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Just wandering around, looking at stars, pardon my confusion but it’s all I have. —#Ukraine #politics #TTRPG #cooking #gardening #music former: 98c, orthopedic massage therapist, fitness trainer, MMA guy, Madison Wi indivisible board member

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ai6yr, to random
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Still 586K customers without power in Texas (probably ~1.5M people, assuming about 3 people per customer)

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@ai6yr how much you wanna bet the company will make record profits for NOT providing the service they were contracted to while consumers pay insanely high prices for the company skimping on infrastructure & repair preparations?
I mean aren’t “bad” companies supposed to suffer and consumers come out ahead in this system of ours?

GottaLaff, to legal
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🧵starts HERE.

Remember: I cannot reply while live-posting, so plz use NFL (Not For Laffy.. no hashtag) so I can skip your replies. THANK YOU.

Running a little late, so some preamble included here.

1/… Via Rupar: Trump wraps up his morning rant by attacking one of the prosecutors, Colangelo, which is a flagrant violation of his gag order

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@GottaLaff @Npars01 the #AmericanOligarchs are stronger than their #russian counterparts, in #russia the #oligarchs fear the #government in #america it’s the government who fears the oligarchs

br00t4c, to random
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Rishi Sunak To Warn UK Entering 'Most Dangerous' Few Years In Country's History


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@br00t4c F that dude

br00t4c, to random
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John Dean Thinks Donald Trump's Legal Team Tripped Up, And It's Going To Cost Them


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@br00t4c why the hell are liberals so enamored with republicans these days, Nixon’s lawyer for watergate FFS?

voron, to Arizona
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is going to have a field day with this the National Committee senior counsel for election integrity was just indicted in for


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@StudChud @calhoon2005 at a massive human cost (look up deaths lost limbs etc for SpaceX) all for huge personal not public gain.
I would rather have freaking slower progress

voron, to news
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So, a ton of has put on their stuff.
Leaving poor people’s only option being?
channel influencers
Also etc has made it much harder to find decent news type podcasts

This should work great for the 🙄

voron, to news
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Where the hell does a #news station get off characterizing #overtime #pay as an #income transfer like the #government & #worker are stealing from #employers ?
“In its first year, the rule is expected to result in an income transfer of about $1.5 billion from employers to workers..”


futurebird, to random
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If the supreme court jumps in and overturns the Jan. 6 convictions of 100s of people who attacked the capitol it will be one of the most politically charged actions taken by this court and in a politically charged environment.

There are many laws that might need revision, scrutiny, but they reached out through space and time to grab this hot potato.

It's a joke.

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@futurebird so is this particular damn Supreme Court

voron, to northcarolina
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So a a handcuffed man it takes 3 years to get the released because the town fights tooth & nail spending dollars to hide it, and multiple other videos are still not being released.
The big social media platforms seem to hide stories like this these days


davidtoddmccarty, to random
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Who the fuck devises a system of government whereby someone can go to prison but not be disqualified from running the country? I keep waiting for the adults to show up and straighten all this shit out. It’s Lord of the Flies around here.

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@davidtoddmccarty “who the fuck devises a system….”
If memory serves they were people who restricted voting to
-land owners
-who were male
-and white
While being ok with slavery, and the systemic genocide of native Americans and women being essentially chattel…
Those guys do, that’s who

RickiTarr, to random
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You can also spank your wife with a SPURTLE!


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@RickiTarr stop projecting

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@RickiTarr 😂😂😂 why do you think so many people follow you?
Um, well just because it’s projecting, doesn’t mean it doesn’t smack true for many 😉

voron, to random
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GottaLaff, to legal
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I CANNOT READ REPLIES. "NFL" (NotForLaffy) appreciated


At 2:35 p.m. we have audio again, but still no video, and we hear Merchan say "Thank you, please be seated."

Merchan welcomes the jurors and starts by apologizing for how chilly it is in the courtroom.

Video is back on, and both sides are seated in the same seats as this morning

Merchan proceeds to read the boilerplate instructions for voir dire. Reminder: 30 mins per side

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@fondoffawns @GottaLaff agreed 💯
P.s. when are the “I ❤️ laffy” tee shirts coming out?

molly0xfff, to random
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really upsetting to see former Wikimedia Foundation director and CEO Katherine Maher getting targeted by the rightwing outrage machine in her new role as NPR CEO. she's wonderful, and NPR is lucky to have her. i hope they stand behind her.

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@darwinwoodka @molly0xfff this right here 👆

shekinahcancook, to Economics
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The middle class continues to be priced out of the automobile market, with insurance, maintenance, and gasoline continuing to rise out of reach.

Cities and towns, meanwhile, continue to treat mass transit as a condescending nod to the poor that should be an extractive money maker instead of a widespread social service.

This doesn't end well, class.

"The bad news: The cost of buying a new car hasn’t changed much… but insuring it has. Indeed, auto insurance prices have gone nuts — rising more than 22% per the latest release. Insurers are shifting the blame onto the increasing cost of “repairing and replacing cars”, which has also risen (some 12%), though not quite to the same extent."


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@shekinahcancook I desperately, passionately, ferociously want democrats to win every damn election.
So with the above in mind I hope to hell they stop talking about “Bidenomics” and telling people whose bills are eating them alive how great the economy is because of metrics that only mater to the rich

ChrisMayLA6, to politics
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Here's my take on the measurement of inflation and why our experience(s) of it can differ quite widely.

Given around a third of us think a fall in inflation is the same as a fall in prices (it isn't), the centrality of inflation & its 'control' to contemporary politics suggests we might need to be a little clearer about how inflation actually plays out.

[this may tell you little you don't know, but if it does illuminate something then I'm happy]


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@ChrisMayLA6 there are so many things wrong with “primarily” using (or only) raising interest rates to lower inflation it just hurts my head.
The more market consolidation, the more ownership is consolidated the worse it gets.
If excess profits are driving inflation, interest rates have little or no effect in a consolidated economy

rbreich, to random
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If the Kroger-Albertsons merger goes through, that combined company + Walmart would control 70% of the grocery market in over 160 cities.

Think grocery prices are bad now?

Without competition, it would be a price gouging free-for-all.

This is why the FTC is suing to stop it.

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@rbreich the shouldn’t be outgunned by the corporations it goes after sometimes 10 to 1 in the number of lawyers on a case it’s absurd but exactly how the rich like it

voron, to Israel
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I am so damn sick of U.S. dollars going to , it literally causes nothing but problems, full stop

Free_Press, to news
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Hankey provided Donald Trump with the $175M bond on his civil fraud judgment.

Here is more information on the billionaire ($7.4B)


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@Free_Press well, the subprime car loans sector is about to tank and is going to want a sweet sweet deal like the banks got in 2008

GottaLaff, to tesla
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Would-be #Tesla buyers snub company as #Musk's reputation dips

“The ranks of would-be Tesla buyers in the United States are shrinking, according to a survey by market intelligence firm Caliber, which attributed the drop in part to CEO Elon Musk's polarizing persona.”

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@JustinDerrick @GottaLaff you can always add their horrific treatment of workers, (many many judgements, lawsuits etc) union busting etc.
I mean, there are electric vehicles built by workers who are paid & treated way, way, way better than Tesla

jeffjarvis, to random
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No, people -- some people -- are failing.
The internet was supposed to make humanity smarter. It’s failing. https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2024/03/29/internet-conspiracy-theories-misinformation-media/

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@jeffjarvis it’s become a combination of the home shopping network and a massive disinformation platform, the reason?
We have again let power (money) be concentrated in the hands of a very few, which as history shows again & again always ends horribly

taylorlorenz, to random
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Members of Congress who voted for the TikTok divest-or-die bill last week "may own between $29 million and $126 million worth of stock in competing tech companies" https://gizmodo.com/politicians-who-voted-to-ban-tiktok-may-own-as-much-as-1851356203

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@taylorlorenz our critters etc should wear patches of the companies they own the most stock in like race car drivers so we know who they are driving for

alizasystem, to Israel
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The war between Israel and Hamas is far from over. Many people are suffering, starving, and houseless. Aside from pressuring your local politicians to push for a ceasefire and restrict military aid, you can donate to the following organizations to help:

I’d also recommend sending an eSIM: https://gazaesims.com/

@israel @palestine

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@palestine @israel @alizasystem after reading through your timeline, I have to say, it’s got to be hard to be you right now. It’s hard enough being human, harder still trying to be a good one.

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