Fox News ified. If you know what I mean.

We can predict they'll do it. I did anyway. Its human nature. And we know there are already slimy actors out there with billionaire or even trillionaire backers. Koch, Mercer, Thiel,.Musk, Putin -- just those guys alone but there are many more

synlogic, to random
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@jake4480 sketching designs & concepts for a new game. Antikaos

set in Slartboz universe, but not Roguelike. more GUI. more education & political influence. and might try to run a Kickstarter to raise dev funds. might bomb, obvs, but prob wise to try at least once

very early, crude sketch of elements attached. helps me iterate on details in my mind's eye anyway

nyrath, to random
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nuking incoming rogue asteroids

(pdf file)

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@nyrath this is why I come to social media. ha

nixCraft, to random
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why does counting start at zero in programming? wrong answers only.

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@RL_Dane @nixCraft can confirm

er... my friend can confirm

davidho, to random
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Hello from here at 10 pm!

If the traffic calming chicane is the first thing you noticed, let’s be friends.

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@davidho is that of real world? or some CGI/AI mockup? cant tell haha

jake4480, (edited ) to science
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Robots still can't outrun the fastest animals because millions of years of evolution + tissue and bone make for more agility, flexibility, etc. 🤯 Fascinating stuff https://www.sciencealert.com/theres-a-surprising-reason-why-robots-cant-outrun-the-fastest-animals

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@jake4480 I bet Boston Dynamics has best chance. of making something like a robot cheetah/grayhound. in our lifetimes. now imagine such a thing with guns or lasers mounted on it (ala Dr. Evil's sharks)

but it reminds me of that saying: if you and your friends are on a hike and encounter a bear, dont worry about outrunning the bear -- thats actually impossible in a 1-on-1 race with a bear because theyre MUCH faster than youd assume. instead, you only have to outrun your friends. just one of them

jake4480, (edited ) to PCGaming
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32 years ago today on May 5 1992, one of the greatest games of all time (and forever my favorite first person shooter), Wolfenstein 3D, was released. I wrote about it for the list of 20 video games I can't stop thinking about (https://spacetimetech.wordpress.com/2024/04/06/20-video-games-i-cant-stop-thinking-about). I still play it regularly. Sometimes weekly. Killing digital Nazis is always fun and therapeutic.

You can play Wolfenstein 3D FREE in browser here: https://dosgames.com/game/wolfenstein-3d) and you can also download it free and run it on your own machine via DOSBox. Wolf 3D is also on Steam (https://store.steampowered.com/app/2270/Wolfenstein_3D) for a few bucks, and on the Microsoft store (the port of the 360 version). Now if they'd only port it to Switch! 😂

Happy birthday, B.J. Blazkowicz. 🎂

@synlogic@toot.io avatar

@jake4480 I loved Wolf3D too. but also the orig masterpiece to which it was a homage/riff by Id: Muse's Castle Wolfenstein

I have an entire plot/scenario/setting planned & designed for Slartboz which is my own homage to it. "The Gurls From Brazil." I just cant afford to work on it anymore unpaid haha

but if I ever resume buildout its the part I'm salivating over most: Nazi zealots! Undead Hitler! WWII era Panzers! and Abro & frens The Lazer Lizards go on their own Inglorious Basterds spree

Dandelion, to random
@Dandelion@stormwaltz.net avatar

Wargaming is presently streaming Canadian Vice Admiral Angus Topshee playing World of Warships from aboard HMCS Vancouver.

@synlogic@toot.io avatar

@60sRefugee @nyrath @cerebrate @Dandelion

when I imagine future sci-fi spacegoing warships I sometimes like to limit myself to minimizing assumptions & hypotheticals, while still punting on harder "which A-vs-B paths do we go down" Qs a bit longer

when I apply that strategy I sometimes like to assume that in 2030 to 2130 era:

  • we WILL have space warships (cuz history: bring war everywhere)

  • oldest ones based on SpaceX Starship

  • role-tailored variants

  • missile cruisers & drone carriers

platformalist, to gamedev
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TweetTweetJam 9 is almost here!


Starting Monday, come make a tiny game in 500 characters of code! It’s super fun every year, and we’d love for you to participate!

#pico8 #gamedev #indiedev #gamejam #TweetTweetJam

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@platformalist what does it pay?

@synlogic@toot.io avatar

@platformalist ah k. what I suspected. not a good fit for me then haha. I've been making computer games for decades, sometimes for professional pay, usually for peanuts or zilch. so not an itch I need to scratch anymore. I invested a few months of my life last year building a game (Slartboz) brought in $17 total. never again. loltears

regehr, to random
@regehr@mastodon.social avatar

I read the Foundation trilogy over the last month or two, turns out I really didn’t remember it well, has to have been well over 30 years since I first read these.

overall I felt kinda meh about it, like maybe the time period when people should read this has ended

@synlogic@toot.io avatar

@scheidegger @regehr I love the ideas in Asimov and Clarke. their writing styles are minimalistic. I think they're important to read but rereading is not compelling. guys like Herbert, Heinlein, Stephenson and Banks are all more exciting to reread and just soak in the atmosphere and action

Robert_Brandt, to random
@Robert_Brandt@spacey.space avatar

Original box I bought in '81, we had been playing since '79, though I waited to get the upadeted rules. Dice might be original, or might be from Squad Leader.

@synlogic@toot.io avatar

@nyrath @Robert_Brandt well said. that little fiction blurb was like a taster of what TTRPG experience is at its heart and at its best. using words to stimulate our minds and paint worlds and adventures which exist only in our imagination

erin_catto, to random
@erin_catto@mastodon.gamedev.place avatar

Rounded polygon testing with a new SDF polygon renderer.


@synlogic@toot.io avatar

@erin_catto what are you using for physics engine?

jake4480, to random
@jake4480@c.im avatar

People hate advertising so much there's actually faint marks of where someone marked the "mute" button for a lot of these gas pumps. Also, did you know that. Try it. Second button down on the right.

@synlogic@toot.io avatar

@jake4480 I've worked on the guts/brains of modern gas pumps. not that brand/model shown. a competitor AFAIK. agreed all that multimedia/IoT stuff is annoyimg for users who just want to get gas, pay for it and go

luis_in_brief, to random
@luis_in_brief@social.coop avatar

Data/surveillance/payment systems mystery:

  1. Google's payment systems regularly require me to regularly re-identify myself to them at the "picture of passport" level. No other online payment provider has this problem with me.
    .2 The passport office, on my last renewal, required surprising-to-the-clerk, mysterious, time-consuming, additional checks with a system in DC.
@synlogic@toot.io avatar

@luis_in_brief maybe something related to Tidelift and US/West sanctions against Russia, Iran, Hamas. not saying you are involved with latter, obvs, only that if there is unkbeknownst to you a sanctioned individual or entity with same name it might trigger extra scrutiny behind scenes, that a vendor has to act on lest they get in legal trouble. In the last week a new batch of sanctions went into effect or at least got signed into law

theory. obvs could be wrong

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