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RxBrad, to random avatar

And here we have transcoding Live TV for 3 days straight, filling up my transcode SSD, even though nobody was actually watching anything and nothing showed up on the Dashboard..

"expected behavior, not a bug", apparently? --

EDIT: No way this can be intended. Made a new issue:


@RxBrad Oooh, interesting. Haven't tried Live TV with before.

teamtuck, to random

Boy, have I been in a mood the last few weeks. Lots of negativity creeping in, lots of filtering things out and weighing them.

Everything seems to be going down the drain (not personally) and I keep yelling at the clouds. Becoming an old man earlier than expected isn't working out so far.

teamtuck, to random

Can't believe I didn't notice, but if you take notes in , it's handy to have your bold and italicized text to be noticeable. I was using a theme that kept all the text in white (dark mode ftw) but you couldn't distinguish bold from regular text.

The trick is to find a theme (not a font) that puts bold and italicized text in a different color. Just makes sense.


@royal I've got so many themes because I switch them out whenever the mood strikes. I love Nord, Gruvbox, Everforest and even Shiba Inu.


@jrmat Not bad for a light theme, but I tend to stay on the dark side to save my eyes lol.

gamingonlinux, to cs2 avatar

@gamingonlinux I may have to try this out now. I loved Arms Race in CS:GO.

teamtuck, to random

For the last few weeks, I've noticed that I only check work email 1-2 times per day. It's not that email isn't important, but I tend to lean on Teams for notifications and such instead of having email blowing me up all day. In other words, I'm somewhat choosing to ignore it and put my focus on Teams instead. It's a weird thing to think about because it used to not be that way.... Email used to be king....


@RxBrad I don't like clutter at all, so email is an "eww" thing for me personally. I do the zero inbox thing and keep it that way; I don't see how people want to keep Papa John's coupons from 5 years ago and cry when you force delete them.

Email is just another stupid thing to keep up with and manage.


@royal Actually, Teams messages hold more "value" and need more of my attention over emails 9/10 times. That's why I'm having a little bit of a moment realizing this lol!

teamtuck, to steam

Weird to say, but Star Trucker is the second best demo I've played in Next Fest (Shapez 2 being the best). If you like any of the truck sims, you'll like this one. You have to keep up with your ship, keeping it in tip-top shape, patching holes on the hull, replace batteries, etc. Very unique world ; good details that were put in place.

My first playthrough of the demo, I couldn't find the control module that kept the temperature up in my truck, so I froze to death lol.


Played a little more. After grabbing the cargo and going through a jump gate, I got stopped by 3-4 drones for a security check. Hilarious surprise! This game definitely just shot up to #2 on my wishlist.

teamtuck, to random

Just wrapped up an hour long meeting and asked CoPilot to give me a summary. Scary how well it did!

teamtuck, to pihole

Trying to create custom #pihole reports via #python but for some reason, PiHole DB doesn't have hostnames, it has IP addresses, which is not helpful for what I'm looking for.

Setting up a temp #ubuntu VM so I can install Technitium and see what it's capable of.

I just want to be able to get a daily report of specific devices on my network and see what they are doing; I want to manipulate the view of the data and bend it to my will lol.

joel, to bluesky avatar

Here are 5 invite codes in case anyone wants them :blobcatderpy:



@joel Signed up just to see what its like and automatically seeing nothing but political crap, even though I didn’t choose that category or topic.


teamtuck, to ArcBrowser

I've been pondering on a good solution to keep links for "Reading Later" that blends in well with the browser; I don't want a separate solution that pulls me out of the browser or another Docker container to maintain for such a simple task.

I've turned off the tab cleaning/archiving feature of Arc and created a folder called "Read Later" in my Media space. With this, I can move or share links to this folder for later!

Really starting to dig !

rl_dane, to fediverse avatar

When you open a link from your terminal client instead of copying it* and realize...

"Oh no... I just started firefox."

Oh, the modern web. Woe, woe.

  • and viewing it in a terminal and/or lightweight browser

@rl_dane This is why you keep a browser running at all times so it loads faster?


teamtuck, to DOOM

I did it!!!! Doom Eternal TAG 1 has been defeated in Ultra-Nightmare!!!

I've been working on this for a while and it's done, it's all over. What a game.

Next, getting Ultra-Nightmare in the remaining Master Levels....


As a side note: I don't know if I will ever play TAG1 again. This definitely was the most frustrating DLC and final boss fight of the entire game. I can't tell you how many times I've went through it just to get to the boss fight and lose on the last 1-2 phases.

I'd much rather go back through the main campaign and do UN again on it instead. TAG2 is fun because of the hammer and the arenas/encounters are just better overall.


@thejikz Yeah buddy!!!! I e been playing on and off since release, so almost 4 years!

teamtuck, to python

Currently writing a custom script to pull and parse PiHole DNS query logs.....

teamtuck, to ArcBrowser

Ah crap. picture in picture feature goes outside of the browser, which turns out to be a small hassle. I kinda wish you could limit it, confine it within the browser window itself.

teamtuck, to apple

This is my take on how #apple thought up window management in #macos . No structure, no worries, no cares. Seriously, window management is a nightmare and barely usable with Rectangle. Heck, #windows does a better job!


teamtuck, to bible

My wife is FINALLY seeing how terrible the YouVersion app is!

This whole "celebrity culture" we have in the world is a huge problem that hardly no one is paying attention to.

I couldn't care less about your upcoming album, single, book, or study, or the fact that you are from a popular mega church. Why are we not doing Godly things FOR GOD?!

Absolutely drives me insane.


@ladyhope Good point, it's not a "game" so to say. I don't like things advertised and promoted down my throat, especially in a Bible app. I also don't care for the social aspect of an app like that, but whatever, most people do I'm sure.

teamtuck, to random

Not sure why but 2024 sure has given me a lot to think about. There have also been some things catch my attention that I’m just really getting tired of. I guess age has something to do with it lol.



@RxBrad Old men unite!

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