I have peepee doodoo caca brains.

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This is why you sign and encrypt the contents of email. If the recipient doesn’t have the public key, they can’t read the content.

Allowing a service provider to “handle your keys” is tantamount to letting the fox watch the henhouse.

Proton doesn’t provide IMAP/SMTP access for free accounts, so you won’t be able to encrypt emails locally.

This ultimately is the tech version of “trust me bro”. This means you are as secure on Proton as you are on GMail, depending upon how you use the service.


…yes, that’s what I said. But sign them locally. Do not put your private key on Protons service. Sign and distribute pub keys locally.

Probably should have clarified.

Also, paid IMAP/SMTP makes Proton a freemium service. Thought I should just underline that.

taanegl, (edited )


Oh I’m sorry. Taking care of someone for the rest of their lives, not being able to, not having the means to and all the while suffering for it is something you think is a walk in the fucking park?

I think the key word here is “suffer”. Americans worship suffering. It gives them a hard on. So when someone wants to end the suffering, that’s an insult. Typical ugly American mentality, devoid of any understanding for human nature and full of piss and vinegar. Also, it’s unrealistic and kind of naive, because I bet this happens more often than you think - but it’s hard to actually figure out. Why? Let me count the ways.

You have a judicial system committing mass judicial murder on a weekly basis “because you can’t afford the fight the case”, a for profit health sector that would pull plugs in concert if an insurance company told them to, doctors and surgeons dodging malpractice suits on a cross-state basis like it’s a sport and you’re probably happy knowing he’ll be sent to a for profit prison system that makes profits in the billions, where he’ll become a slave for the state to “pay back his debt to society”.

But sure, means and needs were not the issue. He should have pulled himself up by his bootstraps and gotten that 4th job.


“Evil” is a social construct for people in the dark ages, because it holds as much merit as believing in fairies.

Again, you are really in denial of human nature, and as such don’t know that the conditions I mentioned set the stage for this kind of thing to happen.

Do you know that you can be corrupted, that you can commit murder, if the conditions are right?


Bro… I just listed the reasons… like if you don’t want to understand human nature, human psychology, sociology or why systemic issues are apart of creating the conditions that would allow this to happen, then that’s your dumbass problem.

Like seriously. Read a fucking book - and not the Abrahamic ones. Those rot your brain.


No, I wasn’t referring to her. FFS. Like I understand why you would say that, because him considering his own suffering is just too selfish to be taken into consideration when asking why he did it, and us considering it as a part of his decision making process or that laws and systemic issues line this shit up like bowling pins? Noo! That’s not allowed when considering motive… he’s just EVIL which is a scientific term and influenced by SATAN because he DIDNT VOTE REPUBLICAN and probably LIVED AMONGST IMMIGRANTS /s

Like seriously, Americans are fucking stupid sometimes.


The two paths merged reveal a third option: the manbear.


Wouldn’t put it past them. Dubai is built on the backs of slaves.

In fact, it reminds a lot of old US slavery. Enforcers, catchers, etc. The whole shebang.


Once more, and I’ll probably be dogpiled this time as well, but democrats are neo-liberals and republicans are (traditionally) classical liberals. “Conservative” is short hand for “socially conservative liberal”.

Liberalism is a right wing ideology, designed by political philosophers and gamed by yee olde barons and aristocrats of yesteryear to give us this soft-imperialistic oligarchy that has been built on the backs of labour in the west, as well as the wage slavery in the east.

Case in point, the Tories in the UK are also liberals, whose Brexit campaign solely wanted to prevent immigration - although getting rid of EU fiscal regulations was probably the real reason.


Why is this downvoted? This is 100% correct.

Has anyone here noticed how reddit has gotten more racist against Indians in the last few months (lemmy.world)

It’s something I’ve seen slowly starting to emerge over the course of the last year or so. Maybe even longer. There’s accounts that post stories to designed to shock people into thinking India is a terrible place. Like I get it. India does have issues. And it does have issues with sexual violence as well. But its a shame...


No, I’m sorry. Zionists gotta project everywhere, now that people in the mainstream are aware of what’s truly happening.


Do not, I repeat, do not infodump on someone today.

Hi, my brain is wired so that it obsesses over details, combs through data and sifts through documentation, over decades even, only some poor soul to give me attention, which promptly opens up the spigot.

Please be advised, you will know why VST2 instrument plugins can take audio input, but only because Native Instruments sort of “hacked it in” during the 2000s, even though it wasn’t apart of the VST2 specification, which Steinberg obviously isn’t a fan of, because even to this day Cubase won’t recognise audio inputs from VST2 instruments in Cubase, but you can with VST 3 instrument plugins, and even though VST4 was at some point announced, it was presumably scrapped because plans for VST5 was leaked time after, but never actually came into fruition. Really though, vendors should be distributing CLAP plugins and contributing back to CLAP, because we could really use an open standard beyond Steinberg’s proprietary SDK, but then people like Native Instruments, Arturia, etc would have to “port their plugins” over to CLAP, which shouldn’t be too hard since it’s sort of API compatible - though not really - but since they won’t see instant returns they probably won’t dedicate the billable hours… so anyways, I program Maxforlive devices nowadays - oh, wait. Butterfly…


…well, is he wrong? Exploiting kids is the most lucrative endeavour. In fact, if we’re going by piece meal and not lump sum, young people are a fat wad of cash.

So of course you knew we need to take every musical art form and turn it into sensory overload on stilts, because money.

Your little crotchgoblins are a path to your wallet.


Bro, you swam in yuppies? It’s gotta take years to get the stank out… need to throw away all your clothes, smelling like fireballs, daddy issues and repression in this bitch.


Gotta respect boycotting Cloudflare on principle… but also, why?


Spotted the zionazi.


Here’s why yee olde liberalism is a crock. France, being arguably the birth place of liberalism, and also it’s perversion - or “modernisation”, being the home of “laissez-faire capitalism”. A place that would make Ayn Rand shed tears of joy, as Frenchmen set fire to the streets because their “liberal government” keeps fucking with their money.

That whole “freedom of movement” thing gets put on the chopping block - like a lot. Democrats, Republicans, Torries, etc, especially when it goes against geo-political liberal games like the wanton genocide and ethnic cleansing of Gaza. Then it’s all “oh noes :( scawwy mozlems.” Hey wait a minute, didn’t they actually mandate approved clothing for women, effectively banning the burqinie, and then had the balls to call them selves “liberal”? Yes, that’s apart of the liberal delusional cult. You don’t actually want liberty, but the liberty the move money around in Cayman Island bank accounts - if you have the millions to do so, ofc.

But, theh can’t just sweep the bodies of dead children under the rug anymore, because it’s becoming quite apparent who the colonisers and wage slavers are - and it’s the very same who claim to be pro-liberty, the ones who claim to be for freedom, but who at the end of the day wage more psy-ops and practice more hypocrisy than the vatican state.

Liberalism is better than nationalism, but both are awful, and liberalism is still right-wing. Anyone who fell for the okeydoke needs to take some inventory of their political beliefs - and political reality.


That exactly it. M$ execs look at this stat and probably go “we need to make it more unsecure, for the shareholders - of course.”


Oh noes! Design spec?!? :( STANDARDS AND ETHICS?!?! No! I Want you to install my halfass, broken solution instead of waiting for a proper solution to come along! I’m such a special boy and know coding better than you! HOW DARE YOU HAVE PLANS!! /s

Like some of you are buffoons and need to go use something like Plasma instead. I love Plasma, not pushing that down, it’s just that if you don’t know the modus operandi of GNOME in 2024 already, you might as well give up trying.

At the very least give up complaining. You wouldn’t have Wayland if it weren’t for WONTFIX, ya daft cunts.


“most very useful”.

List. Tell me which ones.


Huh, I guess you’re getting to them then with your massive winging. Guess you’ll get your Rube Goldberg desktop you want and still complain.


“16 years of paving the way for Plasma”.

There, fixed that for you.


Both are great projects really, and big projects at that - big stacks, lots of moving parts.

Whereas GNOME tries to be more uniform, Plasma tries to be more bespoke.

I don’t care which one you use, really. I just love GNOME design principles and it’s desktop paradigm.

Is GNOME a perfect project? No. But when these troglodytes crawl out of their discord servers, I just can’t help but be infuriated by their pure malice and ignorance.

So fuck em. I’m done with this thread.

You have a nice day now, y’hear?


Bro, why is Israel even in there? “They are in the broadcast union” is not the gotcha you think it is. Isreal neighbours are Egypt, Yemen, Iran and so forth.

The fact that you don’t see that European intervention and colonization in the middle east merits representation in European media shows a disconnect that can only be described as pure unadulterated repression. If you then also try to say “music” or “the arts” shouldn’t be political", I can only assume you actually like to listen to the music that comes from EuroVision.

If you want to continue with the financing of geo-political fuckery under the guise of “liberalism”, you’ve got to face it as well. You shouldn’t get to bury your head in the sand.

That being said, Palestine flags should be prominently features in the Isreali part of the crowd, since Isreal occupies their land.

It’s only fair to have proper representation.

taanegl, (edited )

You called me an American…

Last attempt.

Ronald Reagen and Margaret Thatcher were liberals.

True or false.

EDIT: screw you and your alt, you brainwashed dimwit.

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