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I'm a student & aspiring web/gtk developer from Kigali, Rwanda.
Have a nice day!

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nekohayo, (edited ) to ADHD
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/ / / folks, plz compare:

In your experience, would UX from the 2nd link distract, overstimulate or bother you in a way that represents an issue?

Note: I'm not the one proposing this, I'm not even affected. I ask for the sake of others; polling for statistical sample size.

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@nekohayo the view should be centered only if it's showing the domain, example: google.com, otherwise, when the user clicks on it, it should show the full URL left-aligned

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@nekohayo oh I see. does it only show the domain (i.e. google.com) instead of the full URL? afaik that's how it works on iOS

nekohayo, to python
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Did you know there's a cool little + forecasting native desktop application for , called ?

Seems like it was started a year ago. I just discovered it now, and am somewhat impressed by how much detail it provides (including Air Pollution / Air Quality Index).

So of course I filed my ponies-on-rainbows enhancement request to suggest an interactive stacked graphs representation (like a certain website I use, shown below)… 🤞👀


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@nekohayo this does not look like a GTK4 app. Maybe its just a Web view? 😅

vixalientoots, to random
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had a very rough fortnight:

  • gets into an accident, phone shatters into oblivion
  • buys new phone
  • literally 2 days later
  • gets into an accident, phone shatters into oblivion

😭🤧 ughh

whynothugo, to random
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In an alternative reality, people prefer comfort to status symbols, so they ride public transit instead of each one buying and piloting their own cars.

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@whynothugo I don't think public transport is more comfortable tha private transport

pieq, to GNOME

I have a server running on my NAS. I want to access the calendars on it from Calendar. How to achieve this? I haven't found anything neither in Calendar itself nor in "Online Accounts" section in the Settings.

I found an old blog post from 2016 mentioning having to install to do this:


Is this still the only way to do this?

cc @gnome

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@pieq @gnome In GNOME 46, I believe you can add a CalDAV right from Online Calendars by providing a URL.

vixalientoots, to random
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I can't stress this enough.

tuxdevices, to random
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I didn't turn off my laptop since my screencast demo at Berlin, and realized i walked away with a piece of @cas 's display with me, forever :ablobcatbongo:

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@tuxdevices @cas What's the app name for mirroring?

chriswood, to GNOME

More progress made!

The WIP icon manager app now renders SVG icons as vector drawings, so they don't get pixellated and appear extra crisp on HiDPi displays.

The search bar is also now visible in the header bar for quick access. It now filters the icons in the currently selected list.


Video demo of clicking on different icons which are rendered in high resolution, and searching for arrow icons

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@chriswood GtkGridView and GtkListView are designed to be put into GtkScrolledView, or otherwise you won't get the performance benefits at all.

I was working on a custom widget that would enable showing a GtkScrollable (in this case a GtkGridView) with a header and keeping the perf benefits. I can show you the code and you can try to port it to swift.

You can also try setting vexpand/valign in the meantime

vixalientoots, to random
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In case you missed it, Decibels is now in GNOME Incubator: https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/Incubator/decibels

This means it's on track to become a GNOME Core app, and you can install Nightly builds of Decibels from the gnome-nightly flatpak remote to help catch issues 👷.

flatpak install --user gnome-nightly org.gnome.Decibels

kohelet, to Powershell
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Why in powershell backtick (`) is the escaping character, and not backslash () like in most languages?
anyone knows?

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@kohelet probably because it's the path separator in windows?


amadeus, (edited ) to linux
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As has become more popular, I have tried to help make (s) Flatpak ready.
Interestingly, I keep coming across a general rejection, like "it's not worth the effort", "it's not the future", etc.
I am aware that it has drawbacks. But are you also against it?
Apart from the amount of space it can take up, I have to say that I've never really had any complaints, and I've sort of already accepted it as a kind of convenient, non-system , I guess.

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@amadeus @rasmus91 yes, but that requires host access. It would be better if flatpak supported dynamic permissions like android for filesystem access. For example: "Do you want Visual Studio Code to access ~/Projects/app?" where you could respond with "All of the time", "Just once" or "never".

ebassi, to random
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It was a Dune double bill at the IMAX kind of night

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@ebassi gonna watch this today. How was it?

cheeaun, to random
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Wondering if a no-CSS + no-JS embed code would be useful or make sense? 🤔

(not on dev site yet)

Demo of Embed code functionality on Phanpy, that shows a modal that renders the embed HTML code for a post.

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@cheeaun what if the post gets edited or removed? the embed will not reflect that right?

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@cheeaun Ah I see. I'm sorry to ask, but I thought having an endpoint that returns the iframe content would be more beneficial... What do you think?

ljrk, to GNOME
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allows you to configure login via on supported devices instead of a password. Security issues aside, this has a bit of a "meh" experience when using the which still requires unlocking via password.

Most OSes I know handle this differently and thus also side-stepping the problem by asking for a login password but allowing you to unlock the screen afterwards using fingerprints. Any GNOME or experts here who know how to configure something similar?

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@ljrk the current issue is that the keyring also requires a password, differently from the login password. now GNOME will try to unlock the keyring using the password you give on login, but if you don't provide the password then nothing can be done...

you can already remove the password from your keyring, and I'm pretty sure the keyring doesn't support other forms of authentication except password.

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@ljrk if you use LUKS, you can configure GDM to automatically unlock the keyring if it matches your LUKS password.

In the case you mentioned above, I think you can configure GDM to not request your fingerprint and only the lock screen (not the login screen) will be able to use your fingerprint.

this matches the behaviour in Android

cassidy, to design
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CSS text-wrap: balance is magic and should be used for adaptive text-based layouts, whether you are going Swiss-style left-aligned or using centered text.


It tells the browser to algorithmically reduce the line lengths to balance each line in the block out, making it more aesthetically pleasing—and easier to read in the case of centered text.

Compare the default behavior on the left to the balanced wrapping on the right.

Side-by-side comparison with default text wrapping on the left and balanced wrapping on the right. The text is center aligned.

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@cassidy Wish GTK/Pango had this

cassidy, to GNOME
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What if GNOME.org was a bit more modern? 🤔

#GNOME #GNOMEdesign #design #WebDesign

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@cassidy day 1823 of trying to convince GNOME Designers to come up with a common stylesheet for the various websites (another fail)

@vixalientoots@mas.to avatar

@cassidy imo GNOME has become a large enough project that it needs a clear and concise design language. A stylesheet is not necessarily required, but a common set of guidelines are at least needed. For example, see Adobe Spectrum, Microsoft Fluent UI, Shopify Polaris or even IBM Carbon.

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@cassidy No Adwaita is for applications, I'm talking about the websites. Including Fluent UI in that was possibly a bad idea.

I believe Apple's design language is just called "Human Interface Guidelines".

I was just asking for a common design language, i.e established patterns. You can see that the design of https://l10n.gnome.org/ is different from https://welcome.gnome.org while I think they should have a shared "style" (again, not necessarily the same CSS stylesheet)

gugurumbe, to GNOME French

Dear users!

Did you use the “jiggle” extension? You know, you could shake your mouse and it made the pointer bigger on screen (https://extensions.gnome.org/extension/3438/jiggle/).

It’s not compatible with recent Shell. What do you use now instead?

Did you use Transparent Window (https://extensions.gnome.org/extension/4016/transparent-window/ or https://extensions.gnome.org/extension/1454/transparent-window/)? What do you use now instead?

Looking to have a smooth GNOME 44 landing in


CC @gnome

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@FineFindus @gugurumbe I think the Jiggle extension works better imo.

When I lose my cursor and shake it, the jiggle extension will automatically enlarge it, while the default behaviour requires clicking control and interferes with other times I press control. maybe this can be made into a native feature instead...

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@FineFindus @gugurumbe I filed it in the whiteboards repo: https://gitlab.gnome.org/Teams/Design/whiteboards/-/issues/229

Maybe it will get noticed by the designers.

martijnbraam, to random
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I tagged 0.1 on the libmegapixels library :)


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@martijnbraam hmm I didn't know there was a libmegapixels. I think there is also libcamera. Any particular reason why you decided to implement another competing library

gregorni, to random
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Man, writing (fairly) low-level code in Python sure sucks!

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@gregorni @tbernard I'm not a gtk4-rs user or contributor, but it might be a good idea to file an issue that the "private" (read "skipped") type infos are exposed in language bindings.

Do you believe that the above function is exposed in gtk4-rs?

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