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Full stack developer, tech blogger, free software enthusiast, scuba diver and a general optimist.

#python #foss #tech #scuba #fedi22

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electrona, to NixOS
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I tried as a daily driver. It's a bit too adventurous for me yet. I'm going to keep playing with it in a VM. will remain for now.

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@electrona nix is so incredibly awesome but you're right to be weary. It's an incredible time sink. I'm half a year in and I still hadn't started using flakes lol

wraptile, to KDE
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Really dig my current desktop environment:

Anyone runs something similar? Feels like I finally found a perfect sweet spot between productivity and freedom.

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Also is legit underrated.

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@AngryAnt Have you tried Polonium? It's a successor to bismuth and it's the best twm for kwin imo and supports Plasma 6.


wraptile, to geopolitics
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Been reading r/worldnews for a decade now and lately it has been really revealing what a propaganda machine it has become. Just got perma banned for pointing out that "legal war targets aren't necessarily ethically correct"

With Artifact gone, reddit basically gone - what other sources do you use for ?

mms, to OpenAI
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Realisticly, how much low quality data would we need to poison ? Is it even possible at this point? Like how many sites would need to write a post stating that we now call Altman an “althole”?

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@mms I think the public poisoning AI hypothesis has been proven wrong many times over already.

General census is that it's still possible to poison specific new topics with large scale attacks but that's about it really.

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@holgerschurig @mms search engines and LLMs are very different

KathyReid, to stackoverflow
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Like many other technologists, I gave my time and expertise for free to because the content was licensed CC-BY-SA - meaning that it was a public good. It brought me joy to help people figure out why their code wasn't working, or assist with a bug.

Now that a deal has been struck with to scrape all the questions and answers in Stack Overflow, to train models, like , without attribution to authors (as required under the CC-BY-SA license under which Stack Overflow content is licensed), to be sold back to us (the SA clause requires derivative works to be shared under the same license), I have issued a Data Deletion request to Stack Overflow to disassociate my username from my Stack Overflow username, and am closing my account, just like I did with Reddit, Inc.


The data I helped create is going to be bundled in an and sold back to me.

In a single move, Stack Overflow has alienated its community - which is also its main source of competitive advantage, in exchange for token lucre.

Stack Exchange, Stack Overflow's former instantiation, used to fulfill a psychological contract - help others out when you can, for the expectation that others may in turn assist you in the future. Now it's not an exchange, it's .

Programmers now join artists and copywriters, whose works have been snaffled up to create solutions.

The silver lining I see is that once OpenAI creates LLMs that generate code - like Microsoft has done with Copilot on GitHub - where will they go to get help with the bugs that the generative AI models introduce, particularly, given the recent GitClear report, of the "downward pressure on code quality" caused by these tools?

While this is just one more example of , it's also a salient lesson for folks - if your community is your source of advantage, don't upset them.

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@KathyReid personally I disagree. For the record I have over 20k points on stackoverflow and gamification and attribution part was never the goal but a nice extra.

Goal was always to share as much free information as possible to raise everyone up with the tide and LLMs align with this goal. It's a bit sad that we don't get attribution for our labor but I think its unethical to claim for it when the primary goal is clearly being fulfilled in a significantly more efficient fashion 🙏

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@krans @KathyReid it works though. LLMs are brilliant assistants for everyone learning programming and to claim otherwise is just sheer ignorance. Don't make perfect the enemy of good and all.

indubitablyodin, to fallout
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@indubitablyodin too many hashtags 🫣

nantucketebooks, to random
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If you have not yet done so, start an account on the Internet Archive. I was able to borrow a book from them which would have otherwise cost hundreds of dollars to purchase.

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@nantucketebooks they're actually hiring with a very good compensation package too. I'm very tempted, would be a dream to work with them, but I like my current job too much rn


molly0xfff, to random
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So excited to hear that the Ghost blogging software is going to support federation via ActivityPub! https://activitypub.ghost.org/

If you sign up for updates, they have a survey where they're asking for feedback. Now's your chance to get your suggestions in!

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@molly0xfff if only Ghost wasn't so terrible 🙄

We've been using for years now and I have very few good things to say about it to put it mildly.

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@viq it's really broken. Loads of bugs, poor performance from rendering to SEO integrations, lack of basic features like post filtering or change revision. The infrastructure is a mess too - awful templating for custom themes, weird object distinction between "pages" and "posts" with different routing that override each other. I could go on and on but there no value it adds over static blog generators.

Just get static site generator desktop app and post for free on netlify :)

ntnsndr, to random
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I just had a really refreshing call with the great @mallory, and she helped me see the Threads/fediverse question in a helpful way:

The question shouldn't be

[ Threads vs. No Threads ]

The question should be

[ Just Threads vs. Everyone in the fediverse ]

If more companies/organizations/etc. were coming in and bringing their users and committing to the network, the question of Threads becomes less important. Threads will have less relative power.

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@ntnsndr @mallory there's some historical precedence here though. XMPP was straight up murdered by Meta and co.

I'm quite optimistic but I think being afraid that Meta will ruin the fediverse for everyone is very much a real possibility.

bbelderbos, to python
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In , using mutable objects (e.g. lists / dicts) as default arguments in functions can lead to unexpected behavior.

This happens because the default argument is evaluated only once when the function is defined, not each time it's called.

Better solution: use None:

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@bbelderbos one cool thing about pedantic is that it allows to do that! So you can assign mutables like [] and {} in all pedantic model defaults.

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@bbelderbos you can straight up use [] and {} as the default value:

class MyModel(BaseModel):
my_list: list[int] = []

Though this is a bit dangerous as you can shoot yourself in the foot by repeating this pattern on non-pydantic classes so you need to be careful or stick to the ugly Field() way of doing things.

wraptile, to tech
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wraptile, to thailand
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Happy new year !

Skepticat, to random
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Went out this morning to water flowerbeds, and before I knew it, I found myself powerwashing the house.

Oh look...🐿

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@Skepticat if only powerwashing machines didn't suck so bad. I'm always disappointed by the performance to satisfaction ratio.

trevorflowers, to random
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I wish more people who are worried about FOSS supply side attacks would realize that universal basic income and free healthcare would result in an almost infinite stream of excellent software from people who care more about quality than profit.

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@trevorflowers since college my dream was to work on FOSS but it never materialized as I had to pay bills somehow. If I had UBI it most certainly would have become a reality as I all I needed is some eggs, ramen and a laptop.

I trully believe UBI would be the biggest positive societal shift since the internet. That extra safety net is just so invaluable for human creativity!

syntaxseed, to ubuntu
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It's utterly ridiculous to me that doesn't have a "Create Desktop Launcher" right-click menu option in the Applications browser alongside Add to Favorites.

The fact that I have to manually create a desktop launcher, or copy one from /usr/share/applications is a usability fail.

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@syntaxseed I think that's intentional to discourage desktop launcher use. Desktop icons are just bad UX that should be retired imo

amadeus, (edited ) to animation
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Do you turn off (s) in via Settings > Accessibility > Viewing > Reduce Animation to make everything snappy, or do you leave them enabled and enjoy the smooth (er) experience?
Personally, I jump back and forth. I love the animations, but on both my and my it occasionally happens that they which drives me crazy. 🤪😝🫣🤭

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@amadeus imo animations make no sense once you are familiar with the environment.

The purpose of an animation to give a hint to the user of what's happening. So, if the user is doing an action they've done a million times before they no longer need that hint. In fact it will hinder them with noise.

So no animations on any user actions unless they're new or its an unexpected action like a notification pop up or data population.

I have more strong opinions so subscribe to my ted talks 😌

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@amadeus I agree gnome is some of the best environments for this. I was on macos and couldn't stand it. Now I'm on KDE and it's alright but I keep everything off.

No animations + snappy window managers is super satisfying once you get all shortcuts in your muscle memory. I feel like a wizard sometimes.

wraptile, to Minecraft
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wraptile, to apple
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It's incredible how Apple fanatics jump to defend their overlords when US government literally wants to make their products better. Literally, it's saying Apple users should have more rights and they are like nah - we like to be owned and told what to do at all times lol

Incredible levels of brand fanaticism to the point where this needs to be studied.

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