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None of those details really matter.

What matters for the point of this argument is the simple fact that Discord is owned by the company Discord Inc.

That includes all of the servers and everything on them.

Imagine if ALL OF THE INTERNET was owned by Google …


Seems like everything is back to normal, at least from what I can tell on my end and a lot of other users’ reports.


Sounds good!

This was one of the first communities (although in hindsight, i guess not really) I subscribed to after signing up for lemmy.

Would be very glad to see more engagement here, I’ll try to engage more myself!


I do, a bit differently from what’s been mentioned here so far:

I actually host my server at home, running mailcow as my email-server-software of choice, and incoming emails do get delivered directly to my ISP-assigned IP via dynamically updated DNS records.

However: Outgoing email is delivered via an SMTP relay service, specifically Mailgun (I like them because for normal everyday email volume it’s free), because even when I was hosting the email server in a datacenter, it was impossible to not encounter deliverability issues.


Keplerbrücke repräsentiert.

Wirklich eine der übersichtlichsten Kreuzungen von Graz :)


Omg🤗 Perfect birb with a perfect name!

You’ll have to teach him accordion

SSH Key Strangeness

Are there any reasons to get a pubkey denied after you run ssh-copy-id onto your server? I've already restarted the sshd service but I still get pubkey denied after I copied my ssh I.D. to my server. I am thinking about just removing all the keys I have on the server and re-adding them but I was hoping someone else may have an...


Also: Make sure that the user you ran “ssh-copy-id” against on the remote machine is also the user you’re trying to log in with.

Self hosted web based note application

Is there a self hosted web based note app similar to Obsidian or Joplin? I've tried Trilium and its ether above my pay grade in terms of knowledge, or I've set it up wrong. I'm mostly looking for something that has support for folders or a tree structure, markdown or simple text based and all accessible buy web browser....

Tool for Monitoring Bandwidth in Real Time

I am looking for a simple tool that I can monitor available bandwidth on my 3 different ISPs in real time. Not what is being used, but what is available...like a speed test, but one that can show historical data. I have PRTG but that shows what is being used. I also do not want it to constant speed tests, that would take up...


So you want the available bandwidth to be monitored in “real time”, but you don’t want constant speed tests to happen. Then you mention a script doing a speed test.

You’re gonna have to choose: Either you run some kind of Speedtest on a regular basis, which will give you somewhat “real-time” results, or you don’t do it, and you don’t have real-time data as a result.

A very quick google search brought up this power shell script, that even formats the results for PRTG:



But if he wanted that historical data for, say, making sure an ISP delivers promised bandwidth, then unless he’s constantly maxing out the connection, the usage graph is going to be fairly useless.

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