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librairies + logiciels libres + lisp

Creating a Lisp course: https://www.udemy.com/course/common-lisp-programming/?couponCode=LISPMACROSPOWER

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dziban, to Lisp
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Quick article about delivering a #lispworks application, the remote debugger and library troubleshooting.


#lisp #commonlisp

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@dziban Super interesting thanks. A bummer for compile-file. Maybe it is available in a superior version?

vindarel, to elixir French
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Me discussing and for a bootstrapped SaaS and making noise on the https://dev.to/vindarel/is-elixir-or-common-lisp-the-best-language-for-building-a-bootstrapped-b2b-saas-in-2024-2ji0ed-b2b-saas-in-2024-2ji0>

> I want to be convinced and find the Graal, but when I take a look to maybe rewrite my Python/Django app to Elixir, I miss stuff.

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@jacobat But how much closer is HTMX with its websockets extension?

vindarel, to Lisp French
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TIL another genius feature.

In SLIME, type:


you should see the arguments lambda list in the minibuffer. Want to see them better?

Type C-c C-s

it gives…

(find item sequence :from-end from-end  
 :start start  
 :end end  
 :key key  
 :test test  
 :test-not test-not)  

clever, isn't it?

ynom, to emacs
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What do you all think of ?

It appears to be an -ish program that uses for customization.

Apparently there have been other emacs clones based on and and I guess those are called ?

Without going too into my personal details, I’m not a professional programmer and most of my experience is with a modern programming language, , and a high level programming language, .

I’ve tried learning several times by completing various programming exercises and I end up quitting because something obnoxious comes up that, from my minimal programming experience, appears to be due to elisp‘s age. Again, I’m not a pro, so this is just my amateur take.

I did a some programming challenges with which was hugely fun (mostly because of how fun it feels in emacs 😁) so I don’t think it’s the part of emacs I have a distaste for.

I’ll probably give it a serious go within the next week here and possibly report back, but I can’t imagine an emacs clone without and ChatGPT-shell will really ever become my daily driver 🙃



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@ynom @louis

> Magit

(ql:quickload :lem/legit)

C-x d (M-x legit-status)


  • see status,
  • stage/unstage files and diff hunks
  • commit, push/pull (no choice of branch)
  • interactive rebase (best case scenario)

it's a big WIP of course

Guess who added that 😎

ChatpGPT shell: WIP Ollama client too (https://github.com/lem-project/lem/pull/1199)

simoninireland, to Lisp
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@simoninireland Fair and interesting article 👍

re static typing: we could note that SBCL gives a lot of type warnings, at compile-time, when we compile the function at point (so, instant feedback), and we could cite the new Coalton for Haskell-like types on top of CL. In that regard, CL is much more helpful than, say, Python.

re car and cdr: they are first and rest in CL.


vindarel, to Lisp French
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🥳 Celebrating 1001 learners on my Common Lisp course, thank you very much for your support!

Starting with CL was honestly not easy. The first thing I did was writing the "data structures" page on the Cookbook, bewildered that it didn't exist yet. A few years and a few projects later, this course allows me to share more, learn more, have fun, and have some rewards to keep the motivation up.

next an soon©: all about CLOS.


vindarel, to Lisp French
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📹 new video! A demo on how to build a web app in Common Lisp: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h_noB1sI_e8

We see how to: start Hunchentoot, create routes, create HTML templates (using Bulma CSS), handle errors.

Next, we'll run it from the terminal and then we'll create a self-contained executable (including static assets).

Hope you enjoy it!

glitzersachen, to Lisp German

Dear #lisp hobbyists, which online communities would you recommend for #commonlisp

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vindarel, to Lisp French
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Latest string manipulation functions on the str library: https://lisp-journey.gitlab.io/blog/latest-string-manipulation-functions/

split and replace by regex, ensure-prefix/suffix, generally work better with characters, and other additions and fixes.

Thanks to all contributors!

#lisp #commonlisp

vindarel, to Lisp French
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#lisp Cookbook: new EPUB and PDF release.


time spent today: 3 hours fixing truncated snippets on the PDF, 1 hour for the release. Support is possible ;) 🙏

Right next: my favorite additions of this year.

#commonlisp #ebook #programming

vindarel, to random French
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📺 ⭐ I published 17 videos about Common Lisp macros- learn Lisp with a code-first tutorial


It's been well received, thank you!

learn more about my course: https://github.com/vindarel/common-lisp-course-in-videos/

(re-posting to pin to profile)

amoroso, to Lisp
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I'm checking out the Lem Common Lisp IDE, which is essentially Emacs in Common Lisp.

Here's the ncurses backend of Lem in SBCL under Crostini Linux on my Chromebox. Having used Emacs for many years I feel at home with Lem.


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@amoroso Nice! Now you could try a (ql:quickload "lem/legit") and M-x legit-status (careful though, very much alpha, un-documented feature so far)

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@amoroso It's a WIP Git interface: status, stage files and diff hunks, commit, interactive rebase, branch checkout. With preliminary support for Fossil.

I think having a magit-like plugin for Lem is doable.

amoroso, to Lisp
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I'm looking for a Lisp resource I run across but can't find anymore.

It's a Common Lisp reference similar to the HyperSpec or possibly based on its text, but with a clean web design and modern HTML formatting. The name of the resource rhymes with "spec" or "hyperspec".

Does it ring a bell? Can you help?

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vindarel, to Lisp French
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📹 🚀 Announce and cool showcase: I published a video showing MACROSTEP in the editor.

It's part of 18 videos for the new chapter on macros in my Udemy Common Lisp course!

https://www.udemy.com/course/common-lisp-programming/?couponCode=LISPMACROSPOWER (Lem video: last one)

Thanks for your support, it helps.

(student? I can send free links, plz PM)

louis, to random
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Turns out the investment in LispWorks is paying off. It not only has a PARSE-FLOAT extension, it also has this:

(capi:prompt-for-file "Select the report.csv")

which returns a pathname and works without any special GUI setup.

#CommonLisp #LispWorks

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louis, to random
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Interesting: it seems that does not have a PARSE-FLOAT function or something to that effect. It has PARSE-INTEGER but to parse a float, you either need to build it yourself or use an external library.

Or did I just not find it in the specs?

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@louis yes… that's one of the little things I would expect in a batteries-included CL: http://ciel-lang.org/#/libraries?id=numerical-and-scientific (pre-beta looking for more usage)

galdor, to random
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A new version of the Clozure implementation has been released.

This is the first stable release in more than 2 years. Hopefully it means there will be more development in the feature.

Good news!


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@louis @galdor I recall there is a business opportunity to add M1 support. Some people are ready to back it (to what extent?). See a lisp-pro mail exchange somewhere, see with the CL Foundation.

louis, to emacs
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Found a new video series on building a tiny HTTP library in Common Lisp from
Philip Bohun:


He is using and .

@vindarel@framapiaf.org avatar

@louis Starts well, can't recommend the 2nd one though, he's more fighting with CL (assoc, plists, :test equal) than writing the client. Let's see how it goes, that could be great.

Seeing him calling ql:quickload instead of a C-c C-c is frustrating too :p

vindarel, to Lisp French
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vindarel, to Lisp French
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Lem news: I ran my first interactive git rebase inside Lem 😎 (lots of work remaining)


vindarel, to random French
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chatlog with Vinn on Discord, today:

> I bought your course half way into my lisp journey (almost 2 years now). It's good. […] It feels like the people who overcome the hardship of learning key things… know a secret… Paul Graham was right haha. Also, I learned (values ... ) from your course. Gold.


Yes, values is NOT like returning a tuple and is super useful.

svetlyak40wt, to Lisp
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Made a small function to dump core from SBCL running under Emacs.

This code closes all threads, because image can't be dumped when multiple threads are running.

The code: https://gist.github.com/svetlyak40wt/e4afab04a73110f76fd197ee824ce7fc

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svetlyak40wt, to Youtube
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Today I have two things to celebrate.

  1. Our team took third place on the largest russian hackathon LCT23. And of cause backend was written in
  2. Today I've got 300 subscribers on my channel!

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@svetlyak40wt Seeing such a use of Reblocks sparks joy, well done!

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