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thepdog, to Humor

The National Park Service nails it with their latest sign on how to safely pet wild animals.

thepdog, to animals

This little girl will be a new member of our family in a week and a half. Can't wait to pick her up.

DrALJONES, to random avatar


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  • thepdog,

    @DrALJONES I'd say "inconceivable" except that unbridled support has been going on for a long time. There is something wrong with our foreign policy when aid to Ukraine is heavily questioned and takes months to pass with great effort while aid to the current Israeli government is not, especially given the suffering inflicted on Ukraine versus that inflicted by Nethanyu and his government.

    atrupar, to random avatar

    New in PN: NY-03 gives Republicans lots to worry about


    @atrupar Thank you for your thoughtful analysis.

    GottaLaff, to MIguns avatar

    Another day, another…

    inside popular mall in Kansas City, Missouri, injures 6

    Six people are wounded after gunfire broke out inside a popular shopping mall in Kansas City,


    @GottaLaff I've been in that mall when visiting KC. WTF!!! Just so sick of hearing about shootings. 😞

    thepdog, to random

    List five famous people you either met or have been within a few, but one is a lie. Then let your friends guess which one they think is a lie.

    1. Reggie Jackson (baseball player)
    2. Orville Redenbacher (the popcorn guy)
    3. Dan Rather (from CBS News)
    4. Dave Thomas (Wendy's founder)
    5. Billy Beane (of Money Ball fame)

    thepdog, to random

    I've often wondered about the cost of versus the cost of (Universal Basic Income). Homelessness is bad policy.


    @PadreWil Agree with you wholeheartedly. The use of a credit score to indicate trustworthiness for paying rent is scandalous.

    RickiTarr, to random avatar

    It's that time of year again! I know this can be a time of year where we have a lot of complicated feelings, so let's have a little Mastodon Holiday Party, but you can talk, vent, cry, laugh, or really anything you want. So, I'm asking, How are you doing today, for real?

    And just for fun:


    @RickiTarr Grateful that our two adult children are visiting. It's nice to be together as a family again. Happy Holidays to you and everyone reading this. May peace and harmony come to us all in the coming year.

    thepdog, to Travel

    How far have you traveled? Toot the furthest you have been in each direction from your current residence.

    North: Dublin, Ireland
    East: Budapest, Hungary
    South: Tulum, Mexico
    East: Tokyo, Japan

    _L1vY_, to random avatar

    If you use Amazon, go to the search bar and enter "thank my driver." It will give you a button to click to tip your latest driver $5 at no cost to you.

    I just tried it! It worked! At least it claimed to have worked!


    @_L1vY_ I just did it through the app. It sends a thank you note but no option or mention of $5. 🤷‍♂️

    zoom_earth, to random avatar

    Wait for it…! Incredible witnessed by pilots of an Air Portugal night flight from San Francisco to Lisbon 🤩💚



    @zoom_earth I was on a flight about 30 years ago and had the pleasure of witnessing an aurora. It was truly amazing. Thanks for posting this video!

    amyfou, to coffee avatar


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  • thepdog,

    @amyfou That is so cool! 😍

    thepdog, to SantaFe

    1. Temperatures finally cooled off today, was able to enjoy time outside.

    2. Went to in and picked up a Xmas gift for our daughter.

    3. Enjoyed a light this evening.

    thepdog, to SantaFe
    thepdog, to random

    1. Watched bees flitting around our sage bushes. Not sure why it makes me so happy seeing them buzz around the flowers, but it does.

    2. Enjoyed a patio dinner and the views.

    3. Finally giot to see my friend's band play on stage tonight and they killed it. Totally rocked out.

    thepdog, to random

    1. Finally dropped of a trunkful of goods at a local dropoff

    2. Had breakfast at one of our favorite spots

    3. Enjoyed running a few errands with my wife

    thepdog, to Dog
    ct_bergstrom, to random

    Today a friend asked me what was up with vaccines. Why haven't we been encouraged to get further boosters?

    The short answer is that there's a new version coming this fall that targets the now-prevalent XBB.1.5 strain that was not included in previous formulations.

    My guess is that this will be made available, but not necessarily recommended, to all US adults. I will be getting it if it is available to me.


    @ct_bergstrom It's as if COVID no longer exists here in the US.

    thepdog, to AdobePhotoshop
    TonyStark, to random avatar

    Thanks, Democrats and Colorado governor Jared Polis.

    EpiPen costs capped at $60 soon per new Colorado law-


    @TonyStark Polis does a great job as governor. Lived in Colorado until last year.

    juddlegum, to random avatar
    1. In 2023, the Democratic and Republican parties are deeply divided on virtually every issue

    But there is an exception

    There is always more money for defense contractors

    The debt limit deal, ostensibly about reducing deficits, contains billions more for the defense industry


    @juddlegum Almost every Congressional district and every state has a vested interest in the . Whether bases or , a view is that a vote for is supporting the local while a vote against makes reelection more difficult. Welcome to money in US politics and why the system is in trouble.

    pivoinebleue, to random

    Arnold Schwarzenegger: 'No one gives a s--- about' climate change — this is what it should be called instead

    >"As long as they keep talking about global climate change, they are not gonna go anywhere. 'Cause no one gives a s--- about that," Arnold Schwarzenegger says.


    @pivoinebleue Labeling is important. Think how people who are concerned about climate change are labeled socialists and tree huggers. Pollution is something that is more readily visible and tangible for people. But there also needs to be labeling for those who oppose stopping pollution. Make the enemy tangible and easy to remember. If this isn't done, the changes won't come quick enough.

    cliffwade, to random avatar


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  • thepdog,

    @cliffwade Zero. The sad part is that several of those items are still active in my life. ☹️

    thepdog, to random

    this in . Enjoy your night!

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