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Not sure I believe in the ways of Mastodon. But given how the bully blows through his $44 billion allowance it can't hurt to have another place to play.

I am building Software, Infra, Teams
OSS at the ASF

❤️ Sailing
❤️ Photography
❤️ Flip Flops Fix: http://torstencurdt.com/-/btff

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software dev, team building, remote work, tinkering, business bootstrapping,
and a hint of photography and sailing


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tcurdt, to terraform
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I didn't know opentofu got a Cease and Desist from Hashicorp.

What a clown show.


tcurdt, to NixOS
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After using NixOS, the whole container ecosystem feels like holding it wrong.

I can no longer un-see it 🫣
I am doomed.

craiggrannell, to retrogaming
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App Store reviews can be quite something. Here’s one for Delta.

  1. Wasted your entire storage on… a 69MB app?

  2. Not as good as buying the game console yourself? Well, yes. Emulation is not a magic wand.

As for the other bits, I do have some sympathy for people griping about UX. Emulation is geeky. But ultimately if you can load a file into an app, that’s the level of tech here. Of course, you need to find the files first in this case, which is the problem.

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You really need fans of your app to suppress the unhinged reviews.

For me critical reviews largely fall into two categories:

  1. That's Apple's fault and I wish I could improve it (...and I wish you would understand that).

  2. It sounds like you have hit your head. You should go and see a doctor.

I praise the seldom but existing constructive criticism. But it's so rare - it doesn't qualify for its own category.

webology, to random
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🤔 Friends, I hate to say this with fresh layoffs happening, but you are about to see how much "Big Tech ❤️s Open Source" after years of exploiting our work.

>$100 billion in cash reserves and record quarterly profits going back a decade doesn't provide even an ounce of job safety, job security, or even loyalty for the employees and projects who got them there.

If you believe otherwise and work for one of these companies, I hope you are mentally and financially ready for what is to come.

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@oliverandrich @webology I am still stuck with gmail and leaving feels super hard.

This sounds like I need a support group 😂

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@oliverandrich @webology

What did you move to? And how was the rest of the migration?

...besides the manual website auth transitions.

tcurdt, to php
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CVE-2024-2961 sounds pretty scary.

Supposedly especially problematic for PHP.

Exploit demonstration is scheduled for May.


Stay safe out there.

janl, (edited ) to random
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Is anything up with the BitWarden online service? I can’t log into my vault in Safari or Firefox or Chrome. Normal or private browsing.

It claims weird traffic “from my network”, but I tried two lines now and get the same.

[Update: they had an IP ban on my CGNAT which they now lifted. they suggest I restart my router next time 🙄]

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Oh, you are a BitWarden user?!

My concern with BitWarden was always offline support.

Asking whether this has improved under such a post feels unintentionally snarky 🙃 but I am still wondering.

tcurdt, to linux
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The notion that everything is better as a database feels - meh.

Calling old seems to ignore a lot of the progress made. TBH I am more excited about immutable distros.

…but I would of course salute a rock solid OSS db that was born for “cloud” usage.

Curious to see where this is going.

From: @ChrisShort

@tcurdt@mastodon.social avatar

@janl They did?

Even after reading the article a 2nd time I am still not sure what problem this is trying solve. Or rather - whether it's worth solving.

dimillian, to random
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What the fuck. I guess it's time to remove Ice Cubes from the EU App Store. Of course, I'm kidding, but I kid you, not some other people might get pissed off and do it. Play stupid games, and win stupid prizes.

tcurdt, (edited )
@tcurdt@mastodon.social avatar

@dimillian The way I read it:

If you (individual or as a company) are making any form of money with the app - you got to publish your contact information.

Very close to the German "Impressum" rule.

I will never understand why writing things in plain language is such an obstacle for the lawyer types.

Disclaimer: IANAL

schwa, (edited ) to random
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  • tcurdt,
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    @schwa interesting. can you give more context? what did you print and what did you buy? I resin printed a lens element once but the quality was just not good enough. even after polishing.

    @tcurdt@mastodon.social avatar

    @schwa very cool!

    tante, to random
    @tante@tldr.nettime.org avatar

    Most open source projects are understaffed, especially given their relevance within the whole software ecosystem.

    For projects such as k8s it's of course even worse because their target audience is basically Google/Amazon etc (if you are a normal company it's probably a massive overhead for you) who outsource that relevant work hoping the community likes to work for free while learning the skills Google/Amazon/etc need.

    Software complexity is a scam by big tech.


    @tcurdt@mastodon.social avatar



    If FAANG lets even K8s (or OpenSSL?) end up being understaffed - I am worried.
    Hence the initial post.

    Sometimes I wonder what this means for the future of OSS (or society?).

    ...or what it says about big tech for that matter.

    tcurdt, to random
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    "The Kubernetes project currently lacks enough contributors to adequately respond to all issues."

    Makes you think when a project like k8s has problems like that.

    @tcurdt@mastodon.social avatar


    Just one example:


    A bot hands this out.

    dimillian, to random
    @dimillian@mastodon.social avatar

    Why should Apple provide all the tooling and infrastructure and collect no fee already?

    @tcurdt@mastodon.social avatar

    @dimillian @siuying

    It's not like people are thrilled to use those tools and infra from Apple to build their native apps.

    I can't really tell whether this is just shit posting or whether you trying to make a real point here.

    @tcurdt@mastodon.social avatar


    While I somewhat align with that sentiment, I think there is something to say about scale and markets.

    We effectively have two companies providing (and controlling) the mobile phone technology for an entire planet.

    At some point their success made them become crucial infrastructure. And for that there are just different rules IMO.

    @tcurdt@mastodon.social avatar


    I am in the Apple ecosystem for more than 20y and I wish I could share the enthusiasm.

    It has become a very mixed bag.

    While there is some light in the software space at Apple, I have seen a LOT of dark recently.

    It used to be M$ that I cursed for the terrible things I am seeing now. My heart breaks every time (a little).

    geerlingguy, to random
    @geerlingguy@mastodon.social avatar

    DRM and backwards-thinking media companies mean we can't have nice things. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7CDKvdlD6uQ

    @tcurdt@mastodon.social avatar

    @geerlingguy So true.

    Spotify drove me to de-dust my music collection. Albums disappearing and reappearing - but under a different id breaking playlists. Some albums gone forever. Really makes you think:

    What am I paying them for?

    The convenience is really wearing off.

    gernot, to random German
    @gernot@mas.to avatar

    Über Jahre war Amazon für mich fast die einzige Möglichkeit spamfrei einzukaufen*. Aber jetzt kommt sowas. Wie kriege ich das wieder weg?

    *) Solange der wehleidige Einzelhandel rumheult aber online nur Nerv bietet, kaufe ich gerne, viel, und oft, und ohne schlechtes Gewissen bei Amazon ein. Es ist nicht so schwer folgenden Blödsinn nicht zu machen: Login. Versand über Idiotendienste. Obskure Bezahlverfahren. Newsletter. Bewertungsspam. Fehlende Statusverfolgung. Die Liste ist lang.

    @tcurdt@mastodon.social avatar

    @gernot @tisba

    Kundenservice bei Amazon war mal top - ist es leider auch nicht mehr.

    Hatte gerade ein Drama mit denen - kannst Du Dir nicht vorstellen.

    Direkt bei Amazon bestellt.
    Fehler ursächlich bei denen.
    Hätte mir höchstens früher auffallen können.

    Es gab Beschuldigungen, Falsche Zusagen und Beschimpfungen(!?). Ich dachte ich bin im falschen Film.

    Der 8. Support Mitarbeiter hat es dann in 5min gelöst.

    rileytestut, to random
    @rileytestut@mastodon.social avatar

    Y’all, of course Apple is framing ManagedAppDistribution.framework as an MDM tool…but I’d eat my hat if it wasn’t also used for sideloading

    • AltStore requires workarounds to a) install apps, b) detect if an app is installed, and c) launch sideloaded apps. MAD.framework supports all these things

    • The API goes way beyond what is necessary for "just” MDM (e.g. screenshots, genres, age ratings). Like, do you really need age ratings for internal company apps? https://www.macrumors.com/2023/11/13/eu-iphone-app-sideloading-coming-2024/

    @tcurdt@mastodon.social avatar

    @craiggrannell @rileytestut

    Reads like they are trying to bypass regulation through the backdoor.

    Pissed me off already.

    If it really happens that way I hope I am not alone being mad.

    tcurdt, to linux
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    There is a linux shell for iOS!


    I never thought Apple would allow this. Call me surprised.

    Pretty cool. But I still would prefer the freedom to install Linux on the devices I own.

    zachleat, to random
    @zachleat@zachleat.com avatar

    top javascript developer techniques for loading the dishwasher:

    tcurdt, (edited )
    @tcurdt@mastodon.social avatar

    @zachleat await

    (careful: might strain relationships though)

    janl, (edited ) to macos German
    @janl@narrativ.es avatar

    help, I’m building the CouchDB binary on Sonoma on the latest Xcode 15 beta and I’m getting: “has been blocked because it may reduce your privacy and lower the security of your Mac.” when launching the app after a successful build. Can’t find anything about this online. Halp.

    Update: the “app” is a Cocoa app that uses NSTask to launch a command-line executable within its Contents/Resources. Starting the executable separately works fine. It seems I’m not allowed to NSTask.

    @tcurdt@mastodon.social avatar

    @janl @pmdj

    I have a sandboxed app that uses NSUserUnixTask to run executables.

    But in this case you should be using Process me thinks:


    tcurdt, to sailing
    @tcurdt@mastodon.social avatar

    I'll be in La Rochelle for a few days from Wednesday.

    The ocean, boats and french food.

    Ping me if you are in town.

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