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🤖 communication designer, podcaster, indie radio host, excited about small IT, digital autonomy, digital resilience, understanding systems, bad at typing, good at typo

🤝 humane design, social experience first

🖤 sustainability, social wellbeing, democracy, inclusion, carfree urbanism, cycling, cultural diversity, linguistics....

🍝Too many side quests

🚲 bike nation


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yuliyan, to accessibility
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I noticed that #Obsidian is barely useable with keyboard navigation on iOS/iPadOS. The UI herarchy does not translate into accessible tab navigation. The deepest reachable UI element is the vault switcher menu. There is room for improvement.

#A11Y #Accessibility #UX #UI

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@kepano Thanks for reaching out! Appreciate that.
So, there is actually nothing I could rank because tab navigation simply does not function at all. All I can reach with a keyboard is the vault switch menu. It is not possible to navigate the UI via tab/shift-tab keys and arrow keys.

Different areas of UI but also quite important: Scaling fonts, scaling font size of reader separately from UI, scaling horizontal margins of notes quickly and something like a focus-reading mode.

yuliyan, to mastodon
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Needed some time to get used to it but I really like @MonaApp 's approach to discovery. A single tab gets you to a certain instance where you then can switch between all its feeds on a second layer. Thus the tree icon. 🌳💚

The only thing I am missing is seeing the hashtag results of the chosen instance. Right now choosing a trending hashtag from a remote instance shows me the hashtag feed of my home instance. Which always leads to the same results.

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@MonaApp I can see different hashtags for each instance too. Only, once I open a hashtag, I see the hashtag feed of my own instance (nahe.social), not the one of the remote instance.

When I navigate to mastodon.social on the trending tags tab and chose I'd expect to see the following feed: https://mastodon.social/tags/somehashtag

Instead I see https://nahe.social/tags/somehashtag which is very different.

yuliyan, to Illustrator
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It’s true tho. The only two tools left, that make me stick Adobe Illustrator around. Image Tracer and Recolor Artwork.

Affinity Designer does miss some stuff but relpaced Illustrator in my workflows up to 90%. Main reasons being performance and UX consisency.

What are your thoughts?

yuliyan, to macos
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Let's see how this ages: The first Apple device that bridges the artificial gap between iPadOS and macOS will be called "iPad Studio" and use a hybrid operating system that behaves lika tablet and runs mainly iPadOS apps when no keyboard with trackpad is present and runs macOS apps when a keyboard with trackpad is attached.

… (1/4)

RL_Dane, to ADHD
@RL_Dane@fosstodon.org avatar

Someone needs to write an videogame called "Dopamine Farming" where you have a stable job and a great life and all of a sudden DONT care about anything in the world and start planning things around the dopamine they will produce so you can get through the day, like, "Time for a haircut! I don't need one that badly, but that's fifteen dopamine points, so I'll take it!"

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@RL_Dane This is actually a phenomenal idea, imo!

constantine, to random
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  • yuliyan,
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    @constantine Maybe it stands for the present and upcoming generative "AI" gimmicks where huge loads of information are computationally compressed to a small AI model. Recent research papers suggest there are local AI models coming with the next iteration of their OSes. Also the M4 has literal hardware ready for that.

    I found it rather cringe.

    publicvoit, to markdown
    @publicvoit@graz.social avatar

    I'm writing a longer (as it seems) article on the lock-in effect of solutions like that are using open formats like for storage. The file format is not the only thing that might lock you in.

    I did already start with a list of arguments but also want to collect your ideas so that I don't forget a good argument.

    Please, no emotions, just facts and objective arguments.

    Reply here in this thread and I'll collect ideas from it. 🙇

    @yuliyan@nahe.social avatar

    @publicvoit Part of preventing lock-ins is working towards standardization. Markdown files do not offer enough functionality to do complex workflows. At some point referencing, time scheduling, tagging and other organisational principles are needed. It would be great if we aimed at standards + files. Obsidian tries to do this by openly providing documentation for the JSON canvas spec and thereby making it easily reproducible. This is the way.

    https://jsoncanvas.org/ (1/2)

    yuliyan, to iOS
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    Now that Apple is forced to open their mobile operating systems for third party devs in an unprecedented manner, can we work on an indie foss podcatcher that does not suck?

    #iOS #iPadOS #Podcast #DMA #EU #Swift #ObjectiveC #FOSS #Apple

    yuliyan, to CSS
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    If you use Obsidian with the KanBan community plug-in, you likely filter cards by a search term from time to time. Especially on huge kanban boards with a ton of cards.

    Here is the problem: By default, non-matching cards are dimmed while matching cards keep their style. I find it visually too cluttered. I’d prefer to only see my matching cards.

    Here is my silly reverse-engineered CSS-only solution. Definitely one of my funniest selectors. Works great.

    Screenshots of a kanban board coparing the same board before adding the css code and after adding the css code. In the before state the search term is active. All matching cards light up. All no matchin cards are dimmed. After adding the CSs code the same filter only shows the matching cards. All non-matching cards are gone. Way less visual clutter.

    @yuliyan@nahe.social avatar

    @AAMfP Jokes aside, I am easily distracted and need to see what is relevant and only what is relevant at a given point. Also depending on how you handle boards vs. tags. I tend to use as little boards as possible but organize several projects within one board. This is where filtering comes in handy.

    Besides work I also utilise kanban boards as item libraries, blog ideas pipeline, bucket lists, etc.

    yuliyan, to Bash
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    Masters of the terminal, which magic spell do I have to type in order to batch-remove the last 12 characters on all files?



    The ".dxxxxxxxxxx" part always consists of 12 characters where "." and "d" are character 1 and 2 followed by ten single digits.

    yuliyan, to music
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    I use a dedicated music player in 2024 and hate streaming. Ask me anything.

    @yuliyan@nahe.social avatar

    @luciedigitalni Same, plus, I buy digital copies too. Also my phone is a terrible device to listen to music for several reasons. Thus, this thingy.

    @yuliyan@nahe.social avatar

    @leandroflac @luciedigitalni I have three different DACs. This works for casual cable listening. But the high quality DACs are 100+€ which is like a third of the price of this specific player. The cheap ones either sound bad or don't always work good with my phone software wise. They also have zero sound control options like EQ.

    The major inconveniences using a phone for me are distraction, battery life and memory capacity.

    @yuliyan@nahe.social avatar

    @leandroflac @luciedigitalni The little player on the other side does do nothing besides playing music, thus has all its battery capacity to use solely for this and minor Android routines. Unless you stream, of course. Stand by time is great as it does not compete with other things. Also I can cramp 1 TB of music on there. This is approximately 2048 albums in FLAC. My phone just can't do this.

    loops, to random
    @loops@pixelfed.social avatar

    An early look at the UI 👀

    @yuliyan@nahe.social avatar

    @loops @pixelfed Is this like a separate app for "reels" ?

    yuliyan, to random German
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    Warum die Bezahlkarte für Geflüchtete eine ungerechte und nicht objektiv begründbare politische Agenda ist.

    Hier trifft neo-liberale Denke auf Reaktionismus und stärkt vor allem rechtspopulistische Vorurteile.

    Danke, @otto .


    yuliyan, to tumblr
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    Given the latest Tumblr scandal, I just want to remind everyone that fedi networks offer everything Tumblr does.

    The only thing vanilla Mastodon lacks is long texts and more than 4 images. But there is plenty of (fire)fish in the sea. Don't "miss" a "key" opportunity to unfuck your fandom life. Open software is your friend(ica). No matter what your blogging activity(pub) is. There is an alternative for every pixel(fed) lost on proprietary platforms.

    Mela, to random German
    @Mela@zusammenkunft.net avatar

    Lifehack für Menschen mit und Medikation. Begebt euch VOR dem Einsetzen der Wirkung an den Ort, an dem ihr sein solltet und habt die Arbeit, die ihr erledigen wollt, bereit.

    Denn dann erledigt ihr die, wenn der durchs Medikament mögliche Hyperfokus einkickt und tut nicht was ganz anderes ohne damit aufhören zu können.

    Ich habe das jetzt schon ca. 3000 Mal für euch getestet und es trifft immer noch zu.


    @yuliyan@nahe.social avatar

    @Mela Kann ich bestätigen, weil ich schaffe es bisher oft nicht am Ort zu sein und Fokus bleibt kleben auf morgendliches Lesen oder was immer ich gerade mache. Muss also im Umkehrschluss am richtigen Ort funktionieren.

    thor, to random
    @thor@berserker.town avatar

    If Calvin took Ritalin.

    @yuliyan@nahe.social avatar

    @thor Made me sad, thought I'd fix this.

    nixCraft, to random
    @nixCraft@mastodon.social avatar

    Reddit is going public via the IPO route. Last year, the CEO got $193 million, but moderators are not paid and expected to work free past IPO. Only some moderators and active users in the USA can apply for Reddit's initial public offering to buy stock at a special price. Most Reddit users are motivated by fake karma points and likes. Also, they banned all unofficial Reddit mobile clients. Meanwhile, the CEO profits while everyone provides free labor.

    More https://www.thedailybeast.com/reddit-files-to-go-public-reveals-that-it-paid-ceo-dollar193-million-last-year?

    @yuliyan@nahe.social avatar

    @nixCraft In contrast, it costs 15 million dollars a year to run on a global scale! Reddit is not about the users anymore, hasn't been for a while. Users are nothing but a depersonalized recource, not customers. It joins Facebook in the corner of the slowly diying capital-infested rotting pile of broken platforms.

    glowl, to FiberArts
    @glowl@chaos.social avatar

    Went through half my fabric stash today and cataloged it.

    now i have a calc sheet with all info i have on each fabric plus a handy tag attached to each piece, with a UUID and the most essential info on it.


    @yuliyan@nahe.social avatar

    @glowl @sewing I don't know all the functionality needed but NocoDB is foss and serves many database needs. I use it for project management of different kinds.


    yuliyan, to web
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    There is this gap between "Ah, fuck it, I am writing my blog in plain HTML" and "The limits of human nature dictate me that I need to use a CMS". And I hate all of it. The two extremes as well as the gap. Nothing is good!

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