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PeerTube instance for urbanists, by urbanists.

Showing is more effective than telling. Let's share videos to build walkable, livable places around the world. 🌍

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    @RM_Transit Awesome! You should also set up the "support" button on your account/channel. (It's just a simple markdown field where you can add links for people to support you.)

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    urbanists.video was mentioned in @peertube's latest blog post! ❤️ After all, why not digital autonomy while building walkable, livable places? https://joinpeertube.org/news/peertube-future-2024

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    urbanists.video has been upgraded to v6! Enjoy.


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    urbanists.video is getting a surge of traffic today; welcome!

    For those new to , a reminder:

    • You can subscribe, like and follow videos/accounts by pasting the URL into Mastodon's search bar. No PeerTube account necessary!
    • You can also watch urbanists.video content from other PeerTube instances
    • You can tag creators on PeerTube to make it easier for people to follow! For example: @paige_saunders
    video, to fuck_cars
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    A Minnesota Urbanist Responds to MattCaff's Video About Minnesota Wins

    @ianrbuck dives into the details on various Twin Cities transit projects highlighted in @heartlandurbanist's latest video!


    Be sure to like + subscribe for more


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    Kids shouldn't have to sacrifice their futures for the convenience of adults.


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    @DrTCombs @tomflood nice stickers too! 😉

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    :fediverso:💡 Want to help urbanists.video federate with other instances? follow @peertube! This (automated) account boosts all videos posted to urbanists.video.

    By following, everyone on your instance will be able to more easily search for and discover videos. Thanks for your help! :blobcatfingerguns:

    (And some instances already have followers of @peertube, including better.boston, urbanists.social and universeodon.com!)

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    Making Lincoln Walkable

    Check out this new video by @janaff:

    "Going out to get photographs and researching Lincoln has really given me a new appreciation to the city. [...] It's a city of great culture, of canals, of places that people that do and will walk to, even in spite of the fact that it's not exactly an Amsterdam of England."



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    If you're into PeerTube, Mastodon and walkable, livable places, we have a batch of stickers (and a fridge magnet) for you! :blobBongo:

    They're totally free because the Fediverse is awesome and we want to spread the love. Let's build places for people, not cars :fediverso:🏙️🚲

    Here's the order form: https://urbanists-video.square.site

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    In case you’re wondering, @alex is behind this sticker project. We can send to up to 200 people, but it might take a while if there’s a lot of interest because mailing is a totally manual process. 😅

    If you think this is cool, you can return the favor by signing up and sharing videos from your community on PeerTube - https://urbanists.video. There’s a lot we can learn from each other, and show others!

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    Hi Mastodon! I’m a brand new instance dedicated to . I don't have much content right now; you can help! Let’s share videos to build more walkable, livable places. https://urbanists.video

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