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IT Operations Manager / Site Reliability Engineer / Developer

-Founder of the Progressive #Idaho Discord Community.
-Known for my coverage of Idaho Forest Fires.
-I put Smokey Bear on the Internet

Things I like:
#Tech #Avgeek #FireInfo #Python #Golang #Photography #Time #Hiking #Cycling

Things I've done:
#SRE #Ops #Security #Infosec #Developer #Manager #SystemsEngineer #Telecom #WebDev #IncidentManagment #WildlandFirefigher #Fire

#Equality #Inclusion #Justice #Progressive

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zebpalmer, to earthquake
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M4.9 near Smiths Ferry, ID. This area is infrequently seismically active so this isn't out of norm, though this is stronger than most I can recall.
Graph from my seismograph here in Nampa.

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And here's the graph from my other seismograph at my parents' house in Salmon.

ai6yr, to random
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I really should learn more geology... there's a lot of scarp-like features out here that aren't on earthquake maps, which look exactly like the scarps on the earthquake faults. 🤔

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@ai6yr Look up Shawn Wilsey on YT if you haven't run across him. He's a geo prof / author here in Idaho, he has some great videos. A lot of his recent stuff is Iceland 🌋 coverage but he has stuff from around the west in his channel.

zebpalmer, to hiring
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Hey y'all, I'm a Junior Data Engineer on the data team within my department. (reports to data engineering manager who reports to me)

Pretty sweet gig, 100% remote company, inclusive environment.


zebpalmer, to random
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Some days it feels like the only reason mastodon exists is so people can argue about how much of the world we should block.

We all agree we should block people & servers, but there is vast disagreement in which, thus we argue and call each other names. And then of course there are those that feel we shouldn't block, but rather engage & fight.

Wherever you draw the line, you get called out by people not on your server.

Reminds me of Christianity arguments I was exposed to as a kid.

zebpalmer, to random
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Keep seeing headlines about how the in Iceland surprised scientists or how it's the worst case scenario or other click bait shit like that.

Are some scientists surprised? Probably. But the people I have followed on this have been spot on from day one, predicting the location, initial volume and likely timeline

They were right on all accounts.

Hell, I can read an earthquake map and uplift data enough to not be surprised in the least.

And I'd argue this is the best case scenario.

chockenberry, to random
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macOS Sonoma 14.1 - followed a week later by 14.1.1 because of a bug in the WindowServer that flipped the Y coordinate of click events.

macOS likema 14.2 - followed a week later by 14.2.1 because of a bug in the WindowServer and how it tracks sessions.

Guess who found both bugs and had to deal with the fallout? Me.

Both of these bugs are in parts of the WindowServer that have been stable for a long time (in first case, decades!)

No one like emergency point releases, so what's wrong?

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@hagen @chockenberry @siracusa Mac is unusable for me without magnet, never tried moom, but I probably should.

zebpalmer, to Idaho
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spends less than any other state on school infrastructure, and it hasn’t done an official assessment of school building conditions in 30 years.

So @ProPublica & The Idaho Statesman teamed up to do just that.

It's bad. "Conservative" leadership is destroying our schools.

Excellent Reporting https://www.idahostatesman.com/news/local/education/article282967503.html#storylink=cpyhttps://www.idahostatesman.com/news/local/education/article282967503.html

melissabeartrix, to random
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Who will pull the last stick out of musk kerplunk

Hugz & xXx

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@melissabeartrix I haven't thought about that game in decades

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@melissabeartrix we need more falling marbles.

LeftistLawyer, (edited ) to random
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That's it ... I'm moving to Iceland.

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@LeftistLawyer maybe wait a couple weeks, little tense over there atm. 🌋

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zebpalmer, to earthquake
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Iceland is a bit shaky today...

zebpalmer, to random
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Anyone know moth caterpillars?
At first glance I thought this was dog poop in the road. My Google based guess is a five-spotted hawk moth caterpillar.
Found at the southern mouth of Hells Canyon on the Idaho-Oregon border.


TechConnectify, to random
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Hi, I'm stuck waiting on laundry to finish and am bored, so why don't I come on here and write some hot takes about YouTube?

I mean, I can think of several reasons, but too bad I'll do it anyway.

Knowing the leanings of the folks on this particular platform this is likely to spark some debate, but note that I'm not trying to paint YouTube as a saint - in fact, the first thing I want to talk about is a strategy they've taken which puts me and all YT creators in a weird place:

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@TechConnectify same. I've had premium/red since day 1. And every time a family member wants me to watch a video at their house I'm always shocked by the advertising experience, as I entirely forget YT has ads.

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@TechConnectify I was an early adopted of Google music. LOVED it. I don't like YT music. Like, at all. Swapped to Spotify then left due to Spotify forcing me to see JR's face every time I logged in. On apple music now, which is ok. Technically I still have YT music as part of YT premium, but.... Meh.

zebpalmer, to random
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A Google search for "Cisco Splunk meme" will get you screenshots of my most popular tweet plastered ALL over the web. Millions of impressions just on Twitter. I had senior managers at splunk msg me laughing. My boss saw it on LinkedIn.

18 months later, it's done. $28 billion.

If I was ok with supporting nazis, I could have so much fun with this on the dead site today...

cloudguy, to random


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  • zebpalmer,
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    So this is why my viral "Cisco splunk" meme is getting traction again.... 18 months later.

    zebpalmer, to Seattle
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    The heads of the union joking about a cop speeding through an intersection killing a woman. VP of the union laughing says "just write a check" "she had limited value anyway"

    Folks, it's not just a "few bad apples."


    wa7iut, to random
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    California just opened the floodgates for self-driving cars https://wapo.st/3QAIG5F

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    @petep44 @ai6yr @wa7iut venture capital backed companies aren't the place for this work to happen safely. They'll always play fast and loose with risk vs reward. We need very strong regulation and consequences with actual impact to the company and it's leadership.

    It's a hard problem, especially once you exit coastal CA and it's near perfect environment for the technology. E.g. I can't imagine trusting a self driving car in snow in the Idaho mountains in the foreseeable future.

    @zebpalmer@syringa.social avatar

    @petep44 @ai6yr @wa7iut to be clear, I WANT it to happen. I'd love to feel safe on a bike on a street for once in my life.

    I just don't trust any of the major players in the space right now.

    ai6yr, to maui
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    @ai6yr @__josh I don't see how it won't be worse.

    @zebpalmer@syringa.social avatar

    @ai6yr @__josh 100% 😞

    zebpalmer, to earthquake
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    3.9 in a very remote area of central . This one seems a bit further north than I'd expect to be associated with the Challis Volcanics... I don't recall seeing an earthquake here before.

    Graph as recorded from my at my parents house in .

    zebpalmer, to Idaho
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    Camped at City Of Rocks National Reserve and this storm is legit. Near constant lightning. Tons of strong cloud to ground, most of it appears to be wet thankfully, but quite a bit outside the rain core.


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    @ai6yr yep. That's why we're sitting in the truck on the side of the road watching it instead of in our trailer on the side of the mountain above us

    Reminds me of my old storm chasing days... (Except this mobile Internet being a thing. 🤣) Sitting here explaining the difference between RFD and inflow to the kiddo.

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